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Recalls of Surrender by RileyDavj
Recalls of Surrenderby Reign Wood
In the bustling metropolis of Tech Point, towering skyscrapers reach high into the sky, and holographic advertisements dance through the air. At the center of this world...
The Dish by jespah
The Dishby jespah
For the past several days, a small war has been waged. The territory? A dirty dish in the sink. A passive-aggressive domestic dispute goes on and on. (this story was pos...
Respect is Earned by Moon-Gypsy
Respect is Earnedby James ?
This is a poem based on my own happenings. It's about a boy who would sexually harass me (though I sometimes dislike using the term, no matter if it is correctly used) b...
Be Mindful by Moon-Gypsy
Be Mindfulby James ?
This is another poem based on people in my world (real world). It's about a certain boy in my class who, should I explain so briefly, is a show-off. He tries not to mak...
Sburbian Strife: Rose by Fire_of_Saint_Elmo
Sburbian Strife: Roseby Fire_of_Saint_Elmo
It's the day of the beta, and Rose is waiting. She won't let her mother get the better of her this time.
Walls and Wars by KharmaSams
Walls and Warsby Kharma
Based on actual events in the life of the author, this is the story of life with a passive-aggressive housemate.
Revved Up by jespah
Revved Upby jespah
Before you judge me and my parents, Officer, I hope you'll realize that we were pushed to our limits. Some people are just, well, they're jerks. A domestic comedy of p...
The Guilty by vampire-overlord
The Guiltyby dante
Andrei Ivanov, an assassin for the Angelmakers Mafia in Chicago, wants nothing more than to elevate his status, until his life takes a sharp turn when he unexpectedly me...