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A Different Kind of Heaven by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Heavenby Silz
#1 in Silmarillion May 23-24, October 27-November 9, November 27-December 13, 2018, June 10+, 2019 There are a MILLION Girl-Falls-Into-Middle-Earth stories out there. Al...
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A Fire Consuming by Qeani-N
A Fire Consumingby Qeani
All are born with the ability for good or evil. The child itself is innocent. It is the person it grows to be that determines whether it is good or evil. Fëanáro's first...
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Flicker by Elrond_Earendillion
Flickerby Megan
(AKA That AU no one asked for about Elrond living in Valinor with Maedhros as a child... Yeah...) (One shot (Ficlet)) Maedhros and the rest of the Feanorians are plannin...
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Corazón de fuego by Laurelin_94
Corazón de fuegoby Lady Laurelin 94
Por una promesa hecha a su padre, Fëanor asiste a su aniversario de bodas... sin imaginar que su vida daría un giro radical: no se trataba de la oportunidad que le daba...
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Velvet of black, roses of red, rivers of blood by Nuredhel
Velvet of black, roses of red, Anne Olga Vea
Nerdanel has a vision on the night of her wedding, take what joy you can for your days of happiness may be numbered...
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Pour la Science! by GiveMeAnID
Pour la Science!by GiveMeAnID
Fëanor et Nerdanel sont jeunes. Fëanor et Nerdanel sont beaux. Fëanor et Nerdanel sont talentueux. Fëanor et Nerdanel ont une fâcheuse tendance à faire exploser des chos...
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Le preoccupazioni di nonna Nerdanel by Johann_Unschuldigen
Le preoccupazioni di nonna Nerdanelby Johann_Unschuldigen
"-Celebrimbor! Come stai, nipotino mio?- domandò Nerdanel guardando nel palantìr. -Nonna, ho quasi due ere, non puoi chiamarmi ancora così!- -Tu sarai sempre il mio...
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tales of tirion by arathorns
tales of tirionby divine;
modern silmarillion au || enter tirion. a gleaming city of perfect houses, the living dream. maedhros, the son of a wealthy jeweller, is in university and the worst that...
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¡No te muevas! by Laurelin_94
¡No te muevas!by Lady Laurelin 94
Fëanor trató de contener su impaciencia. Llevaba más de una hora desnudo frente a su esposa, cumpliendo su capricho de dejarse dibujar. Las manos de Nerdanel trabajaban...
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"Kaczki na wodzie" (fanfiction, Feanorian Week 2019) by aayla68
"Kaczki na wodzie" (fanfiction, Melania
Krótko o moim OTP, Feanor/Nerdanel. Obyczajowa miniaturka, powiedzmy. Z angstowymi i humorystycznymi wstawkami. Powstała szybciutko, wena zadziałała dobrze. Ale samo pop...
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