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FLAC•MY MEDICINE by _elli3e_
It's a year and a half since Frederick Johanssen stormed the halls of Holby City Hospital with the intention of bringing harm to those who once welcomed him. Jac Naylor...
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Breathe by jacnaylcr
Breatheby Liv
All these voices in my head get loud I wish that I could shut them out I'm sorry that I let you down
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Flac - Tell me you love me by casualtyholbycity
Flac - Tell me you love meby casualtyholbycity
Jac Naylor is a genius when it comes to fixing broken hearts... but when it comes to fixing her own, it's one thing she can't complete alone...
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flac - this is everything.  by marcelsnaylor
flac - this is everything. by marcelsnaylor
Jac is invited to a ten-day holiday for funding and conferences for the hospital. Five others are supposed to be joining her, and when she finds out who, it brings every...
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You love me, is that real? by jacnaylcr
You love me, is that real?by Liv
If people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane.
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Merged by montoz01
Mergedby montoz01
A Flac fan fiction about the merge of the two family lives after Jac and Fletch fall in love. Set after the shooting and the aftermath 💑 Evie: 13 Mikey: 11 Ella: 9 Emma...
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away. by angelicmarcel
#7 Beth💫
With Jac and Fletch going on holiday for a while, what events will happen?✨
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I love you Zosia. by marceltrash
I love you ; kato
This story is based upon the fictional relationship of Darwin's Cardiothoracic Clinical lead, Jac Naylor and CT2, Zosia March.
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The First Birthday by sxftpesy
The First Birthdayby Jesse
It's Fletch's first birthday since the death of Raf and Jac finds him upset in his office, making the decision to give him the birthday he deserves. (MULTI-CHAPTER)
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opening up to Fletch  by angelicmarcel
opening up to Fletch by Beth💫
with Jac's return, what will happen to Flac?✨
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Turmoil For Darwin (Holby City) by HolbyftCasaulty
Turmoil For Darwin (Holby City)by Holby Fics
Turmoil for Darwin when Zosia and Jac are trapped with a patient in the main Holby lift. Help is on it's way but is it too late to save the Cardio medics?... (This is m...
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Time will heal - flac fanfic #wattys2018 by fairlylocalty
Time will heal - flac fanfic Gracie🖤
(Takes place after the shooting.)Holby City has almost returned to normal after The shooting, except a few things... Ollie was shot in the head, Raf has died and red hea...
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So cold by marceltrash
So coldby ; kato
"It was a dark night and you offered to buy me a drink instead of apologising, hours later we were still there... dancing." Jac's eyes grew narrower fearing th...
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