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Say You Love Me by alover_forSnape
Say You Love Meby Hayles
Hermione is ill with an obscure Chinese curse. Severus is merely in love.
Rewrite the past by JKRHero
Rewrite the pastby Julia
Fear. That's all. People all over the world were living their life in constant fear. Ever since Lord Voldemort succeeded in killing Harry Potter in 1998 the world was a...
𝐾𝑒𝑒𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑆𝑒𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑡𝑠 𝑆𝑛𝑎𝑚𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑒 💚❤️ by sev_snape7
𝐾𝑒𝑒𝑝𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑆𝑒𝑐𝑟𝑒𝑡𝑠 𝑆𝑛 Srimalavika
Hello there are so many marriage law fanfiction but there is one or two Snamoine marriage law. So I decided to write. Snape and Hermione marriaged by law in between the...
Show me Heaven by snamione4always
Show me Heavenby Snamione4Always
Hermione has been teaching at Hogwarts for a few years and enjoys a fiery but purely professional relationship with the elder professor. Will they get together? Who know...
Before the Dawn  by lary_beautiful
Before the Dawn by whatever u want to call me is...
In her seventh year, a latenight discovery changes Hermione Granger's view on a great many things. Severus Snape is just one of them. Chapters from 1-2k words to 10-13k...
Harry Potter characters react to ships~ by Slytherin_Wxlf
Harry Potter characters react to XxJeverus_islifexX
Basically what the title says, also I made this cause I was sad
Lessons In Love by Alans_World
Lessons In Loveby Beezy
Hermione slowly touched her lips with his, letting her professor experience his first kiss. He was unpracticed and unsure of himself, awkwardly not touching her, afraid...
Son of a Snape- ON HOLD by ccmonkeymama
Son of a Snape- ON HOLDby ccmonkeymama
Severus Snape has an unexpected visitor. A boy from the future named Toby. Toby with the help of Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall try to unite his parents...
Truly Me Amelia Zabini by kagamb
Truly Me Amelia Zabiniby Baby Girl Got Sass
Hermione Granger was never who she thought to be, when she accidentally gets left behind at Malfoy Manor she find her true self. Will her force immortality drive her to...
Blossom ➵ A Snamione Fanfic by AnyaTheGryffindor
Blossom ➵ A Snamione Fanficby Anya
A Severus Snape and Hermione Granger love story. A Post Deathly Hallows au Blossom: Mature or develop in a promising way Darkness looms over Hogwarts School of Witchcraf...
(Snamione)Passing notes in snap's class *-* by MangaAnimeLover66
(Snamione)Passing notes in snap' MangaAnimeLover
*-*Hermione com back to his 7 year at hogwarts. His filings for his portion master has ben bigger in the summer and bigger in the year
Time Boat by alover_forSnape
Time Boatby Hayles
Hermione ends up back in time, but not everything is as it seems when she melds into the old world in a different disguise than one would expect... especially Severus Sn...
The Beast's Beauty (A Snamione Beauty and the Beast tale) by MadelineCourtney
The Beast's Beauty (A Snamione MadelineCourtney
***COMPLETED*** Voldemort has won the war. Harry Potter is dead. In a world where Muggle Born women are used as slaves for the Dark Lord's most loyal servants, Hermione...
Healing A Broken Heart: Snamione Love Story by mrsxsnape
Healing A Broken Heart: Snamione Mrs. Severus Snape
Hermione didn't know what to expect when she went back to Hogwarts. All she knew was that the new Headmistress McGonagall had sent for her to help restore the school. Sh...
My Eighth Year  by fanfic1091
My Eighth Year by your local slytherin or wampu...
Hermione reruns to Hogwarts to retake her seventh year. Ron and Harry have moved on after the war as aurors. Hermione is in for an exciting year...
You are My Home by Ashleychiko
You are My Homeby Ashleychiko
Few years after Battle of Hogwarts. Although Harry won but he was fail killing the Dark Lord. Hence, the war continues. Albus Dumbledore led the Order until he was ill...
Second Thoughts (A Completed Snamione Fanfiction) by MidnightTulips
Second Thoughts (A Completed Sierra
After the war, most of the students go back to Hogwarts to finish there seventh year. The minister of magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, has called a re-sorting of these retur...
The Lies of The Prophet by alover_forSnape
The Lies of The Prophetby Hayles
"I must not tell lies," obviously does not apply to The Daily Prophet.
CRUSHED  (Snamione) **On Going** by SnapesBonkBasket8689
CRUSHED (Snamione) **On Going**by SnapesBonkBasket8689
(Snamione /Love story / Funny / Mature / Smut) Hermione has a crush on a certain potions master But is it just a silly crush or something more? She still has feelings fo...
a christmas of second chances 🍒 snamione. by InsufferableKnowItAl
a christmas of second chances 🍒 — daddy’s ikia
A CHRISTMAS OF SECOND CHANCES ━━ ❝ severus and hermione are sadly divorced due to such circumstances one can only say are notable. but over their old time of love, they...