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I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by nelinor
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogueby Nelly
Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, a...
  • fourteen
  • rescue
  • werewolves
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A Love Hate Relationship (Eyeless Jack x Lazari) by peanutbutter3001
A Love Hate Relationship ( Peanut Butter
Lazari had ended up back at Slender mansion, her crush on Jack never disappeared...but will Jack feel the same? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • many
  • sooooo
  • apologies
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I want that by SilviaOrozco16
I want thatby FaustiPoncio
Alguna vez se imaginaron el mundo como es.... ¡Ok, no! Esta historia tiene derechos de autor. Los creadores son: (Ok... No pondré los nombres reales o me matan. Los nom...
  • muerte
  • molestadera
  • silvia
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I'M SOOOOO BORED! by _BurntCheerios
  • bored
  • sooooo
  • sooo
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My thoughts. Sort of by jayalexis162
My thoughts. Sort ofby .
Some of these are just my thoughts or things that happen. Or just a simple statement.
  • mathisstupid
  • bored
  • bed
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Short stories I've made by Totally-a-human-girl
Short stories I've madeby Totally-a-human-girl
This is a short story book I kind of felt like putting out for the public's eyes. Tell me what you think. No sugar coating it either.
  • whatup
  • shortstories
  • yup
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I'm I enchanted or forsaken  by _allleexxia_
I'm I enchanted or forsaken by Alexia Rios
Bella life is perfect but not she has ups and downs but she lives everyday as best as she can . Of course not everybody liked her but she doesn't care what people think...
  • pleasekeepreading
  • excited
  • first
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Save My Life by Gemma5353
Save My Lifeby XxYellowGunslingerxX
This is to my friends that have kept me alive! These little fantasies show how much a few words a day mean to me.
  • much
  • thank
  • sooooo
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My random thoughts by Xx_DrDeathDefying_xX
My random thoughtsby Crying In A Corner Listening...
Its uber random.
  • stupid
  • gawd
  • random
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My book of ranting and screams by squidnuggetfanpage
My book of ranting and screamsby яαιивσωѕ
Where I rant about meh life
  • iballisticsquid
  • sooooo
  • cheese
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the princess and the ninja by Demon_Girl_Lucy
the princess and the ninjaby Laughing Lucy
(setting: the diamond kingdom)(main characters: Kai, and Ashley) BTW: Ashley is my OC the ninja are the protectors of the kingdom and the royal family ( royal family: th...
  • ninjago
  • fanfic
  • sooooo
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Soooo by LuluxG
Sooooby •Lulu Mia Gardiner•
I was bored.
  • tries
  • tobias
  • divergent
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An Artist's Touch by Whatchick44
An Artist's Touchby Whatchick44
I thought it was all an accident, a coincidence. I was wrong. I thought it wasn't planned, it was safe. I was wrong. I thought everything was okay. I was wrong, and I wa...
  • art
  • gosh
  • scary
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larry vacation thing by graciewinchester
larry vacation thingby Gracie
this one is so long and I could not muster up the courage to read through it
  • bad
  • sooooo
I'm BORD by lemonycake111
I'm BORDby lemonycake111
I'm almost always bored 😐 so this is just filled with randomness. I was bored so I decided to make a book about it which you can read if you're bored. I will try to mak...
  • sooooo
  • stuff
  • tierd
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lucy the ungrateful bitch by lucygoosie556
lucy the ungrateful bitchby lucygoosie556
a little girl who is ungrateful
  • dumb
  • sooooo
  • kick
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