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Slender Brothers Oneshots  by brokensamurai
Slender Brothers Oneshots by brokensamurai
Oneshots with everyone's favorite Slender brothers!
Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Powerful Female Reader)  by Lollynnn
Wanna Play? (Creepypasta x Manny.
#1 - Trendy 11/10/18 #1 - Splendy 04/22/19 #1 - Offendy 06/14/19 This is a new story about creepypastas, if you like this story please like and follow. I follow back to...
slenderbrothers x reader by hentai_artist_lover
slenderbrothers x readerby creepypasta_lover
"HELLO" you shouted running towards the abnormally tall figure of a man "hello" he said, you froze it was the same man from your dream. quick intro:...
Oh My Gosh Offendy x Reader Lemon! by rubystar248
Oh My Gosh Offendy x Reader Lemon!by rubystar248
It's a lemon! A lemon is a lemon!
~LjxOffender~ ~Black And White Roses~ by noonolovesme
~LjxOffender~ ~Black And White Noonelovesme
My first book got deleted or something so I'm making another one. Enjoy.
Offenderman x reader  by Emily_bratt
Offenderman x reader by Awsome_Sockz
(NO SMUT BTW!!) (Written in first person (I, me, my, etc...)) (None of the art is mine. I can't draw for sh!t 😂) You, Y/n, look like a human, but are definitely not. Be...
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Kittykou13
CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenariosby Brin
15 and more to come creepypastas to have as a boyfriend. Lucky u. Yes the original are in here like JKT, or E.J. L.J. And u know the others. But there are also some some...
Offenderman X Reader Book by XxGachaGracexX
Offenderman X Reader Bookby XxGachaGracexX
so im trying this out Y/N - Your Name F/N - Friend's Name F/C - Favorite Color
The Girl In The Shadows (A Creepypasta love Story) by mysticembers
The Girl In The Shadows (A Random Girl
Luna Blue, was kidnapped along with her whole family at a young age, and saw them get murdered in front of her. She soon snaps and kills her kidnappers and is never seen...
Offender My Offender(Completed) by western_spirited
Offender My Offender(Completed)by Savvy Malone
Pamela Or Pam West A fifteen year old girl who is unaware of the great world of CreepyPasta meets OffenderMan and has a conversation However Offender felt something ha...
(~.Creepypasta memes.~) by XxLuna_24xX
(~.Creepypasta memes.~)by XxLuna_24xX
Hello everyone! It's your friendly far too enthusiastic author today! You all can call me Luna .u. This book is all about having fun and enjoying the truckloads of memes...
Soft Side by PurpleKimiko
Soft Sideby FoxWantsTrash
(Y/N), a young girl who lived with an abusive family finds herself getting lost in the woods of the one and only Slenderman. Her whole life turned for the better till sh...
 Yandere! Creepypasta Boyfriends by GoldieFazbear468
Yandere! Creepypasta Boyfriendsby Goldie Fazbear
Love or Death Hate or Love Survive or Die find out if you DARE~~~v