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 The Guy With The Dreamy Eyes by Felicity14445
The Guy With The Dreamy Eyesby Felicity101
With Vanessa White still on vacation and coming back from visiting her family in Canada. Vanessa decides she would finely go to the famous neighbour of her home beach T...
Suicides- Michael Clifford (Sequel to AAO) by Astroxmike
Suicides- Michael Clifford ( Astroxmike
Sequel to Against All Odds. If you haven't read it, Carly May Clifford is the daughter of Crystal Leigh/Clifford and Michael Clifford. She gets into some trouble for bei...
Fate by jinggyiii
Fateby 快乐的猴子
11 year old Silian has lost her parents. When her uncle finds her on the streets, she gets fostered by her uncle's family. When she was invited to move to the Lan sect t...
Against All Odds- Michael Clifford by Astroxmike
Against All Odds- Michael Cliffordby Astroxmike
When Michael and Crystal go against the world when the battle is the power of the World vs Mystal Here are the C&M adventures
Sweet School Girl, or Psycho Serial Killer? Tough Love Version. by UnicornGamer1234511
Sweet School Girl, or Psycho Osoro Shidesu
Disclaimer: I do not own Yandere Simulator or any art in this FanFiction
Zèro by Khupak
Zèroby Khupak
Enter the world of psychos, where bizarre is nothing out of the normal , and normal is nowhere to be found In the basement of the infamous Xeed (unit for...
Father & Son by a-Low-kick
Father & Sonby ♠a-Low-Kick (L.N.Tandon)
A short story about a Grandfather, a Father and a Son
The Prime Suspect | ShawRocketPrize Winner by AiringFiction
The Prime Suspect | AiringFiction
When people die, they're transported to the year that ultimately caused their death. Jace is glad to have finally escaped his high school experience of sports and secret...
HER by PopBlooms
HERby PopBlooms
"To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken." -C.S Lewis This is a story about a girl who first found b...
The Mysterious Bucket by Dev2891
The Mysterious Bucketby Dev2891
The story dates back to 1800s, when there lived a man named John Mendez. He was a grumpy man but day dreamed about becoming rich. His life is turned upside down when he...
Coffee by mhafada
Coffeeby maria
Keyla Polaris an essential girl, 24 years old, just passed through the process of her dreams, now she is from the FBI something somewhat hated by her family of medical t...
WHERE THE SKY FALL by Black_Rose_Writer
WHERE THE SKY FALLby MysteriousWriter
When 30-year-old Emily Darwin discovers that she has only 1 month to live, she goes in search of the mother who left her 20 years ago in order to reconcile only to learn...
102 Floors Down by lulus47
102 Floors Downby Sierra Willis
"Another one gone..." Ruby is still a teen, but she is haunted by her past. It all comes back when she heads to Empire State Building for a party. Maybe this...
🖤 When They Crash (Lies, Lust and Billionaire Book1)🖤 by kate7seven
🖤 When They Crash (Lies, Lust KATE SEVEN🦋
AMAZING cover by @amygraphics 💖 I woke up to find myself pressed against Ryan's hard, muscled chest and looked up to find his beautiful stormy gaze upon me, "My li...
Test Subject: Reverof by NovemberAnonymous
Test Subject: Reverofby Jackson
When 16-year-old Nate Reverof attended his high school Winter Formal, he never would have guessed that his life would be forever-changed. As the night is drawing to a cl...
Fairy-tale Miracles: In an Urban World by Rachel_Rushforth
Fairy-tale Miracles: In an Urban Rachel Rushforth
Can you imagine if the fairy-tales you heard when you were a kid were set in real life? Archibald is a trouble maker, even if he isn't trying. He gets suspended and has...
Soft by LounesWyatt
Softby Wyatt LOUNES
Charlie Holland, 17, green eyes, brown hair and beautiful. Tom Aguera, 18, shaved beard, black hair, muscular. She is kind, serious and funny. He is virile, bad boy a...
Be My Demon by homeslica
Be My Demonby 🐢
"I didn't do it" "why are you laughing then?" "because whoever did it, is a genius"
Inscape by Fiji13
Inscapeby Jeannine Tonye
'Snakes don't hiss anymore, they call you babe, bff, friend or bro.' Inscape : the unique inner nature of a person or object as shown in a work of art. Loving is a bless...