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help me feel alive | seavil  by Redleaderfan
help me feel alive | seavil by Redleaderfan
Jevil looked at seam, who seemed to be stressing out on his homework. The short adult decided to try to make his friend a bit more happy... the best way he knew how to. ...
Ask Seam and Jevil!! by Cipher1265
Ask Seam and Jevil!!by -Worm-
A little Ask Seam and Jevil for anyone interested!~
Before (On a Haitus becaaaseeee i can't be bothered with this book) by uhWhydoiShipTahtY
Before (On a Haitus becaaaseeee Fine.
Oops. I made this. (My art(^ω^))
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Reunited again (jevil x seam) by AmJustPerson
Reunited again (jevil x seam)by AmJustPerson
they both found each other again, and um yeah i that's it I guess, Well, because im not gonna directly go 'somewhere' else, and yes i drew the cover (i know its bad but...
 Շђє ςคՇ คภ๔ Շђє Ŧ๏๏ɭ [DISCONTINUED/UNDER REVIEW]  by apparentlyiwr1te
Շђє ςคՇ คภ๔ Շђє Ŧ๏๏ɭ [ apparentlyiwr1te
Jevil has been trapped in his little freedom for 100 years. Lonely. Bored. Angry at Seam, who trapped him there in the first place. When a group of lighteners show up, a...
Seam x jevil lemon  by Idontevenknowman12
Seam x jevil lemon by Idontevenknowman12
IF YOUR ONLY HERE FOR THE LEMON SKIP CHAPTER 2 AFTER CHAPTER 1 i'm Sorry in advance...buuuuut I'm really not XD There'S Fluff in the Beginning Then it goes downhill. i w...
seam x jevil by charbear364
seam x jevilby your kneecaps, hand them over
anyhow this is just a story about these two and how there doing which is not good for one of them at least .as ralsei visits seam for help on baking ,somewhere else lanc...
Sevil Oneshots [ Jevil x Seam] by DarkBun3013
Sevil Oneshots [ Jevil x Seam]by Blaze Akomatsu
Okay hear me out I just love this ship. And I got so much ideas for this ship and so much art. So I'm just going to shove it all into this book. This will contain fluff...
♥️The Shopkeeper And The Jester [Seam x Jevil]♥️ by Deltashine
♥️The Shopkeeper And The Jester [ Deltarune Fan
The Lightners will cause few things to change in the Dark World, these change might be very important. Espacially for 2 Darkners. ♥️♠️♦️♣ English isn't my main language...