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Flac - Hello Stranger by Elsieleo
Flac - Hello Strangerby Elsieleo
Jac returns to Holby but has she ruined things between her and Fletch?
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New families by jaadelam
New familiesby jaadelam
Jonny is getting married and that means Emma might be getting a new family.....
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Merged by montoz01
Mergedby montoz01
A Flac fan fiction about the merge of the two family lives after Jac and Fletch fall in love. Set after the shooting and the aftermath 💑 Evie: 13 Mikey: 11 Ella: 9 Emma...
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Snow storm  by jaadelam
Snow storm by jaadelam
Stuck in a car in a blizzard, Jac and Fletch face up to their feelings
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Back to normal  by jaadelam
Back to normal by jaadelam
Jac is returning to work. Fletch has been by her bedside for 3 weeks. What happens to their relationship now?
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Secret by jaadelam
Secretby jaadelam
Would Jac and Fletch ever regain their close relationship after what happened at Halloween?
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For the love of Sacha by jaadelam
For the love of Sachaby jaadelam
Sacha attempts suicide only to be found by Jac and Fletch.
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Holding hands, holding hearts by jaadelam
Holding hands, holding heartsby jaadelam
Mo wonders what's going on between Jac and Fletch
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Holby City - Flac by xRachel_15
Holby City - Flacby FlacWriter
It has been a long time coming, but, Jac and Fletch finally get together after the shooting. It is clear they both have eyes for each other. But will it all run smoothly...
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FLAC•MY MEDICINE by _elli3e_
It's a year and a half since Frederick Johanssen stormed the halls of Holby City Hospital with the intention of bringing harm to those who once welcomed him. Jac Naylor...
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This can't be it by jaadelam
This can't be itby jaadelam
What happens when Jac and Fletch decide to try friends with benefits
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A Maconnie Wedding by xFlacDoftyJohnlockx
A Maconnie Weddingby Lauren_FlubbyWubb
Jac finds herself invited to Jonny's wedding and is reluctant to go until Fletch convinces her to do it for her daughter. What could be better than watching your ex get...
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Life after I do (sequel to secret) by jaadelam
Life after I do (sequel to secret)by jaadelam
Sequel to Secret. How is married life working out for them
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Between Shadows by diannagrown
Between Shadowsby m🤍☁️
~A Jac Naylor & Holby City fanfiction With the Holby shooting having only just occurred, the Christmas blues are worse than ever. The hospital is struggling with a great...
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Frieda and Fletch talk by jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talkby jaadelam
Frieda and Fletch talk on the night shift
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Keep them safe by jaadelam
Keep them safeby jaadelam
Jac and Fletch have been married for 5 years. Jac wants them to become foster parents
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Standing in the rain by jaadelam
Standing in the rainby jaadelam
Jac is supposed to be going away but finds herself standing at Fletch's door in the pouring rain
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Flac~At Last by Jacnxylor
Flac~At Lastby Jacnxylor
2 months after the shooting, Jac isn't herself, she's far from it. Will she let someone in to help her?
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but my heart by ElishaHeywood4
but my heartby Elisha Heywood
Fletch and jac story
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Jac's dreams by jaadelam
Jac's dreamsby jaadelam
Jac's dreams as she goes under the anaesthesic
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