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Various Bands X Reader One Shots by spooky_kidds
Various Bands X Reader One Shotsby spooky_kidds
I know there's probably a lot of these. But I decided to do one. You and your favorite singer, guitarist, drummer, and so on. There will be some OC's that are gender neu...
I'm Just A Kid!!! (A SOR songfic based off a song by Simple Plan) by techguy_Ltrain
I'm Just A Kid!!! (A SOR songfic Lawrence
This is the story about how 5 students who go to a prep school formed a band and kept it a secret..... With their Substitute Teacher Mr.Finn Through their p.o.v's with s...
Saturday - Hotch x Reid (crack!fic - one shot) by I_Love_Smash
Saturday - Hotch x Reid (crack! Ari 👾
Spencer is singing in the office and Hotch wants to know what is going on. Little did he know, Morgan pranked Spencer. Little "song fic" about Saturday by Simp...
The World Of Rock by SaeToshi
The World Of Rockby SaeToshi
Are you ready to be with your Favorite Rock Band Member ? In this Book you can be with them Enjoy Reading
Begin Again by graydoesmatter
Begin Againby Riri
When everything falls into places. When everything seems so wrong. Don't forget to begin again.
I'd Do Anything (on hold) by allmyalibis
I'd Do Anything (on hold)by Kelly H
For two teenage girls, meeting Simple Plan was always a dream that had the potential to come true. When they return to the United States, the girls, Kelly and Bryce, wil...
Song Lyrics by ArtemisFerris
Song Lyricsby Artemis Ferris
This story is about all of songs and their artists. Y'all can request any songs too.
Find Me Again (Sébierre / Lefouvier) by fulltimeastronaut
Find Me Again (Sébierre / Lex
Based off the "Simple Plan Summer Announcement!" video Seb's POV
Lyric Book by imaderpyunicorn
Lyric Bookby KarKat Vantas
Hello Verna here. Im bored and wanna show you what music i listen too
Band Insane [Coming Soon] by aprilisreading
Band Insane [Coming Soon]by aprilisreading
Rocky Lawrence: socially awkward, at times sarcastic, at times funny, at times confident, at times smart, at times friendly, at times snob, at times stupid, at times ban...
The Sonic Underground in Simple Plan and The Invisible Madman by SDFan12435
The Sonic Underground in Simple SDFan12435
Scooby, the Mystery Inc. gang, and the Sonic Underground are on their way to the Montreal Rock Music Festival where the Sonic Underground are due to play a song right b...
Perfect by KalliForever
Perfectby KalliForever
Carter Storm doesn't have a perfect life... At all. Her twin sister, Cassy Rae, got kidnapped when they were both young. Now, Carter lives in and out of hospitals, and a...
Hell of A girl by includeme
Hell of A girlby includeme
Hell of A Girl. That's what she's called. Monica is a known supermodel of her country with the hottest singer and rumored boyfriend, Bernard. An independent woman who se...
Pierre Bouvier X reader  by Addison089087
Pierre Bouvier X reader by emo
Y/n is a lonely emo girl that likes to cry in the rain. until she meets Pierre. will it be simple?
My Favorite Bands Are After Me?! by Giant_Flinx_Fangirl5
My Favorite Bands Are After Me?!by Giant_Flinx_Fangirl5
"Don't take this personally, Jamie." They all said at the same time. It was kinda creepy, like they where robots. I scoffed. "Yeah, like I'm not gonna tak...
Perfectly Perfect by purancit
Perfectly Perfectby misha
She works really hard to get into a good college. Summer is extra time to study. He isn't going to let her summer pass by without some fun outside of the house. LACMA