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Rebirth: Power and Money by Thegreenishbutterfly
Rebirth: Power and Moneyby Thegreenishbutterfly
Two souls miraculously entangled, having lived similar lives travel back in time for revenge and take back what belongs to them
Fate Restart [EJEN ALI FANFICTION] by YanaArtsy
Fate Restart [EJEN ALI FANFICTION]by UrAlienGirlYana
I've done everything I could, I trained hard, I did my best.. I followed orders but I also got to live the way I wanted to! Right? ...Right? Then how did it all end up l...
Healing hands by _BellaBlake_
Healing handsby Blake Belladonna
If jaune Arc was properly trained by a person with experience. I'm sure everyone is curious to know what the outcome of beacon would have been and bullying from Cardin s...
Manga/Manhwa Recommendations by your_hainess
Manga/Manhwa Recommendationsby haihai
Mostly isekai or villainess types of stories that I personally like so I hope you guys enjoy it
The Six Ghost In My House (A Sidemen FF) Vikram Book by -yoonbae
The Six Ghost In My House (A ‏‏‎ ❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ 𝐊𝐞𝐧
On the way home from Vikram Barns birthday party, him and his friend are put into a humungous car crash. The van crashing into a drunk driver. The car is pummeled and on...
⚰️☠️ The Revival of $ 💔❔ by Sigma_undead_girl
⚰️☠️ The Revival of $ 💔❔by 🍷Sigma ⚖️
A year Has passed since $'s death, everyone got over it, everyone, except Sigma, she was the only one who couldn't move on. One day, Galaxy void, Sigmas adoptive mother...
One Last Time by aangelinathomas
One Last Timeby Angelina Thomas
Amely Pope lost her boyfriend to suicide and now she's desperate, so when a strange lady with a pill offers her the chance to restart their relationship she doesn't flin...
Elenora  by alexagreenwood
Elenora by Night's Lover
Turn the glass reverse the time change the fate's game but don't forget the price. since a young age she had been in love with her fiance. It was a political marriage bu...
Rewind by Everest9
Rewindby Ren
Transferring back to school after being gone for so long. Any new student would fall into one of the following: The source of attention, the outcast, or the one who fits...
In This Life, I'll Safe You! by Vivita_123
In This Life, I'll Safe You!by call me Vita^^
Merasa terpuruk karena kematian orang yang dicintainya, Pemimpin Negara Suci, Yang Mulia Evelyn Alika Canute, menggunakan berkah Dewi Lunarani dan mengulang kembali wakt...