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Group Therapy | BTS OT7 by TaevonJenkins
Group Therapy | BTS OT7by Obtain the Grain
Seokjin- Narcissistic Personality Disorder Namjoon- Aspergers, OCD, and 132 phobias Yoongi- Narcolepsy Hoseok- Bipolar Disorder with severe manic episodes Taehyung- Tour...
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The Reason Why I'm Fine (707 X Reader) by Shika-sheee
The Reason Why I'm Fine (707 X Shika Sheee~~
707/Luciel/Saeyoungs route but the Mc has narcolepsy, this should twist the story a bit ;) Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wa...
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Forget me not [complete] by angstwithanP
Forget me not [complete]by P
Moving town sucks, moving in an town where they believe curses exist.. major bad. Virgil sanders along with his brother Roman move home to the quiet town of stonecrest...
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Have My Love (Jumin x Reader) by Shika-sheee
Have My Love (Jumin x Reader)by Shika Sheee~~
Jumin's route but the Mc has narcolepsy, this should twist the story a bit ;) Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the control of sleep and wakefulness. Pe...
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Make Them Scream by AmyMarieZ
Make Them Screamby Amy Marie Z
Alex is the lead singer of the up-and-coming rock band Make Them Scream. Despite the fact that the insomnia he's fought with since he was a teenager has been worsening...
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Feels by misspetalface
Feelsby Sarah
‘I had to work ten times as hard as everyone else… And that was just trying to seem as normal as everyone else.’ Feels. Audrey has A LOT of them. Audrey was never always...
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Snooze by peraltatives
Snoozeby Wren
Rory's first year of university would be a whole lot easier if she could just manage to stay awake. Unfortunately for her, a neurological condition called narcolepsy cau...
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She With Narcolepsy by KuroiShiroi
She With Narcolepsyby KuroiShiroi
Play and Alexis have been childhood friends since the day they met. They are both enjoying their lives together as very close friends and they both have led pretty norma...
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Her Peasant  by humblegenius12
Her Peasant by humblegenius12
Meet Aracia! You know those fairy tales where your Prince comes to save you? Where he finds you in a dark alley? Where your particular Prince will look into your eyes a...
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Simply Complicated by SSDekubowlShip
Simply Complicatedby SSDekubowlShip
What do you get when you mix a whole bunch of Au's, more ships then a dock, drama, a cinnamon roll, some narcolepsy and a secret? The answer is: A situation that's Simpl...
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Beyblade Burst: Rescued by Cancerous-Gasher-205
Beyblade Burst: Rescuedby ☠️Undead Beauty☠️
Everyone thinks of Jin Aizawa as the creepy kid. He's always shuffling his feet, stumbling all over the place, and what's even crazier, is how he always seems to randoml...
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His Princess, His Baby Girl, His little one, His Whole World (Psych Fanfic) by jbiebfan
His Princess, His Baby Girl, His jbiebfan
7 year old Galaxy Evangeline Ember Shayla Braveheart is an incredibly smart little girl with amazing observational skills and Eidetic Tonal Memory she is a child prodigy...
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Somnum by KookieBunBun99
Somnumby KookieBunBun99
The story of Jeon Jungkook trying to live an Idol life with a disorder called Narcolepsy. . . . . . . . . . . Note : Somnum is a Latin term for sleep if you don't know...
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Remedy || Jimin Fanfic by AoKi_Naoki
Remedy || Jimin Fanficby Fluffy Pillows
Growing up, Kyung Mi was forced to live inside the hospital due to her illness. Spending most of the time of her childhood staying locked inside her hospital room with o...
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Wake Up // Namjin  by Namj3sus
Wake Up // Namjin by Peppaaaaa
Somethings aren't meant to be real for a reason.
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Narcolepsy Diaries by mlcovert98
Narcolepsy Diariesby mlcovert98
Ophelia has an... interesting tale. Her condition makes her everyday life more eventful. However, when she finally starts a relationship with long-time friend Mason Sc...
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Pyrite by pokegays
Pyriteby Seren (he/they)
Lillie was seven when she lost her father, eleven when she lost her brother, twelve when she noticed she was losing control, and thirteen when she realized the mother sh...
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He just kinda falls asleep like that by lilanomie
He just kinda falls asleep like lilanomie
Mild narcolepsy - An observational account
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