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Cataindar by Tim
Cataindarby Tim Johnson
#1 for a month on the Fantasy-Action Hotlist. Wattys2015 Winner. Fourteen-year-old Luisa is focused on staying under the radar at her rough London school, relieved t...
The Mosque Hill Fortune (The Sons of Masguard, Book One) by VivienneMathews
The Mosque Hill Fortune (The Vivienne Mathews
A haunting mist sits on the harbor beneath Secora Tor. It hides a secret that only Captain Marshall, accomplished military figure and secret son to the greatest explorer...
A strange New Land (Redwall) by andahm244
A strange New Land (Redwall)by AAron
Kevin Renolds is a young man going about his life, but the fates will forever change him when he ends up in a completely unknown world, the world of Redwall. With limi...
The Golden Guardian 3 by TimDH812
The Golden Guardian 3by TimDH812
After his adventure in the Pride Lands with Kion and the Lion Guard, Timothy is free from his curse and is now back to where he belongs, on Chima. But Timothy isn't the...
The Golden Guardian 4 by TimDH812
The Golden Guardian 4by TimDH812
It has been a year since Timothy banished his uncle Strykore and destroyed the Energy Sword to keep his home safe. Now everything in and around Chima is okay, at least...
Alder Walls- Glory's Journey by GloriaGloryheart
Alder Walls- Glory's Journeyby Gloria Gloryheart
Inspired by RedWall. Gloria van Alder muren had became a mouse of legend in Alder Walls because she was the only child of Queen Abigail and King George. Because of this...
Fading Rose Petals (Redwall Fanfic) by yemihikari
Fading Rose Petals (Redwall Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Timballisto struggles with the scattered pieces of Martin's memory the best he can, telling Martin the past doesn't matter. Yet, in saying so he doesn't know how much th...
Bilgebog the Useless by Doofboywill
Bilgebog the Uselessby Doofboywilll
Just a little short story I wrote for a school project. Based on 'The Tales of Redwall' by Brian Jacques
A Second Chance (Redwall Fanfic) by yemihikari
A Second Chance (Redwall Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Add the supernatural element to Redwall and you can get some unexpected consequences. When a vermin asks for Redwall's strength, instead of getting the sword of Redwall...
The King's Rangers - Book One - Eldersword (Writing In Progress) by LeviLeckrone
The King's Rangers - Book One - LeviLeckrone
Mathias is a Kings Ranger. He is tasked with repairing the Elder Ranger's sword after it is broken in the battle against the wicked prince. Henry is the last blacksmith...
Despin the Wanderer by PolicePublicCallBx
Despin the Wandererby Police Public Call Box
...The tale of an elder Redwaller's journey to find out who he was. Finding friends, and finally, his past...
Captain - Short Story by FlameAndFlash
Captain - Short Storyby FlameAndFlash
Tucked behind four mountains, a great wild lays. Predator and prey coexist. The rules of the meadow are the only rules to be followed. A young mouse ventures into the un...
Legacy of the Twin Swords: A Novel of Redwall Chapter 1 by JacobDare
Legacy of the Twin Swords: A Jacob Dare
Legacy of the Twin Swords tells the tale of a brave young otter, set out on a journey to recover the lost Twin Swords of Finbarr Galedeep. Along the way, we run into our...
Poetry by Originalsforever100
Poetryby Lizzy
A collection of poetry I've done from my own personal poetry to random to fandom pairings and etc.
The Hawkmother by cmmooreauthor
The Hawkmotherby Lane Weed
When Grenadine the hawk scout goes missing, it's up to her adopted children to leave the only home they've ever known to find her. Are the adoptive siblings able to sto...
The Chieftain by rosefiend
The Chieftainby Rosefiend
Acorn becomes Chieftain of his tribe of raccoons when his mentor, Shagbark, suddenly dies. Acorn knows he's been poisoned, but knows nobody will believe him. He's immedi...
Guardian's Rise (The Sons of Masguard, Book Two) by VivienneMathews
Guardian's Rise (The Sons of Vivienne Mathews
The struggle continues in this second installment of The Sons of Masguard. With more swashbuckling magic, greater foes, and even greater twists of Fate, this is one ad...
Redwall RP by SkittyKitty158
Redwall RPby SkittyKitty 158 《^◇^》
roleplay in the world of redwall.
A Redwall Story by Stormstar17
A Redwall Storyby Stormstar
Elm is a young squirrel. She is a sister of Redwall, and she is young. Elm is wild and loves helping to care and play with the young dibbuns, along with Misty the otter...