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Pokemon sword and shield Various! Yandere! x Fem!reader by yanderefanfic
Pokemon sword and shield Various...by under your bed
Just so you know this ISNT a oneshot book this is one big story i hope you like it. (Reworked lol, hopefully will get a few updates soon)
Innocent Desires (Hop x Reader) by Hotaru_Is_Here
Innocent Desires (Hop x Reader)by SayakasLittleBoxofDreams
A horny teenage Hop finds Miss Reader asleep on the floor in his bedroom after a particularly long movie marathon, and finds his brain racing with all sorts of thoughts...
Creating a Legend (Pokemon SwSh x reader) by musicpoodlelover
Creating a Legend (Pokemon SwSh x...by Kaiden
Look, I haven't seen to many of these, so here we go. Pokemon SwSh various x reader. This will stray off the main story line and take place in the future, so be warned. ...
Not hop x reader shit again/Light The Way. Discontinued 😔✊ by CrookedMe
Not hop x reader shit again/Light...by Kit kat
Reader moves to galar and resident hop won't shut the fuck up Cover art isn't mine, KatomiBlu edited this image (that is still not mine-) and im so damn sorry for not c...
Pokemon sword and shield male character x mimikyu male reader by Jcpokemon
Pokemon sword and shield male char...by Jean Trujillo
you are not a Pokemon but you act like mimikyu your alone and you don't know who your parents and you be raise by mimikyu and you have no one to talk too until now and t...
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader x Leon) by KingGEURGE
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader...by KingGeurge
The Dragon Tamer, Raihan. The Pokemon Whisperer, Y/N. And The Unbeatable Champion, Leon. They will encounter many things throughout their relationship, read to find out...
GUY.EXE ✾ Nessa x Male Reader by YunalescaSkylark
GUY.EXE ✾ Nessa x Male Readerby Yunalesca Skylark
Nessa was Galar's very own Water-type expert and their top model. She was also the Gym Leader in the town of Hulbury. Many guys will do anything just to get her attentio...
Locker Room Talk [SMUT] by Audzilla282
Locker Room Talk [SMUT]by Audrey 🌸
After beating Leon in the Galar Championships, he asks you to meet him in the locker room. Confused, you're curious to see what he has up his sleeve. The best thing to...
Aureliashipping by NightcoreDCX
Aureliashippingby NightcoreDCX
Ash returns to Alola after his trip back to Kanto after a few weeks. Ash was completely thrilled and wanted to show his friends what Pokemons he has caught during his tr...
Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Pokemon by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Po...by Fanfic Writer
Moving from Kalos to Galar was very difficult for you. You didn't like much about the Galar region. You especially disliked the Champion, Leon. What happens when a twist...
The New Dark Master Of Galar [M!reader] by KokuyoHoshi
The New Dark Master Of Galar [M!re...by Kokuyo
In the world of pokemon where everything is light and happyness. Someone is going to show the power of the darkness.
The Silver Fighter (Male Reader x Bea) by BadLuckAndrew16
The Silver Fighter (Male Reader x...by BadLuckAndrew16
You, (F/N L/N), get help from your uncle so you can go on a journey in the Galar Region and become a great Pokémon Trainer. You are able to get an endorsement right away...
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x OC) by shadowkaiii
In The Eye of The Beholder (Leon x...by shadowkaiii
#1 pokemonfanfic 05 Feb. 2020 | #1 leonxreader 11 Feb. 2020 | #1 pokemonshield 06 Mar. 2020 Adeline spent half of her life in the spotlight, becoming very well-known in...
such a cutie!(Pokemon journeys x nickit reader) by xi-star
such a cutie!(Pokemon journeys x n...by Moony_Owl
your a nickit who's from the city constantly looking for food what happens when you meet to humans named ash and goh? --- drawings are not by me unless I say cover made...
Chasing the Champion by AWordAMinute
Chasing the Championby AWordAMinute
New to the Galar region, Quincy had to learn the ways of a Pokémon trainer from scratch. She befriended her neighbor, Hop, before realizing his brother was the region's...
If You Lose - Marnie x Male Reader (Pokemon Sword and Shield) by DanteAltan
If You Lose - Marnie x Male Reader...by The “Dante” Files
Just your casual life with Marnie in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. PS: I have not played Pokemon Sword & Shield so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *** Book published in December 2019
Love from spikemuth(Marnie x male reader) by Shoboy15
Love from spikemuth(Marnie x male...by Shaun Ken-ucheonye
Y/n is the childhood friend of Marnie and they both decided that they would go on their journey together and they would help show that Spikemuth isn't as bad as people s...
Raihan x Pokemon reader by Claw_dragon
Raihan x Pokemon readerby Claw
you are a dragon Pokémon who end up in hammerlocke wild area by your trainer who left you there after you have lost a battle and after that you don't want to be anyone...
Love // Pokémon Fanfic by tarlizarli
Love // Pokémon Fanficby Tarli
(Leon x OC x Raihan) Mabel returns to Galar after years of spending years in Alola. After spending a night together, the three notice their feelings for one another.
Journey of a galar champion(Gloria x male reader) by Shoboy15
Journey of a galar champion(Gloria...by Shaun Ken-ucheonye
Y/n is a 14 year old boy who has been on a journey around galar and challenged Leon but lost. Leon decided after his battle that he would give Y/n an endorsement to try...