Danganronpa x Reader by TatsuoK
Danganronpa x Readerby Tatsuo Kazuki
Want to know what it might feel like to get into a bunch of random scenarios with the crew of Danganronpa? This might be the place but feel free to leave after the openi...
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Spencer Reid x Reader One-Shots by Reid_is_my_Sempai
Spencer Reid x Reader One-Shotsby Reid's Girl
Ever watched Criminal Minds? You know that adorable genius by the name of Dr. Spencer Reid? Well, if you feel those little butterflies in your stomach when you see him t...
  • morgan
  • smutwarning
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mystic messenger || scenarios + oneshots + zodiacs by bakaah
mystic messenger || scenarios + bakaah
[BOOK 2 IS NOW OUT :33] ( ͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ ° ) i just got uR MESSAGES :D Mystic Messenger does not belong to me, all rights go to Cheritz
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Call your girlfriend||Why Don't We  by -psychosunshine
Call your girlfriend||Why Don't We by L✨
"Give your reasons, say it's not her fault, but you just met somebody new" -Started;July 3rd-
  • âu
  • zachherron
  • heartbreak
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Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin) by LunarShadowKnight
Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin)by LunarShadowKnight
For the first time in his life, Rin finally had friends. He had people who he could rely on, people he could trust. And one camping trip destroyed that. He never asked t...
  • truecrossacademy
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THE SUFFERED WIFE |RootOfLeeSeries| by MissXiopao
THE SUFFERED WIFE |RootOfLeeSeries|by MissXiopao
BY:MISSXIOPAO ROOTOFLEESERIES Si Vannessa Imperial ay isang perpektong babae na pinapangarap ng maraming kalalakihan. Pero isang lalaki lang ang kanyang kinahumalingan.A...
  • girlfriend
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Black Butler Preferences and Oneshots {Complete} by insearchofthemuses
Black Butler Preferences and KateHP
This will have Ciel, Sebastian, Alois, Claude, Undertaker, and William T. Spears. I have preferences, oneshots, and song-fics in this! Hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: I don'...
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Stucky One-Shots by super0random0girl
Stucky One-Shotsby Nykol Winters
One-shots, all shipping James "Bucky" Barnes and Steve Rogers (AKA Captain America). Other various characters are mentioned/featured. Any details will be noted...
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YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTS by sstarsparkk
YouTuber x Reader ONESHOTSby StarSpark on YT~
Hello! Welcome to my oneshot book. Requests are open for now, so go ahead and ask! REQUESTS: ☑ SMUTS: if there are any smuts, there will be a warning for those who feel...
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if you || levi x reader || modern au [book 1] by bakaah
if you || levi x reader || bakaah
"If it's not too late, can't we get back together?" 5 years ago, Levi Ackerman left his hometown to pursue his singing career. Now, he's a famous superstar w...
  • wattys2016
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Entwined Rhythms by Srisha45
Entwined Rhythmsby Srisha
She is a dancer at heart, a Dreamer and a doer. She believes in destiny yet remains guarded in her own world. He is a musician at heart, a thinker and an achiever. He be...
  • fanfiction
  • aditirathore
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American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby ~Red~
America, the joyful, slightly dim nation was, in fact, a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one-shots!)
  • aphalfred
  • aphrussia
  • hetalia
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Papermoon【 YM 】 by -AgustJMin-
Papermoon【 YM 】by //Nat//
JiMin y YoonGi tienen una relación normal. Normal. -Five shots-
  • yoonmin
  • bts
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•.•.Itacest One-shots•.•. by mayall_canismajor
•.•.Itacest One-shots•.•.by Smol itacest shipper
Random small one-shots of itacest all by me •.•. I do not own hetalia nor the characters•.•.
  • felicianovargas
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Haikyuu X Reader by Himitsudesu
Haikyuu X Readerby April Michelle
"You know, imagination is a powerful thing." //#614 in fanfiction 17.06.17
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*This would be focusing on Boboiboy himself or his different elemental forms pretty much *Can be OC or XReader *Request are open after I post the first part *I accept so...
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The last time {Gratsu} (Gray x Natsu) by januaryemberfire99
The last time {Gratsu} (Gray x Lmao ok
'Gray screwed up, Natsu's done' -WARNING: I DO NOT OWN FAIRYTAIL OR ANY OF ITS CHARECTERS DO I LOOK RICH TO U?- *hope u enjoy :3*
  • cheatingboyfriends
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TMNT One-Shots (Requests Closed) by GirlMeetsTMNT
TMNT One-Shots (Requests Closed)by ➳Ally-Bean➳
Requests may vary. I take all and anything. Please enjoy responsibly!! (I can't do lemons sowwy.)
  • raph
  • leonardo
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Maybe Someday by MissLuO
Maybe Somedayby
A sus veintidós años, Sakura tiene una gran vida: Está en la universidad, tiene un trabajo estable, está enamorada de su maravilloso novio y está viviendo con su mejor a...
  • sakuraharuno
  • sasukeuchiha
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A night with my space daddy.  by Sakurasennen
A night with my space daddy. by Sakurasennen
a certain blue paladin has feelings on Shirogane takashi, the one and only space daddy what happens when lance visits shiro late that night?
  • yaoi
  • shance
  • love
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