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Resident Evil x Underworld Imagines by GreyWolf42
Resident Evil x Underworld Imaginesby GreyWolf42
Love these two franchises so I thought why not
  • lycans
  • katebeckinsale
  • evil
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Forever Fast And Furious by LidiyaBlack
Forever Fast And Furiousby LidiyaBlack
  • fanfiction
  • furious
  • racing
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ᏩᎪᏚᎾᏞᏆNᎬ «» Dominic Toretto {1} by QueenTeaSpillx
ᏩᎪᏚᎾᏞᏆNᎬ «» Dominic Toretto {1}by •No Need•
Natalia Lopez is a 23 year old Latina. Other words, Dominic Toretto's girl. Yeah, you guessed it. Letty Ortiz is like a sister to her, as well as Mia, Dom's little siste...
  • meganfox
  • action
  • nataliablake
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Role-playing Characters for All the Roleplays by CC312174
Role-playing Characters for All C.C.
Basically where the characters looks for any Roleplay go.
  • characters
  • ocs
  • rroleplays
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Halo: Xenomorphs Return by CrazyBirdMan59
Halo: Xenomorphs Returnby CrazyBirdMan59
Sequel to Halo: Xenomorphs Rising. Quinn and Relu are aboard the Dark Saviour, heading back to Sangheilios. Along the way, Quinn gets increasingly paranoid they may have...
  • violence
  • adventure
  • sangheili
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Random Character Ideas by CrusaderJack
Random Character Ideasby CrusaderJack
I'm doing this so I have a place to place all my character ideas, don't want to forget them yet. Also yes I know that picture looks edgy, couldn't think of a better pict...
  • ideas
  • franchise
  • inspiration
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Space-hopping scavenger gets caught up in some crazy battle between Gods, and manages to fall in love in the process. "I was just trying to do illegal trading! Not...
  • ragnarok
  • odin
  • hulk
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Halo: Xenomorphs Revenge by CrazyBirdMan59
Halo: Xenomorphs Revengeby CrazyBirdMan59
Third book in the Halo: Xenomorphs series. Four years after the original event, one planet remains in need of cleansing. Unfortunately, the job is easier said than done...
  • xenomorphs
  • unsc
  • halo
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Mirage of Love | |  Oneshots by Cola_ZERO
Mirage of Love | | Oneshotsby Zesty Surprise
"I don't want to believe in love anymore." - [character x reader] - Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I may write about in this book and they belo...
  • drabble
  • hypmic
  • hypmosismic
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Descendants Isle of the Lost adventures through the eyes of Aaron son of Kaa by Brendanlongnose
Descendants Isle of the Lost Aaron
This is a very interesting book I must say. I love the idea of Isle guardians Aaron is one of those guardians he is actually the first in command behind Hayden son of Ha...
  • mal
  • evie
  • villains
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•P•U•N•I•S•H•M•E•N•T• by FrankieCastle1994
•P•U•N•I•S•H•M•E•N•T•by Mr Castle
❛❛One Badge, Two Badge, Penny and Dime❜❜ ❛❛Why are you always saying that?❜❜ ❛❛Because it brings me memories, Chantelle. Memories that I don't wanna forget. Memo...
  • franchise
  • marvel
  • punishments
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Favorite Music from the Crash Bandicoot Franchise by 5wilsonr
Favorite Music from the Crash Ryan Wilson
These are my favorite music tracks from the different games within the Crash Bandicoot franchise. These mainly include those from games I've either watched a playthroug...
  • thewrathofcortex
  • gcn
  • wii
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Drabbles of the Planet of the Apes by PoeticJustin
Drabbles of the Planet of the Apesby Justin Bienvenue
A collection of drabbles(100 word stories) on the classic sci-fi film franchise "The Planet of the Apes". Each section contains five 100 word parts which tell...
  • apes
  • franchise
  • films
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Snapshot by Mattogreen25
Snapshotby Matt Britton
A fantasy adventure series that's the first of a planned franchise: Snapshot, Burnout, Shadewalker, and Mindseeker, which all converge in a fifth series called Watchtowe...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • franchise
My Favorite Lines from the Mega Man Franchise by 5wilsonr
My Favorite Lines from the Mega Ryan Wilson
These are some of my top favorite lines from all sorts of Mega Man-related media, whether they be from fan-made videos, cutscenes within any of the games, anime, etc.
  • dialogue
  • favorite
  • megaman
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Blooded (A predator fanfic) by Sinister_Misfortune
Blooded (A predator fanfic)by Sid Fcking Wilsøn
(ONGOING CHAPTERS!) I am back with another fanfic. (Because I can't seem to stop writing books.) I was intrigued to write this fanfic because of the new predator movie t...
  • war
  • abduction
  • survival
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Pokémon Q&A by 5wilsonr
Pokémon Q&Aby Ryan Wilson
A series of questions about various aspects of Pokémon. Enjoy!
  • characters
  • games
  • franchise
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Hunt For The Lusca (Jack Sparrow X Reader) by DumpsterDaddy
Hunt For The Lusca (Jack Sparrow DumpsterDaddy
After a certain thieving pirate steals your ship and crew you just so happen to run into an old friend. However it turns out the pirate you're chasing is on an adventur...
  • johnny
  • weird
  • jack
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Into Trembling Air by DoraGray
Into Trembling Airby Fran
An X-Men Movies franchise fanfiction, including some TV series and comic book canon, and attempting to keep the timelines as straight as possible. Written before the rel...
  • x-men
  • movies
  • back
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Favorite Vocal Tracks from the Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise by 5wilsonr
Favorite Vocal Tracks from the Ryan Wilson
These are some of my favorite vocal tracks from throughout the Sonic series. I apologize if the lyrics aren't 100% accurate. For some of the songs, I gathered the lyri...
  • vocal
  • music
  • sonic
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