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Who To Choose? by 0PepperMint0
Who To Choose?by 0PepperMint0
In a game of Truth or Dare, Silver is given a choice between Sonic and Shadow. Who will he choose? Readers have three different ending options. I own none of the charact...
Sonic: Truth or Dare [Hiatus] by Rainbowaway
Sonic: Truth or Dare [Hiatus]by lol
Join Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Knuckles, Tails, Cream, Blaze, Silver, and many more special guests on the all new T.V. Show... TRUTH OR DAREEEEEE hosted by the amazing...
Truth Or Dare With Sonic People's  by SonicFanficLover19
Truth Or Dare With Sonic People's by Kianna The Humicorn
Truth or dare with Sonic people's! Rosie is owned by @Rena_rouge Jason and Kianna are owned by me Please comment if you want your OC in it or if you wanna truth or dar...
Sonic Truth Or Dare. by AskAmyRose
Sonic Truth Or AskAmyRose
Ask us any truths or dares you'd like. Make them a challenge! I'm basically here With the whole Gang!
Truth or dare Nikki + the Sonic characters! by _nikkithehedgehog
Truth or dare Nikki + the Sonic _nikkithehedgehog
Yeah!!!!! It says in the title. You comment on what you want them to do and they HAVE TO DO IT. NO EXCUSES!!!!!! Sonic: O.O should I be scared? Me: very -3- Everyone: O.O
modern sonic truth or dare by dinoriq
modern sonic truth or dareby wave dinosaur fox hybrid warl...
a book with all the modern sonic characters, all characters are part of my au, also all characters are owned by SEGA ..........some of us want a silver the hedgehog game...
Truth or Dare the Sonic Characters by RealCreamTheRabbit
Truth or Dare the Sonic Charactersby 🐇Cream the Rabbit🐰
Do you have a question you want to ask any of the sonic characters? Then come and ask them in this book! Any character you can ask! Just leave a comment with a Truth or...
T Or D With Sonic Gang by KeannaSonicFan
T Or D With Sonic Gangby KeannaSonicFan
Truth Or Dare with Sonic and friends! (Includes Keanna from Abused To The Fuse but she's human and Eggman isn't dead. Also Keanna and Sonic aren't together.) I'll only u...