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A Valentino Date by MusketeerPrincess
A Valentino Dateby Anika
Valentine's day is around the corner and once again Varna is going to spend it hunting heels. But as she looks at the number of pairs she has amassed over the years, she...
  • date
  • shopping
  • vansh
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Egyptian Timewave by booklover241014
Egyptian Timewaveby Hatima Zeita
Egyptian girl Abayomi goes back in time to Ancient Thebes, Egypt. What happens when she finds the sibling of her soul and the pharaoh tries to kill her? Read to find ou...
  • cmc2019
  • magic
  • ancientegypt
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Four Teens √ by Iammackenzie
Four Teens √by 💖Dorcas💞
Four Teenagers. Same age. Two Countries. New Year's Eve. How different can their New Year wishes be? No matter how different we may all be, there's always something tha...
  • wattys2019
  • teen
  • shortawards2019
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In The Shadows by ifana8
In The Shadowsby ifana8
Isabella's absolute belief in the paranormal things comes in handy when she is kidnapped by her best friend, the same one who claims to be her fiancé from another world...
  • icuawards2018
  • powers
  • teens
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The Tale To Tell: Short Stories by tanellia
The Tale To Tell: Short Storiesby tanellia
some stories are worth telling, especially the short one.
  • tale
  • telltale
  • randomstories
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Gods Among Us: BOOK 1 [THE FALLEN] by bradley_shiloh
Gods Among Us: BOOK 1 [THE FALLEN]by Bradley Shiloh
Titan has fallen. After the demigods' banishment from the land of Titan, the Olympians now seek out their help after being overthrown by Hades-god of the Underworld, Th...
  • comedy
  • shortawards2019
  • fantasy
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Under Water  #PlanetOrPlastic by tasbeha
Under Water #PlanetOrPlasticby t a s b e h a
While #ClimateChangeIsNotReal might a hashtag on social media, it is a harsh reality for hundreds and thousands of people across the globe. Nurul is one such person. Los...
  • bangladesh
  • future
  • nationalgeographic
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jealousy by CheshireQueen24
jealousyby CheshireQueen24
Theres a new student entering esme's life. what will this student uncover and what will the student do about the process of elimination. CONTAINS SWEARING!!!!
  • cruch
  • school
  • teenagers
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Short Awards 2019 [Closed!] by extinct_asterxids
Short Awards 2019 [Closed!]by ~Alice~
  • contest
  • 2019
  • shortawards2019
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Becoming Rain by VivaHate1
Becoming Rainby Sheridan Shadrack
A lonely undergraduate boards the train to take him to his University. Chaos ensues.
  • drinking
  • humour
  • comedy
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Cee's Collection of Short Stories by hottiesoftie
Cee's Collection of Short Storiesby Celia O’Brien
This is a collection of short stories, where my imagination comes to life. They are plots that have always been in my head or given to me by friends. These stories may...
  • onepiece
  • wattys2018
  • quickbooks
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