Roaringtwenties Stories

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SHELBY | ISAIAH JESUS by streetlights-
"I'll beat you up worse than the first Jesus, don't you fret." When the Shelby's little sister finds out that Isaiah Jesus isn't so bad after all.
A Perfect Harmony by AuthorKatherineRose
A Perfect Harmonyby Katherine Rose
For aspiring singer Ivy Hart, all that should be on her mind is to get a well paying job to help support her struggling and ailing family. But when she stumbles across a...
Of Silk And Death (The Wattys 2021 Shortlist) ✔ by samluna87
Of Silk And Death (The Wattys Sam Luna
It's the roaring twenties and Sarah Dullard is a girl whose parents work at the luxurious Arlington Hotel in New York City. Her father, Martin, is the manager, while her...
The House on the Hill by andpaul
The House on the Hillby Paul Andrews
He moved to Edenton looking to get away from the distractions of city life. He found just the opposite in Sullivan House. Sitting high atop a nearby mountainside, the...
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by AlliePortman
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrowby PortiaAdams
Every Greek tragedy needs an Antigone or a Danaë. Every King Lear needs a Cordelia. Boardwalk Empire positioned itself as both a Greecian tragedy and Shakespearean, and...
Young and in Love/ Shelby sister story  by bestiecillian
Young and in Love/ Shelby sister bestiecillian
Cecelia Shelby had always been favoured by the Shelby clan, before the boys went to war she was their little bundle of joy, but now, Cece has grown up, and is more troub...
Fairy//  ineffable husbands by vermontghost
Fairy// ineffable husbandsby poetry
Fairy: (noun) jazz age term for homosexual. An anxiety-ridden writer, Az Fell, insulted constantly by his editor, Gabriel, meets a rich, secretly kind man with crimson...
Parousia: Dark Angel by rrentherosedove
Parousia: Dark Angelby RREN
Ryacell's world collapses when he encounters an unknown beast in church. The insomniac, orphaned newsboy, Ryacell, lives off of his saved francs at the wake of the new d...
POISON AND LIQUOR by onegrainofbrownrice
POISON AND LIQUORby struggling from the womb to t...
1920s: the decade of sin, passion, corruption, and illusion. It's the height of prohibition, and the scars of war are beginning to heal. Life returns to normal for Etta...
Isabel and the Cursed Hampshire House | ✎ by chantelchamonix
Isabel and the Cursed Hampshire Chantel Chamonix
When Isabel's husband falls suddenly ill, the whispers of a curse suddenly resurface. The Sapphire Awards 2020 Winner - 2nd Place in Historical Fiction The Sapphire Awar...
Voyage Out by MireillePavane
Voyage Outby MireillePavane
Lucia and Charley are the products of Old New York's ruling elite. Prestige. Wealth. Tradition. Scandal. No one is immune. Not Charley, reckless, blithe courtier of trou...
The Thief at Violet Manor by WriterAPR
The Thief at Violet Manorby APR
The year is 1920 and the wealthy Regis Family live at Violet Manor, their family home. The Earl of Regis and his wife, Lady Jane Regis are devastated to find that their...
Make A Break For It by RococoDali
Make A Break For Itby kiersten
A Chinese-American nightclub singer falls head over heels for one of New York's best bootleggers and high-fliers... And together they fall head first into trouble.
Love of the Twenties  by harrysbeebee
Love of the Twenties by Bee 🐝
Book 1 in the Love of the Decades Trilogy Lillian grew up with high society parents. Her life was always set and stone. After she graduates from college she is thrown i...
A Prefur To Be Called a Spy by dragonmask9
A Prefur To Be Called a Spyby Ignorant Fools
Greeting. My name is Timothy Johnson and I work for I. S. A. or Illegal Sorcery Academy. The I. S. A. a branch of government which forbids any dangerous magic activity...
Tommy Branclo: The story of an Irish gangster  by JakeTruitt
Tommy Branclo: The story of an JakeTruitt
A city in ruins. A mafia organization. And one man who has a choice to make. One that will change everything. The year is 1920. The city of Riplin, Ireland is in ruins...
The A-1 Al by TClemens
The A-1 Alby Tuesday Clemens
Alfred Jones lives in New York City, during possibly the most thrilling ages the metropolis has ever known: the Roaring Twenties. However, unlike the thousands of young...
Speak Easy,  A Kate March Mystery by LoriAdams33
Speak Easy, A Kate March Mysteryby Lori Adams
The 1920's are just beginning to roar when seventeen-year-old Kate March, an amateur slew and budding reporter, charges headlong into the most famous murder scene in Hol...
The Highwayman by K_Jones_Writing
The Highwaymanby K. Jones
After his time in WW1, James Turpin had found himself between a rock and a hard place. Working as a bootlegger for the mobster Granger while being in love with his daugh...