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Their Secret by ErvingGamer
Their Secretby Erving Garcia
Izuku leaves to visit his family in america,Uraraka ask where he is they go check to see if he is in his room when they see mineta looking for something,they find suitca...
Deku The Musician by CloudDoesGaming238
Deku The Musicianby CloudDoesGaming
It All Started when izuku went to visit his father with his mother And let's just say all class 1-A didn't know but he did left a note and some dynamite -cough- Bakugo...
The Singing Gliching Hero (a Bnha story) by ZW-7567
The Singing Gliching Hero (a ZW-5052
After the raid on The Shie Hassaikai, Izuku gets an invitation by Melissa to return to I-island to participate in a fighting tournament, believing it would be a good exp...
The BNHA Multiverse  by NoSleepManTommy
The BNHA Multiverse by NoSleepManTommy
The students of class 1-A have faced many odd occurrences in their first year at U-A (Actually, battling for your lives against villains isn't 'odd' more 'terrifying')...
Izuku The Singing Hero by Dakgoot
Izuku The Singing Heroby Dakgoot
Izuku who was just walking around musutafu. To buy the ingredients for a candy apple that he was going to make for Eri or how Izuku calls her, snowball. But something ha...
Mega by Populous21
Megaby Populous21
Izuku Yagi was quirkless but her sister Izumi yagi was not as they headed home. Izuku wanted to be a hero but his sister and her friends are worried about losing him so...
Dance to the beat of your heart by _FandomLover332_
Dance to the beat of your heartby FandomLover .
Izuku Midoriya never had a normal Childhood. He was bullied by the kids at school, losing his only friend but he lost his freedom of choice as well. Izuku's mother. Inko...
Of Songbirds and Superheroes | BNHA by Starkvenger
Of Songbirds and Superheroes | BNHAby Starkvenger
𖥸 Singer Deku time! 𖥸 I've seen a ton of these before, but I never see anyone have Midoriya sing the OPs and endings, so I thought I'd change that! Just your standard...
Deku's CD's by simpfortanaka_
Deku's CD'sby Charity/Cole
class 1-A find Deku's CD's
Izuku's Secret Love Story  by Zyren__
Izuku's Secret Love Story by Zyren__
Izuku has a secret that even the closet people don't know, what would happen if class 1A found his secret? What will he do? I do not own the music or photos
The prodigy of AFO by izumomolover25
The prodigy of AFOby Izumomolover
What if people think Izuku was a villain because of the quirk AFO what if he was able to cure the world with his quirk then use it for evil.
So... another singer Deku AU. So... since the starting of his journey, Izuku has been confident, smart, yet bullied due to his quirkless nature. To vent out his feeling...
Karmas gonna come collect your Dept by Dude_Epic
Karmas gonna come collect your Deptby Dude Epic
U.A throws a talent show, while some agreed to participate some people just want to watch, just like our lil cinnamon roll, but our boi got unlucky and got called for th...
Yeah, I know him. (singer!dekuxbakugou) (Tdlosk X MHA) by SsslytherinSssnake
Yeah, I know him. (singer! Wattpad Addict
Izuku Midoriya, a teenager, a student at UA and a world-famous singer. Izuku is secretly a singer known as Ikumizawa and the boyfriend of UA high heroics course student...
Singer Deku by Jaqueezy13
Singer Dekuby blougus Peterson
During a talent show an unexpected person is chosen from the crowd. Paired with a talent no one thought they had. How will this turn out?
Wait Really?!?! by 11ssnakess11
Wait Really?!?!by ♠♣♦♥︎🍉♡︎♢♧♤
✨Please Enjoy✨ Katsuki has had a boyfriend for ages. They got engaged before Katsuki went to UA and Izuku left to go travel the world. Izuku is a famous singer which app...
The musical Cinnamon roll by Indigenous14806
The musical Cinnamon rollby Indigenous14806
From them finding out he can sing from last night someone "Bakugo" broke down izuku door down and looking where did he go but what the class found was his musi...
Why ME (singer izuku) by Indigenous14806
Why ME (singer izuku)by Indigenous14806
Mineta won in a game by "cheating" and told everyone we should ignore izuku and they got everyone in including eri and kota Caime, sakio, prohero who are girls...
Idol and The Hero by AniMeQueEn96
Idol and The Heroby AniMeQueEn96
Bakugo Katsuki is one of the top 3 pro hero's in Korea. Izuku Midoriya is part of the #1 kpop group in the world. What will the two go through while in a relationship. W...
Male reader x izuku (Fem) (Hiatus) by ForstakenGaming392
Male reader x izuku (Fem) (Hiatus)by James Climacosa
A/n:So this is my First time making a Story so if its bad pls don't criticize. So this is gonna be a izuku yagi neglected AU but izuku is a girl and also singer izuku AU...