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The Only Truth (Gilmore Girls) by G-Girl2017
The Only Truth (Gilmore Girls)by G-Girl2017
Story is set after Season 7 - Eighteen months after Rory turned down Logan's proposal and she watched him walk out of her life for good at her graduation. What happens...
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My knight In Shining Armor by Neapeda99
My knight In Shining Armorby Neapeda99
About Rory and Logan. Set 3 years after they both graduated from Yale. Logan never proposed to Rory at graduation. Logan never went to London, but he almost did. Rory he...
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Persuasion by ceebags
Persuasionby ceebags
During and post AYITL. My take on the final four words and what they mean for the beloved Gilmore Girls. Written from Rory's perspective with some alternative points of...
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In Omnia Paratus by sarahlynne20
In Omnia Paratusby Sarah
A continuation of A Year in the Life. This just how my overactive imagination, hopped up on coffee sees the future. **I do not own the rights to any of the characters o...
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Jumping Back In by seaislandsiren
Jumping Back Inby seaislandsiren
It has been two years since Rory Gilmore left Stars Hollow to follow the Obama campaign. It has been two years since Rory turned down Logan's proposal at her graduation...
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Two Fighters by ColdBastilleMusic
Two Fightersby Taylor
She was something out of this world, well out of his world at least. He was a fighter, Bantamweight champion. She was a fighter, above the Navy Seals. Both fighters just...
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Forever Gilmore  by crazydailywriter
Forever Gilmore by not using this
Written from Lorelei, Rory, and Emily's POVs. This story takes place after the revival. I've decided to write what I think/want to happen after it ended. This is my firs...
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Reflecting their own light: Rory and Logan by MindyRoot
Reflecting their own light: Rory Mindy Root
Picking up where the revival left off, we find Rory and Logan making their own way. They say there are two sides to every story. Chapters 1-35 are from Rory's POV. The...
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Plans change - Gilmore Girls by KatyBrown078
Plans change - Gilmore Girlsby Katy Brown
This story picks up right at the end of Season 7, immediately after the cameras quit. Rory and Lorelai are sitting in the diner talking, and Rory is trying to find the...
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Match made in a boardroom by anonymousgg16
Match made in a boardroomby anonymousgg16
Rory's controlling grandmother is at it again, trying to set her up with one of Hartford's biggest playboys. Can Rory stand up to her grandparents and say no, or will sh...
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Worlds Together by LaurenB2482
Worlds Togetherby LaurenB
He's in college, she's in high school. He's an Eli, she's Harvard bound. He's a playboy, she's a commitment girl. He belongs to society and she hates his kind. Can an un...
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The long road home by anonymousgg16
The long road homeby anonymousgg16
With those final four words, the lives of the Gilmore Girls were forever changed. Is their love enough for them to find their way back together, or have Rory and Logan...
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Ab Hinc by LoriAnne501
Ab Hincby Lori Anne
Rory tells Logan and is surprised by his response.
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Run away by sammyntina2017
Run awayby sammyntina2017
What if Rory realized to late that Lorelei had her brainwashed to what she wants her to be. What will happen when she realizes it? How will she go about fixing herself t...
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Come Back...Be Here (Gilmore Girls Post-AYITL) by G-Girl2017
Come Back...Be Here (Gilmore G-Girl2017
If you've not seen A Year in the Life yet then this will contain spoilers! Following on from the final 4 words - story is centred around Rory/Logan and what happens nex...
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3 | We Who Survive the Apocalypse | ✅ by ImagineDragonflies16
3 | We Who Survive the Citizen of Midgard
***Sequel to "We Are Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse"*** The late-January cold is seeping into the bones of Wynne, Seth, Izzy, Mara...
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New Hampshire Wasn't Goodbye After All by scout864
New Hampshire Wasn't Goodbye scout864
So.... those last four words happened. And then the screen went black. I couldn't just leave our favorite girl hanging, so this is my take on what happens afterwards. I...
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What Happens After Vegas by girlmeetscoffee
What Happens After Vegasby fenna
taking of after ayitl, after those last four words. What will happen?
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She's More Than Just A Gilmore by amethystjewel04
She's More Than Just A Gilmoreby Amethyst Rose
Dinner at the Huntzberger's didn't go according to plan. Insults thrown left and right at Rory but Logan defends her. However when a certain cord is struck things take a...
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Someday, Ace [Rory & Logan] by otratournjh
Someday, Ace [Rory & Logan]by brittany
Logan was crushed she said no. The love of his life made a choice and she didn't choose him. As he walked away from the beautiful girl in her cap and gown he made a prom...
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