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letters to the boy who never cared by healys_heartxx
letters to the boy who never caredby healys_heartxx
Alexa Greene has never had a boyfriend, not for real. So Reed Marlowe liking her seems amazing. Surreal. Kind of too good to be true. Is it?
Tongues To The Neck by Krappstar441
Tongues To The Neckby Krappstar441
Jay and Nel. Enemies to lovers. and a little of something new. Fight love ,fought hard, fake hopes, new bonds.
The Dish by jespah
The Dishby jespah
For the past several days, a small war has been waged. The territory? A dirty dish in the sink. A passive-aggressive domestic dispute goes on and on. (this story was pos...
Rant About Everything! by ThPssveAggrssveBtch
Rant About Everything!by ThPssveAggrssveBtch
I love to rant, it helps get my frustrations out . So I decided to dedicated an entire book to it. For me and you! We can rant about anything we want and i'll even publi...
Revved Up by jespah
Revved Upby jespah
Before you judge me and my parents, Officer, I hope you'll realize that we were pushed to our limits. Some people are just, well, they're jerks. A domestic comedy of p...
My goodbyes to you, Love.  by mariazlatariu
My goodbyes to you, Love. by just Maria
I hoped that you'd see me cry and come back to me, but my tears gave you satisfaction, love. They gave you courage and confidence to slip from my hands and I loved yo...