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Don't Forget by _Jevilsdevilsknife
Don't Forgetby susie but horny (irl susie)
The cover says it all, this is a Kris x Reader book for all the Kris lovers out there :D *I do not own Deltarune, all rights go to Toby Fox* Accomplishments • #5 in delt...
Deltarune x Reader Oneshots ♡ (Request Are Close ) by DevilKnife
Deltarune x Reader Oneshots ♡ ( ❝ꫝꫀꫀ ꫝꪮ❞
the titled says it all- All so..a lot of miss word spelling
"Why Won't You Smile at Me?" Yandere!Jevil X Reader by Byuugyyi
"Why Won't You Smile at Me?" Byuugyyi
Deltarune memes by uh-huh_yeah
Deltarune memesby hey there
WeLl FlIp mY FLaPjAcKs ------------------------- HIGHEST RATING: #1 in Deltarune (I don't own these memes)
!ON HOLD!Deltarune Oneshots by jam-start
!ON HOLD!Deltarune Oneshotsby jam-start
Hello! I'm bored and wanted to try somthing new! so why not make a oneshot book with the characters of the latest game called Deltarune! this is my first time making onw...
Deltarune Oneshots [DISCONTINUED] by YuniccAfton
Deltarune Oneshots [DISCONTINUED]by nsr good game
[6th Book] ((DISCONTINUED)) {Deltarune} Leave your requests in the comments below And I'll do some shipping on the next Oneshot of D(elta)R(une)! Yes I have another bo...
Seam x Jevil Oneshots by Ships_4_Dayz
Seam x Jevil Oneshotsby Loading
Because I have no self-control and I love these two. Perhaps some doodles, too? My sketchbook has been slapped in the face by pictures of Jevil. Cover is by Ask the Cour...
•°☆ The Guardian ☆°•  Jevil x Reader by Cipher1265
•°☆ The Guardian ☆°• Jevil x -Worm-
❥ You, a lightner, have fallen into the Darkworld looking for Kris and Susie after they haven't returned to class in a while. While looking for them, you stumble upon a...
the untold tale (A Gale Hawthorne story) by criolla_cross
the untold tale (A Gale Pearl
"Maybe I'll tell her after the Reaping. Maybe she'll be my Winter Fire someday." But there's only one rule: Kill or be killed Gale Hawthorne's life takes a dra...
The Aftermath (seam x jevil) by PhantomAngel87
The Aftermath (seam x jevil)by Emily
The aftermath of Seam's and Jevil's friendship after the Delta Warriors defeat Jevil. Jevil has been allowed to stay with Seam, so long as he abides by some rules. (Will...
The Jesters Reality Check by Mizu_zail
The Jesters Reality Checkby Mizu_zail
This is a short story about how Jevil got locked up and what led up it. *The Point of view changes alot between Jevil and Seam* Italics are Jevil's dialogue Words in bol...
deltarune on åçīđ 2 by cat_thoughts
deltarune on åçīđ 2by cat_thoughts
if you havent read the first one i suggest you do or you wont get the asks and whats going on it would be like pressing on an episode from season 6 of a story driven sho...
The light (spade king x Female Reader) by Mochi_Explosion
The light (spade king x Female Mochi_Explosion
I'm a fan of the king from delta rune. I know he is a bad guy but I start to think what if he doesn't evil for the start. If he has heart and feelings inside him. Then w...
Seam and Jevil (the backstory) by Thatpotato10
Seam and Jevil (the backstory)by Thatpotato10
Seam happens across an abandoned imp child on one winter night, clueless of what may lie ahead. Adventure? Tragedy? Joy? The two brave through thick and thin as father a...
❀〔Deltarune One-shots〕❀ by Cameh-cami
❀〔Deltarune One-shots〕❀by ❀ Little Bastard ❀
➤ Historias Deltarune x Reader. ➤ Peticiones cerradas. ➤ No lemon, ni smut. ➤ Actualizaciones lentas. ➤ El arte que aparezca aquí no me pertenece, derechos a sus respect...
Seam x jevil lemon  by Idontevenknowman12
Seam x jevil lemon by Idontevenknowman12
IF YOUR ONLY HERE FOR THE LEMON SKIP CHAPTER 2 AFTER CHAPTER 1 i'm Sorry in advance...buuuuut I'm really not XD There'S Fluff in the Beginning Then it goes downhill. i w...
Undertale AU One Shots by RosesHaveThorns16
Undertale AU One Shotsby Rose Aurum
Undertale AU one shots and short stories of varying length. Mostly just written for fun. Requests are open if anyone actually reads this.
||/Deltarune Memes, Shenanigans and Incorrect Quotes\|| by AreebaDazzle
||/Deltarune Memes, Shenanigans ♥️Amber Heaven Dremurr♥️
I have decided to write a Deltarune book cause I have completely given up! I am writing this book for fun which I'll update whenever I want! Updates won't be frequent ca...
 ♤ A Lonely Tree♤  ( Deltarune x reader ) ◇Hold◇ by DevilKnife
♤ A Lonely Tree♤ ( Deltarune x ❝ꫝꫀꫀ ꫝꪮ❞
♤ Y/N was once was a lonely tree. but one day more trees grew around her