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༄ B i t t e n ༄ by xxDusty
༄ B i t t e n ༄by ☆꧁༒dusty༒꧂☆
Rin's cute. Amaimon agrees. ~~omegaverse,, kind of~~ ‼️ Marked remake ‼️ ⚠️NOT PROOF READ⚠️
Regrets (Rin Okumura x reader) by purpleflamestar
Regrets (Rin Okumura x reader)by Isabella
You and Rin have been friends ever since you two were kids. You started to grow feelings for Rin, but one day he found you beating up some kids. He yelled at you and cal...
Rin's Disaster by KateriLand
Rin's Disasterby KateriLand
Being the bastard son of Satan, Rin Okumara has taken all he can face. Now he is alone and unwanted, and on a journey to define himself, before others can.
Fusion Is Like Fire by BingoBongo666
Fusion Is Like Fireby BingoBongo666
[So in the story Rin has known all his life that he has demon powers and has known that Yukio was an exorcist.Also Rin didn't unsheathe his sword so no powers yet.And th...
Idiot! | (Rin x Reader) by ItsWeirdz
Idiot! | (Rin x Reader)by Weird
(#1 in Rin x Reader!) A cold hearted girl you are... After the events of your horrible past, you are now living in the monastery, along with the Okumura Twins. Having f...
~ the exorcist's sister - blue exorcist oc fanfiction. by blue-doll
~ the exorcist's sister - blue exo...by blue-doll
Kira, Triplet sister to Rin and Yukio Okumura. While they were born in assiah, she was born beyond the gehenna gate. Raised bydemons and satan. She knows everything sh...
Demons in Aissah (Ao No exorcist fanfic) by Kiispy
Demons in Aissah (Ao No exorcist f...by Kiispy
The Daughter of Satan himself returns to earth and becomes a tamer exorcist with 2 triple S rated demons by her side. She then returns to true cross academy to become a...
He's Real?! 《Rin Okumura x Reader》 by simplefringe
He's Real?! 《Rin Okumura x Reader》by madi 💫
Rin and Yukio Okumura transfer to my school. I have no idea how or why they're in the real world, but they can only stay as long as they don't know they're anime charac...
Are we still family?!? (Check newest chapter B4 Reading!!) by user92172751
Are we still family?!? (Check newe...by GamerTale
Rin has been treated like a Demon ever since he revealed his powers to everyone to save them, but what does he get in return? A hug? A thank you!? no, he get's called aw...
Yukio Okumura X Reader OS by shinichikudosenpai13
Yukio Okumura X Reader OSby little otaku ;;
One shots with you and Yukio Okumura. Only the one shots after the "requests" chapter are written by myself...!
Flaming Blue Truth by ShyDevil5
Flaming Blue Truthby Goddess of Life
Rin Okumura is smart but not many people know it. When Rin comes to Mephisto's office one night to ask a few question Mephisto gets the surprise of a lifetime. Rin tell...
In Love With a Demon (Rin Okumura x reader) by Noriko_Azami
In Love With a Demon (Rin Okumura...by Noriko_Azami
You were expecting to start your new freshman year like any other school year, but you didn't expect to fall in love with a demon that is an expert in cooking nor that y...
Flames of the Hell Spawn by Pythonsrus
Flames of the Hell Spawnby Mya
A blue exorcist fanfic I do not own The enemy of my enemy is my friend... Right? What happens when a simple exorcist training mission goes wrong? Yukio and his team of...
Unexpected Happenings (Ao No Exorcist Fanfic) by shroudedbyshadows
Unexpected Happenings (Ao No Exorc...by shroudedbyshadows
With his flames yearning for more dominance and wrecking his body, Rin is at a spot. What's worse is when Satan returns for him. Will Rin stay strong, or succumb to the...
Rin x Reader, Demon Exorcists by SandyCompton
Rin x Reader, Demon Exorcistsby WolfGirl94
This is a Rin Okumura x reader story, most likely gonna have lemons, but basically, youre a demon, who also wants to be an exorcist, and you end up meeting Rin, quickly...
The Thing's I Already Know by BunnyWars8
The Thing's I Already Knowby Ruggie-chan
"Seems I should reintroduce myself very well then, I'm Rin Okumura, the 9th son of Satan and the future King of Gehenna, pleasure to officially meet you ~." Th...
Flames [#1] (Rin Okumara X Reader) by SkySchnitzel
Flames [#1] (Rin Okumara X Reader)by Sky Schnitzel
(UNDERGOING FINE-DETAIL EDITING) You were what your foster parents called "an over imaginative child." No one believed what you saw every day. Goblin-like crea...
Princes of Gehenna by KieraSnow
Princes of Gehennaby Kiera Snow
What if Rin wasn't saved? What if he and his brother were dragged into Gehenna? What if they were raised into the demons their father always wanted? Spoilers... (duh). A...
Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin Okumura x Reader) by KiraTypes
Demonic Possession (Yandere! Rin O...by Kira
Rin thought he was head over heels in love with Shiemi Moriyama, who was as oblivious to Rin's feelings as Rin was to basically anything. Then, a new transfer student j...
The Demon King's Mate (Amaimon x reader) by Midnight0Fox
The Demon King's Mate (Amaimon x r...by Mae Black
One day Y/n wakes up one day with her neck in pain, she discovers a bite mark. What will she do when she finds out the mark belongs to a certain green demon king? ••• Y...