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First Sight ⇨ Robsten by keepfaithbaby
First Sight ⇨ Robstenby keepfaithbaby
A series of one-shots, featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Cover by: @illustration #5 in "What's Hot?" of #robsten (11/24/2016)
Come Swim ⇨ Kristen Stewart by keepfaithbaby
Come Swim ⇨ Kristen Stewartby keepfaithbaby
❝Hey, I'm going for a little swim. Wanna come?❞
Gone » Robsten by keepfaithbaby
Gone » Robstenby keepfaithbaby
❝It's all my fault. I'm the reason he's gone.❞ Robert Pattinson is gone. And Kristen Stewart believes it's her fault. Having left her letters, Robert wants Kristen to be...
Stay [ROBSTEN] by keepfaithbaby
Stay [ROBSTEN]by keepfaithbaby
"Hey?", he called after her. She turned around to see him standing there. His eyes were full of hope. She didn't know that he was determined to keep her in his...
tumblr [robsten] by keepfaithbaby
tumblr [robsten]by keepfaithbaby
❝you don't know who's behind the screen.❞ low case and au indeed. a short story.
26 ♕ Kristen Stewart by keepfaithbaby
26 ♕ Kristen Stewartby keepfaithbaby
❝This party has to be perfect!❞ The tale how Kristen J. Stewart decided to throw a grand party to celebrate her sweet 26.
Grown up (twilight) by twizalf14-2
Grown up (twilight)by twizalf15
It's currently 2017 and the Cullen's have now moved to Arizona. I know what ur thinking what about the sun but let's just say that's not a problem anymore...... Anyway n...
Tales from the rotting society #2 BI-NLY by Dape6462
Tales from the rotting society Dape6462
Eli is bothered by littering so he builds a robot to solve his problem
Meant To Be (Robsten) by StewyFiction
Meant To Be (Robsten)by Veronika
It‘s been a long time since Kristen and Rob broke up. While Kristen is filming ‘Equals‘ with Nicholas Hoult, Rob is starting to date someone new. What happens, when...
Insane by isabelleandr
Insaneby isabelleandr
Robert Pattinson, anak dari seorang aktris hollywood tergila-gila pada seorang Kristen Stewart yang hanyalah gadis kutu buku. Padahal ada lebih dari sepuluh gadis sexy y...
Slowly by CallMeBewbs
Slowlyby CallMe Bewbs
RPF set in September 2011. "Five steps. This is how far I am from getting to touch you. I take each one and I count them in my head and I think it's to prevent myse...
Dear Robert [ROBSTEN] by keepfaithbaby
Dear Robert [ROBSTEN]by keepfaithbaby
❝Dear Robert...❞ Since the day Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have met, she has been writing letters to him. In these letters, Kristen has poured her feelings, exp...
Amber Alert [KRISTEN STEWART] by keepfaithbaby
Amber Alert [KRISTEN STEWART]by keepfaithbaby
❝Have you seen me?❞ Inspired by the movies "Abduction" , "The Face On The Milk Carton" and Madeleine McCann's story. #3 in "What's Hot?" of...
~Precious One~ | Robsten by banana_squid
~Precious One~ | Robstenby banana pie (HIATUS)
It's hard to hold on sometimes, but Rob manages. Everyday is pure torture as he fends for himself in this cruel, unfair world. Without her, he's nothing. But, without he...
ROB & MILLIE by BobbiPrice
ROB & MILLIEby Bobbi Price
They met for the first time on a sultry summer evening
Smile ツ Kristen Stewart by keepfaithbaby
Smile ツ Kristen Stewartby keepfaithbaby
❝Just smile, baby doll!❞ ❝Shut up!❞ Script form indeed.
The Donut Shop |  Robsten (ON HOLD) by banana_squid
The Donut Shop | Robsten (ON HOLD)by banana pie (HIATUS)
The cold air bites at your skin, warmth is what it's wishing for. One day Robert walked into a little donut shop around the corner during winter, hoping that it would gi...