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The Three Kagenou Siblings (Kagari x Eminence in Shadow) by JaeZInsane
The Three Kagenou Siblings ( Jay Jay
While Claire Kagenou works among the Crimson Order, The Shadow Monarch, Kagari Kagenou watches and over their idiot little brother Cid Kagenou and his exploits at becomi...
Bloody Princess From The Shadows by lanceron2Writes
Bloody Princess From The Shadowsby lanceron2Writes
Ever since the Blood Moon and meeting Shadow, Elizabeth's life has gotten more livelier. And yet.. She still felt as if she was empty. Rather than just having on...
The light and shadow (eminence in shadow) by Samblanca52007
The light and shadow (eminence Now you see me
there will be no shadow without light. Cid kagenou and Soren Oriana have a friendly rivalry, one who controls the shadow and one who controls the light
Eminence In Grimm  by Anime0CC0Manga
Eminence In Grimm by Anime0CC0Manga
A certain someone that dreamed to become an Eminence In Shadow, was somehow reincarnated into the world of Grimm and Hunters
Issei Hyoudou: The Eminent One by Issei_Lucifer
Issei Hyoudou: The Eminent Oneby Issei Sparda K. Lucifer
Tired of being looked down upon Issei decided to change his perverted nature and try to become a better person. However, the path of change will not be an easy one. Havi...
Reverse Reality (One-Shot) by Izayou901
Reverse Reality (One-Shot)by Izayoi Sakamaki
The world underwent a drastic change; everyone acquired a new power called "magic." Minoru Kagenou decided to leave his family to protect a girl named Aurora...
The Eminence In Nightshroud (The Eminence in Shadow x male reader) by WashioZakuro
The Eminence In Nightshroud (The WashioZakuro
Reincarnated as the second child of a Baron family, Daigo Kagenou looked after his younger brother, helping him by running his organization alongside him. The difference...
the eminece in the shadow susanoo by bloodedge_alter_god
the eminece in the shadow susanooby 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉�... boy without past and apretince of hakume of the six heroes from an diferent timeline who later on obtain his master blade and armor..his story must end when he...
Shadow Ga Kill! (Akame ga kill x male reader) by Matiplayerspl
Shadow Ga Kill! (Akame ga kill x matiplayers pl
Y/n L/n died and was reincarnated in the world of Akame ga kill! With the knowledge of the world and the power he got he will try to change the fate of world from the sh...
The Shadows Awaken by LVonarch
The Shadows Awakenby LVonarch
Erix decides that for his second life he plans to live multiple lives to live to the fullest. However, when make-believe fantasies about an evil cult turn out to be real...
shadow purifcation by bloodedge_alter_god
shadow purifcationby 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖆𝖟𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖇𝖑𝖔𝖔𝖉�...
jason....that was his inhuman being who is the embodiment of purification as his goal is purify the world from the impure beings as he was posess by the puppete...
Arquero de las sombras. by TrevorChiviSama
Arquero de las TrevorChivi Sama
Archi siendo archi en un mundo con un megalómano idiota con tendencias a la estupidez crónica , elfas jodidamente credulas, una mujer bestia increíblemente adorable y pr...
I will stand on the top!  [OC x TEIS] by Kafkkana
I will stand on the top! [OC x Kafkana
He curses his life, why does he have terrible luck? Since he was born, bad luck already managed to grasp his life. A mysterious type of magic, killed his parents. They w...
An Anomaly In The Shadows by TenzinPhende
An Anomaly In The Shadowsby Tenzin Phende
In this world that revolved around magic power and mana a boy would be born into a noble family as an anomaly to this very concept.
The Blood's Shadow [Oc x Eminence of Shadow] by __Crocus__
The Blood's Shadow [Oc x __Crocus__
"Our blood is the same, we just use it differently." -Patrick deWitt The story revolves around a man, who has seen the horrors of war as the life of a mercenar...
Blissings to this eminence in shadow! (Novel Version)  by master2002gamer
Blissings to this eminence in master 2002gamer
this is a crossover between eminence in shadow and konosuba but you can already tell I'm just copying this from the crossover that already happened in the games so yeah...
Sorrow Shadows || TEIS Fanfiction. by ProximaShiro
Sorrow Shadows || TEIS Shiro
Uhh.. let's see... Shadow is misunderstood as constantly in a depressed state. Let's see how this changes some scenes for our dear Eminence In Shadow!...'s the...
Claire Kagenou joins Shadow Garden by Komvertl3
Claire Kagenou joins Shadow Gardenby Kami
This is a story if Claire joined shadow garden and her interactions with the members (i don't own any of these characters)