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Boundaries  [Snamione] by mrs__snape
Boundaries [Snamione]by mrs__snape
Hermione Granger changes her appearance and attitude drastically after the war. She's drifting off from society more and more but no one seems to notice or care. No on...
Someplace Safe  by Vonntage
Someplace Safe by Harmony Frost
In times of great desperation, it's important to have someone to depend on. Someone who can lead you someplace safe. A SSHG romance.
Marriage of Inconvenience ***COMPLETED*** by snamione4always
Marriage of Inconvenience *** Snamione4Always
Five years post Hogwarts Battle and the Marriage Law has finally been ratified. Hermione has been chosen to marry Snape, the odious Bat of the Dungeons and her fellow pr...
The Comfort of a True Man by The-Dark-Mistress
The Comfort of a True Manby Ezra Hollow
Cover by the amazingly talented @mayademonangel Snamione Short Story Hermione is in her redo year at Hogwarts. The Celebration Ball is coming up to celebrate the winning...
Guess We're Stuck With Each Other - Sirius x Hermione by destielxsmestiel
Guess We're Stuck With Each destielxsmestiel
The Ministry's new laws to repopulate the Wizarding World mean marriage is a necessity. But Hermione doesn't want Ron. Reorganising her life, she makes some unusual fri...
When All is Lost One is Found by Rinoaebastel
When All is Lost One is Foundby Rinoaebastel
Severus Snape lives his life in shadows with the goal of redemption and the specter of his demise at the forefront of his life. People he trusted always used him and gav...
SNOPE - BAD SNAPE SHIPS by thehalfbloodbitch
❧ all the snape ships that exist in the hp fandom, and why they're all toxic
Son of a Snape- ON HOLD by ccmonkeymama
Son of a Snape- ON HOLDby ccmonkeymama
Severus Snape has an unexpected visitor. A boy from the future named Toby. Toby with the help of Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall try to unite his parents...
Second Thoughts (A Completed Snamione Fanfiction) by MidnightTulips
Second Thoughts (A Completed .
After the war, most of the students go back to Hogwarts to finish there seventh year. The minister of magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, has called a re-sorting of these retur...
Everlasting Relationship (Snamione) by chasy2345
Everlasting Relationship (Snamione)by Chasity Malfoy
Sequel to Surprising Relationship. Hermione just finished the first school year without her husband and daughter constantly by her side. She misses them dearly and can't...
hermiones seventh year by MegsBronsing
hermiones seventh yearby Meg Bronsing
Hermione goes back to finish her seventh year but gets more then she bargained for. Hermione/Severus I don't have a beta reader so if you are interested message me.
Snapes Little One  by NicoleDeason
Snapes Little One by Nicole Deason
Dd/lg Snamione fic This is set 6 years after the war! Also it's my first ddlg fic so don't hate If you don't like dd/lg or the pairing don't read!! I do not own Harry...
The Beast's Beauty (A Snamione Beauty and the Beast tale) by MadelineCourtney
The Beast's Beauty (A Snamione MadelineCourtney
***COMPLETED*** Voldemort has won the war. Harry Potter is dead. In a world where Muggle Born women are used as slaves for the Dark Lord's most loyal servants, Hermione...
Equals by basicallyHermionex
Equalsby basicallyHermionex
When the Death Eaters decide to take revenge by spreading a dangerous Virus, the world depends on the two brightest minds of Hogwarts to safe the world. Hermione Granger...
Going back Home by kat_1721
Going back Homeby kat_1721
It's been almost 10 years when Hermione left Hogwarts , no one has seen and heard from her except from a letter which she left telling everyone that she wanted to leave...
Take me back to the Start by -Hermione_Snape
Take me back to the Startby Hermione Snape
|Post Second War Au| After the war, Hermione goes back to Hogwarts for her 7th year she missed. During a school day she falls down the moving staircase, and hits her hea...
The Flaw in Perfection  by Veneer_Frost
The Flaw in Perfection by Veneer Frost
"I have grown to care for every bit of him. But, clearly he hasn't seen me for I know that he only considers me as an impeding wall. I tried my best to be near him...
Unfavourable Circumstances  by GermanWerewolf
Unfavourable Circumstances by Adal Wolf
Hermione gets captured by deatheaters. Snape gets summoned. Suddenly, Hermione is pregnant and they're locked in a house in the middle of nowheresville, Britain. Hogwart...
You are My Home by Ashleychiko
You are My Homeby Ashleychiko
Few years after Battle of Hogwarts. Although Harry won but he was fail killing the Dark Lord. Hence, the war continues. Albus Dumbledore led the Order until he was ill...
Another Chance by GermanWerewolf
Another Chanceby Adal Wolf
A potions accident and a time Turner send Hermione spiraling backwards in time to the 70s. At first she is lost and scared, this not being the Hogwarts she knows and lov...