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TADCAU - Never A Dull Moment. by AtomBoone
TADCAU - Never A Dull Moment.by Atom Boone
Being reunited, the gang began hanging out with each other again. But as Pomni goes around and notices all of her friends are on their own doing better, now she has to b...
Pomni X Jax fan fiction!  by Random_Editz-Fear_Me
Pomni X Jax fan fiction! by Random_Editz-Fear_Me
Hello this story will contain Lemon, and Smut so that's my heads up for you and I'm too lazy to describe the story (BTW this is still in progress)
A  Little Jester & A Trickster by Kareem881
A Little Jester & A Tricksterby Kareem881
WARNING 18+ This is a little work I'm doing I prob need help after this. It's a Jax x Pomni thing lol
Random TADC Stories Mostly Ships by Welpimspooky
Random TADC Stories Mostly Shipsby Welpimspooky
Basically, stories that are only about Pomni, Ragatha, and Jax lmao
Digital Home ( An Amazing Digital Circus fanfic ) by MeryMayham
Digital Home ( An Amazing Digital...by Mery Mayham
- disclaimer - I don't own the characters or The Amazing Digital Circus or the cover, I only own my oc Ever wonder what would happen if a child gets trapped in the Digit...
Pomni x Jax|| not finished by vermilion_tomato
Pomni x Jax|| not finishedby Pink Jazz Tomato
Umm, this isn't finished. I was planning to make more than a oneshot but I don't like TADC that much anymore (I didn't even really like it before.) I think the reason I...
Crappy Jax x Pomni Fanfic by UltimateElvnyFan
Crappy Jax x Pomni Fanficby UltimateElvnyFan
i just watched the amazing digital circus, and it's good. i recommend you watch it. anyways the fandom is going CRAZY about the characters in an, erm, certain way... but...
The Butterfly of The Sea by starstarhothot
The Butterfly of The Seaby starstarhothot
Under waves lies a hidden kingdom. The kingdom of mermaids, who live their lives in fear of worry and concern. However, one mermaid learns that her fate is to be married...
*~Outside the Circus~* by Onifyx
*~Outside the Circus~*by Onifyx
Pomni, joins a traveling circus to get away from her abusive situation. In the process of it she meets lots of new people including a rabbit man called Jax, He bothers...
Because Of A Potion by HidingOnAnAlt
Because Of A Potionby HidingOnAnAlt
Caine is brewing up an antidote for the abstractions, when Pomni stubbles across it. After Jax trips Pomni when it's in her possession, she's been affected by it and has...
TADC AU - A New Life. by AtomBoone
TADC AU - A New Life.by Atom Boone
(Human Au) What happens when you let characters from "The Amazing Digital Circus" become a classic life as teenagers, with anxiety, fear, hormones, bullying? L...
"It's just teasing, right?" by HanaA_Shadow
"It's just teasing, right?"by HanaA_Shadow
This story is about Pomni and Jax falling in love, but will they be together? You have to read to find out.
jamni Daily life and routine by Yumi_Blxssom
jamni Daily life and routineby ❣Chxrry~blxssoms❣
(Don't blame me I ship em😭🔪) (\_/) ( •_• ) />🔪 if you blame that will happen
𝒥𝒶𝓍 𝓍 𝓅𝑜𝓂𝓃𝒾 𝒪𝓃𝑒𝓈𝒽𝑜𝓉𝓈 by Its-US3R_Time
𝒥𝒶𝓍 𝓍 𝓅𝑜𝓂𝓃𝒾 𝒪𝓃𝑒𝓈𝒽𝑜�...by PanicOrDie
Since there's not a lot of Jax x Pomni books I'm making my own. Please leave requests for me to do! I do... -Smut 🔔 -Fluff 🍕 -Angst 🔪. I won't do fluff and angst r...
Funnybunny Kids, cause I said so by starstarhothot
Funnybunny Kids, cause I said soby starstarhothot
Emma and Emily. Two little surprises to the Digital World crew that turns logic on its head and bring about a new sense of craziness in this already zany world. Pomni ha...
TADC jax x pomni  by yn1ect
TADC jax x pomni by celeste
did this for fun, I love this ship<3