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Mech-X4; Loving You While Saving The World by neeneewalkie
Mech-X4; Loving You While Saving T...by neenee walkie
What happens when (Y/N) meets Ryan Walker, the pilot of Mech-X4. What happens when sparks fly and the endangerment of Mech-X4 begins?
Mech-X4 Boyfriend Scenarios  by rosesexotic
Mech-X4 Boyfriend Scenarios by serenity
Includes Ryan, Mark, Spyder, and Harris. This book is also on Quotev!
Mech-x4 x-reader by Blake7234
Mech-x4 x-readerby Blake
Ryan is a boy with the power to control technology, but when he meets a new girl at school with a power of her own, what will the Mech-x4 team do to keep her safe?
Not What It Seems (Mech-X4: Season 2) by -babyroses-
Not What It Seems (Mech-X4: Season...by 𝑡𝑎𝑚𝑚𝑖 :)
Last time you saw Veronica, she was saving Planet Earth from terrible disaster. She's been on a crazy adventure with her friends and boyfriend. Earth is safe, or is it...
Mech X-3? by AshauntiKashmir
Mech X-3?by AshauntiKashmir
Rochelle Webster; 14, awkward, you're average Freshman girl. Except for the fact that she's a technopath that just started going to Bay City High and is the pilot of a g...
Mech X4, Spyder x OC (Season 1) by Bexxy-writes
Mech X4, Spyder x OC (Season 1)by Bex
Hi. I'm Elizabeth (Last name: Harper, Other Last name: Walker (you'll see 😁)). Only call me that if you don't know me. I'm known by Liz, or Lizzy, Beth if you're my dad...
Mech X4, Spyder x OC (book 2) by Bexxy-writes
Mech X4, Spyder x OC (book 2)by Bex
Hi. I'm Elizabet Walker. Only call me that if you don't know me. I'm known by Liz, or Lizzy, or Eli, Liza and Eliza if you're my best friend Veracity. I have a secret. I...
Mech X4 : Whump Within Oneshots {Discontinued} by Notrandomatall
Mech X4 : Whump Within Oneshots {D...by Notra
A bunch of random Mech X4 stories and whump! It's a bunch of hurt!Ryan and hurt!team stories. (Mostly hurt!Ryan stories) That, and other junk. No OCs in this story. If...
Versus New Beginnings by SaylorS0
Versus New Beginningsby Sava
*(Takes place after Versus The End)* Returning home from a successful mission, the gang find themselves back at the newly rebuilt Bay City High. With Mark back on top an...
Mech-X4 Ryan turns by Mech-x4fan
Mech-X4 Ryan turnsby KJ
After the battle between Ryan and Seth, Ryan starts to act weird. He starts being mean to his friends and brother, plus he keeps getting headache and make power surges...
Mech-X4 one shots! by taco2525
Mech-X4 one shots!by taco2525
This is just a bunch of random little one shots that have no relation with one another that I will be randomly updating. Please enjoy! They range from sad to happy to fu...
Regret - Ryan Walker (Slow burn) - Mech-X4 fan fiction : Season 1 (EDITED✅) by AddyKay23
Regret - Ryan Walker (Slow burn)...by randomxfandoms
A 150 ft tall robot comes into the lives of five teenagers, four average High schoolers, One who's practically invisible compared to his star older brother, the smartest...
Polarize (A Mech-X4 Fanfic) by Notrandomatall
Polarize (A Mech-X4 Fanfic)by Notra
The world is ending, and this time it isn't Seth Harper's fault.
Mech-X4 and The Avengers by taco2525
Mech-X4 and The Avengersby taco2525
This is a crossover book between mechx4 and the avengers! I suck at descriptions so just read to find out more!
Imagine Dragons Imagines by ThisIsGaby
Imagine Dragons Imaginesby ThisIsGaby
Imagines about one of the most talented rock band in the world. Including chapters with Dan, Daniel, Wayne, and Ben. Made for all Firebreathers!
Survival (mech-X4/Ryan) ***COMPLETED*** by Rhiannon_16
Survival (mech-X4/Ryan) ***COMPLET...by •Multifandom_stories•
With his life in a line, will Mark, Spyder and harris have to tell everyone there secret to save there best friends and brothers life?
Legacy (MechX4 fanfic) by destani413
Legacy (MechX4 fanfic)by Oliver
(Spoilers for the end of the series) With Traeger destroyed and the robot burned to ashes from reentering the atmosphere the original team stranded on a satellite in spa...
Your Brother Needs You- A Mech-X4 VS. Lab Rats Fanfic [DISCONTINUED] by skbry79
Your Brother Needs You- A Mech-X4...by no longer writing
As we start walking, I keep getting weaker and weaker. Not the type of kind you get from walking a 15k. It feels like someones sucking all the energy out of me. "Yo...
The Secret by Bleac_h
The Secretby Bleach
All Rights of characters got to Disney After they defeated Traeger Spyder moved away and back to where he was born The forbidden forest with his pack and went back to u...
Mech-x4 one shots and memes  by eystreemfan17
Mech-x4 one shots and memes by Mech.x4
Pretty much the title says it all and if I get any of the characters wrong then tell me because I just wanna get the characters right and I'm trying to get it as close a...