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roaring 20s | h.s by sluttybabyy
roaring 20s | h.sby sarah
"Why do you want so much power?" "Because Olivia, Daddy likes control."
Married to the Mob Boss's Son (Old Version) by JJTufts
Married to the Mob Boss's Son (Old...by J.J Tufts
Hair ✓ Lipstick ✓ Smile (Perfect) Kenzie Clearwater is an average American girl. Although she doesn't consider herself to be a flapper, she still housed the sam...
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by AlliePortman
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrowby PortiaAdams
Every Greek tragedy needs an Antigone or a Danaë. Every King Lear needs a Cordelia. Boardwalk Empire positioned itself as both a Greecian tragedy and Shakespearean, and...
The Mob Boss's Son (Revised) by JJTufts
The Mob Boss's Son (Revised)by J.J Tufts
Kenzie Clearwater is an ambitious African American teenage girl who dreams of being a poet. Inspired by the black social movements going on across the country and colleg...
1920's Gravity Falls Dipper x Reader by TheGeekyMagpie
1920's Gravity Falls Dipper x Read...by TheGeekyMagpie
In 1926, Gravity Falls is city filled to the brim with criminal activity. Due to an accident is Los Angeles, 17 year old (y/n) (y/l/n) is forced to move in with her only...
Mikey's Boss by Dally7
Mikey's Bossby Dalia Mendoza
1927 Scarlet has been independinte her whole life becasue of her father. The man that she calls Daddy is one of the biggest names feared in the streets of Chicago. Her f...
Tevun-Krus #5 - DecoPunk by Ooorah
Tevun-Krus #5 - DecoPunkby Ooorah! - Tevun-Krus: The #1...
The Crew at @Ooorah takes on the little-known subgenre of DecoPunk! And what a doozy it turned out to be. Check out the final product of OOORAH's newest contributors her...
The Life and Times of Cheater Hayes by Monasmoaninglow
The Life and Times of Cheater Hayesby Monasmoaninglow
Cheater Hayes is a gangster riding the waves of the Roarin' Twenties in this romantic historical fiction story
The Flapper of 629 Cesary Street by TWOSWAGGERS
The Flapper of 629 Cesary Streetby nat the dumba$$
For years now several people have refused to live in a specific home on the end of Cesary Street. the locals claim it's haunted, been like that for year and years. But...
Great Gatsby poetry by cornyrex
Great Gatsby poetryby cornyrex
Here is some poety based on The Great Gatsby. One is a found poem and the others are based on the story. These are not just for fans of the book, as anyone can enjoy the...
The Maravilloso Misadventures of Marimen by user79475582
The Maravilloso Misadventures of M...by
Manny's ghostly great grandmother Marimen Rivera who got herself and her new friends into creepy misadventures and macabre predicaments.
Opie: Season 2 by user79475582
Opie: Season 2by
A fanonical season 2 of Opie.
Kings and Lions by MollyCyprus3
Kings and Lionsby MollyCyprus3
Lilith Andrews finds herself stuck between obligatorily loving her wealthy, handsome fiancé, Howard Saxon, and being irresistibly drawn to a mysterious man from her past...
Ember by IronicGasMask
Emberby Sagan Mitchell
The year is 1924. Timothy Ember is a recently graduated university student, talked into going on a trip to the UK with a group of old classmates, for the sake of explori...
The Golden Twenties: Tales of a Flapper by BaillieDaily
The Golden Twenties: Tales of a Fl...by BaillieDaily
The year is 1925, and 17 year old Evelyn Truce, raised debutante, turned flapper, is on the hunt for a lover. She knows the guy well, 20 year old William Dale, son of an...