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Pudding/Kikki x Taruto/Tart and Retasu x Ryou : Tokyo Mew Mew story ♡ (English) by hellishhavenly
Pudding/Kikki x Taruto/Tart and Re...by ଘ ⋆ ꩇׁׅ݊ꫀᥣׁᥣ꠸ꪀꪖ ഒ 𓂅
Here's my Purin + Taruto (Taru-Taru) cute love story but in English version this story might seems childish to some people! I hope that you will still enjoy.♡ Please not...
TW: Might contain spooky-ish stuff idk?? Hi it's me Keith/Liv !! I got bored so I decided to write out the whole Purin story :3 Enjoy ig???
tokyo mew mew inspired : Zakuro by LumiaBeula
tokyo mew mew inspired : Zakuroby • LUNA • ❦
zakuro is a role model for everyone. seen for her beauty, her kindness and caring.. although there were wounds which didn't heal due to the trauma she still has.
A Sinking Feeling by L3onoj
A Sinking Feelingby Leonoj
A 16 year old senior highschooler named Jin Tendo ran away from home where his mother doesn't accept him for who he is. He settled in the Kanto region in Japan, living w...
submissive roblox piss vlady hot gacha fart daddy 18+ (david bazuski x putin) by XxGalaxyWollfxX
submissive roblox piss vlady hot g...by XxGalaxyWollfxX
a story about 2 submizzive and breedable men
Hellokitty and friends Supercute adventures(short stories) by KuromisSoba
Hellokitty and friends Supercute a...by KuromisSoba
Hellokitty and friends Supercute adventures I will try to write every episode of the series hope you enjoy! If you dont like this then just leave it alone i do not accep...
Lettuce's Adventure by MewMewChocolate
Lettuce's Adventureby MewMewChocolate
During a battle, Mew Lettuce is captured by the aliens, however, due to her trying to release a final attack, their teleportation system goes wrong. Lettuce is now stuck...
The school not very cool by lucho_salias04
The school not very coolby lucho_salias04
Espero que les guste esta historia, aunque sea la primera le voy a poner mucho esmeró