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I struck a deal with the Devil by evil_panda22
I struck a deal with the Devilby Kawaii Witch
Living in a small unknown country, Violet dreamed of seeing the world one day. But her dream was crushed when her best friend stabbed her in the back, literally. On the...
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Mafia Leaders Fetish by laurajwread
Mafia Leaders Fetishby laurajwread
Danielle was just an innocent seeming girl. She was a beautiful church girl, considering her father is the Pastor in her local church. Her mother? Well she was a loving...
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Satan's Pet (Boyxboy) by ZachhT
Satan's Pet (Boyxboy)by _Zxch
It was suppose to be a sarcastic joke but he heard me. He heard me, he was there. He's watching. And now, he wants to be my daddy.
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The Underworld by bjorghalla
The Underworldby Bjorg Halla
"Bow down to your Queen" Arabella has always been different. Not only was she born with red hair but mysterious things have always been happening around her. P...
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The Girl Who Made The Devil Weak by Angelic_Aberrant
The Girl Who Made The Devil Weakby Angelic
Hanna Williams was purity in every sense of the word. Never once cheated on anything or anyone, never drank, no drugs whatsoever. She's never even kissed a boy before. ...
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My Demon King by shortahhsmurf
My Demon Kingby Ecstacy
"No option, no choice, YOU'RE MINE!" "I- I don't love you!" "Not yet but you will, now bend over and show me that beautiful little hole~"
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Supernatural Memes by inmalusance
Supernatural Memesby ツ
153 chapters and counting Daily memes and text posts, 5 per chapter! The cover was made by @WxndxrWxman so make sure to give them a follow :)) #1 in destiel as of 5/20...
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gold dust woman | MICHAEL LANGDON by gameofboners
gold dust woman | MICHAEL LANGDONby gameofboners
"darkness rises, and light to meet it" [michael langdon x oc] [season 8]
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Satan's Favorite // kiribaku by freckledrj
Satan's Favorite // kiribakuby freckledrj
Kirishima Eijiro, a loner, decides to summon Satan himself, Bakugou Katsuki. He only asks one little request. To be... friends? #3 in bakushima A consistent updating sch...
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Lucifer Morningstar x Male reader Oneshots by SuperWhoLock_AKF
Lucifer Morningstar x Male MishCon
-possibly FtM reader also if requested-
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ateez imagines by spicyn00dles
ateez imaginesby 💙🖤
imagines and oneshots about ateez!!! (this is my first fanfic book so please don't hurt me thanksss)
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The sweet taste of evil by Eniseds
The sweet taste of evilby Jasmine
"He grabbed my shirt and pulled me close to his beautiful face. We were only inches away from each other and I could feel his body heat. Michaels eyes turned black...
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helperby syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
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The Salem Heretic by bloodchocolate2603
The Salem Hereticby weirdo
Hope is not Klaus Mikaelson only daughter. With the threat of her aunt Dahlia and her own coven worshipping her as if she's a god. Lucifer wanting her all to himself for...
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The Devil's Daughter by EllieDonnelly
The Devil's Daughterby Ellie Donnelly
Betrayal follows her, the Angels are against her, and the Devil is on her tail. As Lucifer's Daughter Abbegael must hide her identity from both Heaven and Hell if she is...
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Leave It All Behind by Kitten1134
Leave It All Behindby The End Is Near
Rin Okumura is fed up. He is fed up with school. He is fed up with Life. He is fed up with everything. He just wishes that he could leave it all behind. Even after h...
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You've Changed (Akira Fudo x Reader) by Katjaface
You've Changed (Akira Fudo x Katjaface
Akira Fudo is, as everyone knows, a crybaby. But he's also your boyfriend. And he's also your big brother Ryo's best friend. It's just a little bit complicated. When the...
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Be With Me // Nicholas Scratch // by Gentle8Kisses
Be With Me // Nicholas Scratch //by Gentle Kisses
In which in the town of Greendale, where it always feels like Halloween, there lived two young twins who were witches living a mortal life, whom, on their sixteenth birt...
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Harry Potter✓Runic: A Madder Matter*Triad* by True_Slytherin_Heir
Harry Potter✓Runic: A Madder Asena Wolf
In a time of need Harry Potter does the one thing that calms him down before being beaten. Draw. He drew satanic symbols across his bedroom...well closet. Frantically dr...
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Eight Nights (BoyxBoy) ✔️ by emoboychronicles
Eight Nights (BoyxBoy) ✔️by 𝙱𝙼 ⋆
Eight nights. That's all it took. It only took you eight nights for you to completely strip me bare, pulling every unconfessed Sin from my bones. Climbing into the dep...
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