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Holby City - Flac by xRachel_15
Holby City - Flacby FlacWriter
It has been a long time coming, but, Jac and Fletch finally get together after the shooting. It is clear they both have eyes for each other. But will it all run smoothly...
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FLAC•MY MEDICINE by _elli3e_
It's a year and a half since Frederick Johanssen stormed the halls of Holby City Hospital with the intention of bringing harm to those who once welcomed him. Jac Naylor...
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A Maconnie Wedding by xFlacDoftyJohnlockx
A Maconnie Weddingby Lauren_FlubbyWubb
Jac finds herself invited to Jonny's wedding and is reluctant to go until Fletch convinces her to do it for her daughter. What could be better than watching your ex get...
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Between Shadows by diannagrown
Between Shadowsby m🤍☁️
~A Jac Naylor & Holby City fanfiction With the Holby shooting having only just occurred, the Christmas blues are worse than ever. The hospital is struggling with a great...
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Flac~At Last by Jacnxylor
Flac~At Lastby Jacnxylor
2 months after the shooting, Jac isn't herself, she's far from it. Will she let someone in to help her?
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but my heart by ElishaHeywood4
but my heartby Elisha Heywood
Fletch and jac story
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Nicholls Effect {Sequel of Death In Holby City} by HolbyCityDarzo
Nicholls Effect {Sequel of Death Darzo
It's been one year since Jac Naylor jumped off of the roof of Holby City Hospital. Ollie was shot in the head. Raf died in the lift. And Holby City hospital is returni...
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Our love will go on and on by HollyBowden4
Our love will go on and onby Holly Bowden
(Just so your aware at the beginning of this story Lofty isn't aware that Isaac has been abusing Dom until he confronts him outside the Morgue) Starts when Isaac attacks...
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Lost by holbysgrey
Lostby holbysgrey
A Flac fanfic - How things should have been... Enjoy!
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13 Reasons Why I Should Have Stayed (But The Reason I Didn't)  by artfulfrankie
13 Reasons Why I Should Have artfulfrankie
Jac is in a coma for 2 weeks following the shooting, and she doesn't anticipate what she finds when she wakes up.
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Cardio Conference- Flac by rgrace94
Cardio Conference- Flacby Ria
Jac has a cardio conference to attend in wales with Frieda, but when Frieda pulls out last minute who will go with her and what will become of the weekend ahead. Set aft...
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Why didn't you tell me?  by that50kay
Why didn't you tell me? by that50kay
What will happen when Jac turns up a Fletch's house unannounced?
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Forever is everything (Flac)  by jacxnaylor
Forever is everything (Flac) by jacxnaylor
After Jac realises that she is eternally head over heals about Fletch... will she act on her feelings or push him away once again?
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Holiday Of Hope by Namelochteb
Holiday Of Hopeby Beth
considering the holby city writers are really quite impressively successful at buggering up characters and our beliefs in ships i have taken it upon myself as a member o...
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Only friends (Holby City) by Carolineeexx
Only friends (Holby City)by Caroline
Megan levy is the daughter of Sacha levy and is also close friends with Adrian fletcher. Fletch and Megan are on a friends with benefits relationship and have been for m...
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A Surgeon of War by xmealingxmarcelx
Jac is sent to an Army base to carry out an operation on one of the Generals who has had an accident..but before she leaves she is confronted by Fletch who tries to pers...
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Drawn to you (Holby city) by Carolineeexx
Drawn to you (Holby city)by Caroline
Grace march is the little sister to Zosia. She's a wild child and likes to get drunk and fool around. Grace starts Holby city hospital and starts working as a nurse. She...
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Little girl fletcher (Holby city) by Carolineeexx
Little girl fletcher (Holby city)by Caroline
Ainsley Jones was a nurse at holby ED. While she was at the ED. She had an affair with Adrian Fletcher. When Fletch and Ainsley's affair was revealed. Ainsley was embarr...
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Flac au by dafcurly
Flac auby dafcurly
Im not ready to let flac go. My first story. Mo,Freida and Zosia still here :))) A fire and a some words of advice from colleagues bring them to there senses. Inspiratio...
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flac - this is everything.  by marcelsnaylor
flac - this is everything. by marcelsnaylor
Jac is invited to a ten-day holiday for funding and conferences for the hospital. Five others are supposed to be joining her, and when she finds out who, it brings every...
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