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Chloe (working title)  by Bethxxx0409
Chloe (working title) by Bethxxx0409
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She let him in by jaadelam
She let him inby jaadelam
How I wish Jac and fletch would get together
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New families by jaadelam
New familiesby jaadelam
Jonny is getting married and that means Emma might be getting a new family.....
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Distance Makes The Love Grow Stronger by jacsamacon
Distance Makes The Love Grow Stron...by Hannah Birch
What will happen to Connie and Jacob when he is offered a job in Australia? Will it make them or will it break them?
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Snow storm  by jaadelam
Snow storm by jaadelam
Stuck in a car in a blizzard, Jac and Fletch face up to their feelings
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Holding hands, holding hearts by jaadelam
Holding hands, holding heartsby jaadelam
Mo wonders what's going on between Jac and Fletch
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This can't be it by jaadelam
This can't be itby jaadelam
What happens when Jac and Fletch decide to try friends with benefits
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For the love of Sacha by jaadelam
For the love of Sachaby jaadelam
Sacha attempts suicide only to be found by Jac and Fletch.
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Back to normal  by jaadelam
Back to normal by jaadelam
Jac is returning to work. Fletch has been by her bedside for 3 weeks. What happens to their relationship now?
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The Beautiful Saved by DarveyXOX
The Beautiful Savedby Nic
Connie Beauchamp, the mysterious woman in the whole ED and being the highest call of charge and being a 37 woman what could possibly be wrong with the medic and her pers...
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What now? by jaadelam
What now?by jaadelam
After the kiss
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FLAC•MY MEDICINE by _elli3e_
It's a year and a half since Frederick Johanssen stormed the halls of Holby City Hospital with the intention of bringing harm to those who once welcomed him. Jac Naylor...
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Time will heal - flac fanfic #wattys2018 by fairlylocalty
Time will heal - flac fanfic #watt...by Gracie🖤
(Takes place after the shooting.)Holby City has almost returned to normal after The shooting, except a few things... Ollie was shot in the head, Raf has died and red hea...
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Life after I do (sequel to secret) by jaadelam
Life after I do (sequel to secret)by jaadelam
Sequel to Secret. How is married life working out for them
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Between Shadows by diannagrown
Between Shadowsby m🤍☁️
~A Jac Naylor & Holby City fanfiction With the Holby shooting having only just occurred, the Christmas blues are worse than ever. The hospital is struggling with a great...
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Easy by aht-lo-levad
Easyby aht-lo-levad
Connie left for America leaving Jacob heartbroken. When she arrives back in Holby he's delighted, certain that he will finally admit how he feels, but he realises that i...
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Shattered by Cupcakecature
Shatteredby KeilidhCupcakes
When a misunderstood nurse called lofty appears on Keller what lengths will he go to protect the love of his life.Dom.
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Frieda and Fletch talk by jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talkby jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talk on the night shift
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Jac's dreams by jaadelam
Jac's dreamsby jaadelam
Jac's dreams as she goes under the anaesthesic
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My Baby Girl  by Bethxxx0409
My Baby Girl by Bethxxx0409
Grace Beauchamp is at boarding school and trying to hide a big terrible secret but Jac Naylor her God Mother soon realises something is up
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