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 The Guy With The Dreamy Eyes by Felicity14445
The Guy With The Dreamy Eyesby Felicity101
With Vanessa White still on vacation and coming back from visiting her family in Canada. Vanessa decides she would finely go to the famous neighbour of her home beach T...
#ShawRocketPrize Teen Writing Contest by RocketFund
#ShawRocketPrize Teen Writing Shaw Rocket Fund
We've teamed up with Shaw Rocket Fund to bring you an incredible opportunity to motivate and inspire you to use this time to start creating your next story idea and shar...
Suicides- Michael Clifford (Sequel to AAO) by Astroxmike
Suicides- Michael Clifford ( Astro Mike
Sequel to Against All Odds. If you haven't read it, Carly May Clifford is the daughter of Crystal Leigh/Clifford and Michael Clifford. She gets into some trouble for bei...
My Twin Sister by AmimiPotato
My Twin Sisterby AmimiPotato
My name is London, and my twin sister's name is Paris. People say that a pair of twins can be the closest thing in the world, but that's certainly not the case for me...
Fate by jinggyiii
Fateby 快乐的猴子
11 year old Silian has lost her parents. When her uncle finds her on the streets, she gets fostered by her uncle's family. When she was invited to move to the Lan sect t...
Against All Odds- Michael Clifford by Astroxmike
Against All Odds- Michael Cliffordby Astro Mike
When Michael and Crystal go against the world when the battle is the power of the World vs Mystal Here are the C&M adventures
Where Swords Collide  by AuthorAnushka
Where Swords Collide by Anna Aviers
Seventeen year old Aquira Promiel, a girl with a restless imagination and a peculiar fascination for death and incarnation, is sold off by her father to the clan of Zona...
𝔇𝔢𝔩𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔩 by wittlenoods
𝔇𝔢𝔩𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔬𝔫𝔞𝔩by faerie princess
This book was inspired by, "seekae - test and recognize" hope you enjoy!
Masked Murderer | ✔ by Chloe60Scott
Masked Murderer | ✔by Chloe
When a twisted turn of events forces her to rid herself of the mask she wears, she soon realizes that assassinating the Crown Prince on his coronation day wasn't a piece...
How To Hide A Dead Body✔️ by JJ-MEE
How To Hide A Dead Body✔️by JJ-MEE
One must not let themselves be dragged into something that does not involve them. She knew this, but still it didn't stop her from ending up behind bars. ●A short story●...
My best friend is my crush... by ximaginecreativelyx
My best friend is my Ainhoa Sanchez Verdejo
Two best friends confess their love for each other.
Where We Met at Sunset Beach | •On Going• by glandyblandy
Where We Met at Sunset Beach | • Glandy Blandy
While Amy is suffering from pessimism due to a shocking conclusion that her best friend and her boyfriend have been friends with benefits for a long time, she stumbles u...
They Stole Our Lives  by kidkalopsia
They Stole Our Lives by arson ☆
[Under major changes] "All I asked for was peace. Not any less or more." Both teenagers, Hassan Saad and Radiya Mansour lived a life of serenity throughout...
Pretty Lies || JK & KTH by GeetamMishra
Pretty Lies || JK & KTHby Gee🐰
[ DISCONTINUED ] -" I wish I would have never met you..." WARNING: Contains some mature content and upsetting scenes. FANFICTION: JEON JUNGKOOK & KIM TAEHYUN...
Remember Us by morningstar_writers
Remember Usby morningstar_writers
After the spread of a deadly virus over a dozen years ago, the change in the chemical bonds made it morph. It changes people in ways no one could have guessed. Dara Love...
Endless Rain by busecevikx
Endless Rainby Buse Çevik
Although it was summer, it was constantly raining. They would not let the summer months they spend together like this.Well, when we think we're restoring everything, wha...
100 ways to survive by hqcsal_
100 ways to surviveby :9
-comments plsss- this so random but yea
When Tony finds him self in a art class he did not want to take he is pleasantly surprised to meet Luna a hard working wanna be artist. Who will not let anything in her...