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Detroit: Become Human Oneshots ✔️  by CarmenKB
Detroit: Become Human Oneshots ✔️ by 𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐘
Read the fucking title, meat bag. -not an xreader -dbh ships
The New Jericho - a Detroit: Become Human story by mabiyusha
The New Jericho - a Detroit: mabi lakhmana
Jericho was a safe place, but one without future, and Simon was fully aware of that. He had nearly given up on trying to change it, but when Markus found his way there...
KILL ORDER Simarkus by Bathbomb420
KILL ORDER Simarkusby Nozomi Fujimori
"Duck behind the wall to your right and stay there, you have company" "If I live through this one, will you finally tell your name?" you got a job yo...
One Shots ➝ Detroit: Become Human (hiatus) by electricdecarchive
One Shots ➝ Detroit: Become elijah
Detroit: Become Human one shots, mostly ships. First published 4th July 2020. On hiatus since 12th August 2020. **Discontinued (2022 edit but has been for long time. Som...
unwavering emotions | simarkus by half-ghouls
unwavering emotions | simarkusby dani
cover © exostellar/phcknrobot on tumblr ═══════════════ there's always a chance for unlikely events to take place. ═══════════════ a different take on what could have ha...
Software Instability by MintTeaLeaf64
Software Instabilityby Minty Leaf
A Simkus Propaganda Fanfic because why not?
lilac kisses «» simkus/simarkus by cherrymigraines
lilac kisses «» simkus/simarkusby letz start a riot!
markus and the jericho crew have to convince the deviants that violence isn't worth it, but how many lives is peace worth?
Simkus (college au) by lmaonahbich
Simkus (college au)by lmaonahbich
Okay hi, smut warning. This story is based off the original pictures(which are included) the pictures aren't mine and they certainly aren't in order. I just based a stor...
Simarkus? | idk I'm bored.  by _ButtersxKenny_
Simarkus? | idk I'm bored. by _ButtersxKenny_
I literally don't know why or how you found this but I guess your hear to read some fanfics. you go!?
The Courtship Battles (Detroit: Become Human) by Fandom_Scout
The Courtship Battles (Detroit: Space Scout
Connor is on leave for 2 weeks, and 12 hours in he already feels like ripping his hair from his scalp. He needs to be doing something- no- he WANTS to be doing somethin...
DBH and spn cross over  The War  by idrkwhatiamdoing
DBH and spn cross over The War by idrkwhatiamdoing
this will include the ship sabriel and destiel along with simkus enjoy
Dbh RP book by Reed900_IsLife
Dbh RP bookby Gavin-The-Bottom
My DMs don't work so if you want to role play, Hankcon, Reed900, Simkus, Clorth or jerralph then comment and we can do an RP in the comments Also I'm bored :/
ocean man x sand man by Jesusesleftnipple
ocean man x sand manby LittlePissBaby
high school bad boy x nerd boy au yandere au that bitch e holy shit I have actually been waiting like 3 fucking months to do this bullshit I was high off of sleep depriv...
(D:BH) Simon x Markus OneShots  by Username-Punk
(D:BH) Simon x Markus OneShots by PlasticBitch
Just Simon and Markus OneShots. Requests open
Hi I was horny have some SimKus smut by heyitsCAR
Hi I was horny have some SimKus Uhoof
Mad inspired by the Kaede love hotel in DR v3 ik it doesn't seem like it but it is I'm sorry Characters aren't mine
Exception || Simarkus Fanfic (Discontinued) by WhomstEvenCares
Exception || Simarkus Fanfic ( ❀
"It's a fucking deviant, no way in hell we're keeping it any longer. For all we know that machine is telling its little machine friends about everything we're doing...
DBH | Incompatible hearts (Simon x Markus) by RiikyoLad
DBH | Incompatible hearts (Simon {ʀɪɪᴋʏᴏ}
***TW SUICIDE, DEPRESSING TOPICS*** my name is simon, i am the the former leader of the android organization jericho. i say formal because the new leader is named markus...
it's easy to love you simarkus by Bathbomb420
it's easy to love you simarkusby Nozomi Fujimori
it must be hard for you to love me sequel to "anonymous love simkus
Detroit: Become Human | I'm Normal Now by _ButtersxKenny_
Detroit: Become Human | I'm _ButtersxKenny_
This story is really shitty but you get to make your own decisions on this.This does include some ships like. Morth, Simkus or Simarkus what ever the real ship name is f...
Detroit: Become Seniors by PidgeSteve
Detroit: Become Seniorsby The Fandom Child
Connor Anderson went into his senior year preparing for college. Kara Williams went into her senior preparing to get her sister out of their house when she turns eightee...