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StrangeLove (Completed)✔  by feeling_less16
StrangeLove (Completed)✔ by feeling_less_16V
A simple and cute love story of #Omkara n #Anika ... #Twisting #Suspense Patent right after all 😂😂😂 ------------- Omkara Singh Oberoi - Son of Tej and Jhanvi Singh O...
The unfortunate bride by Venomika
The unfortunate brideby Venomika
this is a major fatejo and minor rikara story This story is about tejo and fateh tejo married fateh when her sister betrayed fateh and didn't want to marry him as he co...
Unknown Love Story by jansip
Unknown Love Storyby jansip
This is fan fiction of Ishqbaaz with a different thinking. I like Anika and OM pair rather than Shivika. Let's try this new Love story pair of Anika & OM - Omika
you are my life by anjani112233
you are my lifeby anjani112233
this story is different from ishqbaaz track this story will focus on om and anika relationship and their journey.
An unwanted wife  by Venomika
An unwanted wife by Venomika
This story explains the pain and struggle of a wife who tries desperately to make her marriage survive. She tries to put up with everything her husbands unwantedness, he...
love? by magicglow11111
love?by lavanya
a rikara story in this story, rikara are married but om can't accept gauri. why? find out in upcomings. but gauri has gaven her life to om. she does everything perfectly...
loving you is hurt by Venomika
loving you is hurtby Venomika
This is a story about Gauri and Omkara , where Omkara just hates gauri and only marries her for a deal and gauri loves omkara but she was hurt very badly by him. ...
Bade Ache lagte hein by Venomika
Bade Ache lagte heinby Venomika
Shivaay is an irresponsible irritating idiot falls in love with an understanding Anika Who follows him blindly Gauri is going through an arranged marraige where her husb...
Love or Hurt( re -written) by Venomika
Love or Hurt( re -written)by Venomika
This is a love , hate , family based story the cover credit goes to shailajaban@Shailjabanthia
pari omkara singh oberoi by magicglow11111
pari omkara singh oberoiby lavanya
pari omkara singh oberoi is the youngest child of the oberois and the 7 months daughter of rikara. this book is her views about her family and a few shots about pari and...
our love by magicglow11111
our loveby lavanya
off track. om was placed in a coma through accident. gauri and their kids are crushed. but when om wakes up.........
bodyguard by magicglow11111
bodyguardby lavanya
a little bit like the movie but my twist. gauri and her daughters left om at last and om has just realized their worth in his life. but winning gauri back is difficult...
Don't Forget me by Venomika
Don't Forget meby Venomika
love is a beautiful feeling, but playing with ones feeling is a crime. Their is no prince charming in this book, its about two girls who were blinded in love that it bro...
dil diya gallan by magicglow11111
dil diya gallanby lavanya
i felt rikara should have had a sweet dil diya gallan moment so do read this.