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Prison of His Own Making [Set Me Free extras] by elsetterby
Prison of His Own Making [Set Me London Setterby
***If you haven't read all of Set Me Free, don't read this! It is literally nothing but spoilers for Set Me Free. Literally.*** He fell in love with her the very first d...
  • elsetterby
  • mystery
  • extras
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Alchemy ↬ Po€tr¥ by Uniquelyknotedsoul
Alchemy ↬ Po€tr¥by Arzooo (wish)
It is a collection of some short and deep poems which I am sure will touch your heart!! The world we live in always cherished, and these feelings are expressed here! ...
  • fakesmile
  • proudhijabi
  • loveyourself
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If I Stay [a Set Me Free short story] by elsetterby
If I Stay [a Set Me Free short London Setterby
Kaye McDowell has spent most of her life trying to leave, or actually leaving, the tiny Maine island she grew up on. For her, the island is marred by tragedy, and always...
  • tattoos
  • love
  • new
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His Mental Illness (Slowly Editing) by IALWAYSLOVEJESUS
His Mental Illness (Slowly Editing)by IALWAYSLOVEJESUS
A 17 yr old boy named Aaron is the boy who have the worst disorders/mental illnesses that u can possibly imagine. He had a rough past that He wanted to run away from. Bu...
  • powerofgod
  • past
  • gangs
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My Poems by MarineSister6
My Poemsby Lani Snyder
This is a collection of the poems I have written. I will warn you now some of them are pretty depressing.
  • love
  • afterstory
  • patriotic
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Centex HISTORY by ShaniaGrace186
Centex HISTORYby Shania Grace
"Lahat ng mangyayari ngayon ,mangyayari uli pero iba lang ang style" sabi ni Lola Shania sa akin bago nya ako iwan na naka nganga sa mga kinwento nya sa akin n...
  • crush
  • setmefree
  • hush
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C A G E D- A sequel to Unwanted by GreenGirl321
C A G E D- A sequel to Unwantedby 🥀E L I Z A🥀
I have an unwanted past although I wish it could be a forgotten past. Unwanted love, unwanted feelings. I feel trapped inside, almost as if I have nowhere to go and esca...
  • sequel2unwanted
  • setmefree
  • teenfiction
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Set Me Free by xxborntostandoutxx
Set Me Freeby Chelsea
Elizabeth Nicholl's has always lived a quiet life. Never one for danger or making a scene, she has managed to live her life floating safely under the radar. That is unt...
  • survival
  • criminal
  • family
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Set me free (on hold) by Layla_jaguar
Set me free (on hold)by Layla jaguar
There is a girl named leah and she is mistreated and disowns her family and finds her dark and gruesome path Who can stop her now....
  • setmefree
  • saveme
  • mylife
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Rants ahoy by raccooninatorboss
Rants ahoyby Kasey Lenard
Just my daily rants it might be in English some parts in Japanese but oh well what can you do if you don't like it.......too bad don't read it then.
  • mad
  • setmefree
  • saveme
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Faith and Hope by AnudeepManne
Faith and Hopeby AnudeepManne
"Faith and Hope" is a collection of 3 poems: 1. Set Me Free 2. We Belong To You 3. Shield Of Faith
  • faith
  • hope
  • setmefree
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Bitter by AaliyahTurnage2
Bitterby Aaliyah Turnage
This poem is about emotions.
  • bitter
  • setmefree
  • poem
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Return My Heart. by maryam061
Return My maryam061
A tale of a broken girl.
  • love
  • curse
  • setmefree
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Let Me Be Free by emmesaidhi
Let Me Be Freeby Emme
  • puppet
  • trapped
  • poem
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Story Of My Life by XXXvampire_kingXXX
Story Of My Lifeby appdkekd
So this is the story of my fucking life, its interesting and fun. But some parts might make some peeps cry if you get hurt easily. 😂💙 BTW I'm edgy AF.
  • fuckme
  • mẹ
  • setmefree
Living In Color by LuvhChild96
Living In Colorby LuvhChild96
Couldn't you just have married a white girl Joshua....My mom shouted at me. I walked away grabbing the car seat placing my baby girl in the truck and headed back to D.C...
  • setmefree
  • love
  • biracialbabies
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My Future Name by mandy199913
My Future Nameby Amanda Lynn
15 years old Adison has always loved babies. She has a collection through out her life. Her mother Lisa and uncle Mori built her own house that connects to theirs when A...
  • alwaysbeyou
  • teenfavs
  • setmefree
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Set me free. [Joshler] by joshmiguagua
Set me free. [Joshler]by Ava❀
¿Te imaginas estar encerrado toda la vida?.
  • romance
  • free
  • joseph
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