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Slender Brothers Oneshots  by brokensamurai
Slender Brothers Oneshots by brokensamurai
Oneshots with everyone's favorite Slender brothers!
!Pimp! Splendorman X Reader by Dat_Taco_Wolf
!Pimp! Splendorman X Readerby Dat_Taco_Wolf
Welcome to my +'-CrackFic-'+ Probably gonna have smut ngl It all started with a comment. This is mostly for shits & giggles, but it might go somewhere. You are sold to S...
slenderbrothers x reader by hentai_artist_lover
slenderbrothers x readerby creepypasta_lover
"HELLO" you shouted running towards the abnormally tall figure of a man "hello" he said, you froze it was the same man from your dream. quick intro:...
Ask Splendy! by SpIendorman
Ask Splendy!by Splendorman
The Girl In The Shadows (A Creepypasta love Story) by mysticembers
The Girl In The Shadows (A Creepyp...by Random Girl
Luna Blue, was kidnapped along with her whole family at a young age, and saw them get murdered in front of her. She soon snaps and kills her kidnappers and is never seen...
Don't Look Or You're Ours (Creepypasta x reader oneshots) by ReineTheElemental
Don't Look Or You're Ours (Creepyp...by ReineTheElemental
This is a book with a load of creepypasta oneshots! Why, because, why not! >:3 Requests are open!
Slender Sisters by LJ567760
Slender Sistersby LAYLA JACKSON
Some people are different. Some are short...some are tall...some are killers...some are monsters...some are your fears,...your nightmares,...your grim reaper...There are...
I'm Your What Now!? by animegan2345
I'm Your What Now!?by Megan Shellhammer
Turquoise didn't really have a good life, abusive mom, her dad left after her and her sister were born, no friends except her sister, and her only escape was to listen t...
The Angel's Daughter by KristinaKramer
The Angel's Daughterby Kristina Kramer
When we last saw Julia, she had found out that her mother was an angel. Now twenty years old, she goes out to find her mother. With her trust boe-staff and new knife, sh...
Soft Side by PurpleKimiko
Soft Sideby FoxWantsTrash
(Y/N), a young girl who lived with an abusive family finds herself getting lost in the woods of the one and only Slenderman. Her whole life turned for the better till sh...
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The slenderman by XXxSharpestSpearxXX
The slendermanby XXxSharpestSpearxXX
kara was not your average 16 year old. what kind of 16 year old goes out murdering innocents? when she meets slenderman, her whole life changes.
slender and brothers by DeadBonesBrook
slender and brothersby Brook
hi guys hope ya'll enjoy this book i made it's my first one so yea and btw i made this book for tomsworld anyways yea enjoy! X3
Her... {ON HIATUS} by Jewels_Thomas
Her... {ON HIATUS}by Just Me
Daddy's Lil Girl by PurpleKimiko
Daddy's Lil Girlby FoxWantsTrash
The Fashion Designer's Daughter