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Obsession | NCT MAFIA SERIES #2 by RedRoses4UWU
Obsession | NCT MAFIA SERIES #2by Vroom Vroom~
❝ This isn't a crush, it's obsession.You are never not in my thoughts. Your scent carries across a room and paralyzes me with longing. I don't want to hold your hand. Pa...
Deception | NCT MAFIA SERIES #1 by RedRoses4UWU
Deception | NCT MAFIA SERIES #1by Vroom Vroom~
❝ Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance. ❞ -- Lee Taeyong, 24, born in the mafia family, Taeyong has always been surrounded by blood, crime and danger...
Unexpectedly You (Slow Updates) by juliiaroseee
Unexpectedly You (Slow Updates)by unikitty 🦄
"You're mine you here me! No one else's but mine. So whoever you're thinking about dating, get that shit out your damn head or suffer the fucking consequences"...
KOTLC Dream Cast by fanfictionaddict2
KOTLC Dream Castby 💕Julia💕
My KOTLC Dream Cast (and your opinions) I'm starting a Cover Shop, so go check that out!
p o e m s by undesignatedpoet
p o e m sby undesignatedpoet
I attempted to write poems. Hope you like it.
Ask and dare papyrus! And sans! by fransfurever
Ask and dare papyrus! And sans!by Papyrus_font
It's me the great papyrus!!! NYEHEHHE! I'm starting an ask blog! And i surprisingly got sans to join the ask blog!!! So ask away humans!!! :3 and dare!!!
Rainbow Series (Compilation Of Novellas) by prince_ian18
Rainbow Series (Compilation Of Ryan Densing
This book is a compilation of stories, particularly novellas, since it can't be considered as short stories based on word count. It offers various stories of love, life...
The Friend Zoned Lovers by NubahMunzarin
The Friend Zoned Loversby Nubah
This story is about two childhood friends who grew in two different parts of the world. Their differences lead them to make mistakes which in turn paves the path for a b...
My artbook by RosettetheHealer
My artbookby Grim-Writer
(Title cover made by me) Just a bunch of artwork I euther did recently or years ago! If you want, you may watch me on Deviantart!!~ DA: xXPrincessofLifeXx Title Cover:...
Naruto Neglected Hero by justkidding12344321
Naruto Neglected Heroby justkidding12344321
naruto is neglected his whole life and accepts all the hatred and in return uses all hate and turn it into power. he meets his tailed beast and if u wanna know more READ...
fight with time [taegi] by bushrameraj27
fight with time [taegi]by bushrameraj27
you were a 22 year old girl who is from 21st century but you had an accident by which you had a Time travel and your soul has been stable into body of a foreign princess...
White Grape by bianksterrr_
White Grapeby Bianca
What does pain taste like to you? Does it taste like skin, skin you never want to stop tasting? Does it taste like blood, stale and metallic? Does it taste like the last...
Paparazzi Boy by bianksterrr_
Paparazzi Boyby Bianca
Anabelle "Belle" Jones was supposed to be a brief project for Max Harrington - the son of the great Oscar-award winning Hollywood actor. Keeping his identity a...
Bubbly Puzzle  by RaniaKay
Bubbly Puzzle by RK
Everyone knows that one crazy and bubbly friend. Takes everything for granted. The one who would go into a laughing fit if a gun was pointed her way. Never serious. But...
Emerald Sketchbook by EmeraldPaint
Emerald Sketchbookby E.S. Owle
My sketchbook that has been photographed and published here, and is continuing to grow! ~ Artwork ~ Requests ~ The Occasional Rant ~ + more! ~ If you liked any particula...
riverdale Texts // bughead    by nikolewdw
riverdale Texts // bughead by nikolewdw
jughead always thought betty was cute but when she joins the river vixens everything changes.....
BOOK OF POEMS by distanceprince800
BOOK OF POEMSby David Martin
They say every man becomes a poet in love, but no amount of love can make a man a good poet unless he is already blessed with the requisite creativity and ability! Poetr...