Avatar: Zukikatomika by BiancaEvans2
Avatar: Zukikatomikaby LegolasG5*
Zukikatomika was a human girl before she went to Pandora with her aunt Grace. Where she became the first child to the Avatar program. But she loved meeting the Na'vi and...
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I see you (Tsu'tey love story) by Meroryan
I see you (Tsu'tey love story)by Meroryan
tsutey x reader reader is in the avatar program and happens to fall in step with jake in meeting the navi, only theres something different about her. something... magica...
  • neytiri
  • navi
  • tsutey
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A Hundred Days With You《EunKook》 by himekocchi
A Hundred Days With You《EunKook》by jeon eunbi 🍉
Jung Eun Bi, widely known for her stage name Eunha, is a South Korean singer who just debuted as the lead vocalist of the popular girl group Gfriend. She is a hopeless r...
  • bangchin
  • umga
  • yerin
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The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time by dragonrand100
The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of dragonrand100
"This is the tale of an ancient land of lush forests and verdant meadows. A land blessed by the Goddesses where the powers of light and shadow exist in perfect bala...
  • fanfiction
  • ganondorf
  • nabooru
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Avatar: To Live Again by Szarinasumalpong
Avatar: To Live Againby Szarina R. Sumalpong
What if Tom and Jake Sully had another identical sibling? What if Tom never died? Lenna Emersyn Sully is a wild and spirited person and was the only girl of the three ch...
  • avatar
  • navi
  • pandora
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Loving A Dreamwalker by Cinnymoon
Loving A Dreamwalkerby Cinnymoon
Roxanne is the little sister of Jake Sully.She was born with special gifts, among these is the gift of revival.Roxanne doesn't know about it. When she gets to Pandora, s...
  • mate
  • jakesully
  • hunter
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INSTAGRAM | BTS X GFriend | by Eliza_Bethany
INSTAGRAM | BTS X GFriend |by Eliza_Bethany
Just posts about BTS and GFriend~
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[VIXX ALLN] One Shot Series by darkskyez
[VIXX ALLN] One Shot Seriesby darkSkyeZ
After many requests, I've decided to post my oneshots of every Hakyeon/N pairings here on Wattpad as well. They're all written randomly, there's no specific theme except...
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  • hakyeon
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The Avatar of the grim(avatar/Navi reader x rwby) by shoeatrings
The Avatar of the grim(avatar/ shoeatrings
You were a normal huntsmen until you were left to die by your teams mates. Who died from the grim. You were paralyzed from the waist down but you were spared by the grim...
  • avatar
  • navi
  • rwby
I am Naví by klasvaakie
I am Navíby Danielle
Tsu'tey love story. Nimah Quinn is chosen to partake in the Avatar program on the planet Pandora. Once there she hopes to fins some reason for her life, and maybe some l...
  • avatar
  • neytiri
  • tsutey
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Dreamwalker of the Eastern Sea by mcdick
Dreamwalker of the Eastern Seaby Just call me, B.
As the final battle against the RDA reaches a new turning point, a lone warrior fights for his own life against a metal giant who has him dangling by his queue and the s...
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  • ikran
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Going In Blind || Tsu'tey x OC by KyrstenT
Going In Blind || Tsu'tey x OCby Ryvr
Pandora. The world of my childhood dreams. I've worked so hard to get here. Everything in my life was planned. But I never planned to lose my vision in an accident, or f...
  • ikran
  • james
  • kita
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My New Life On Pandora Book 2 by TaylorGelsleichter
My New Life On Pandora Book 2by TaylorGelsleichter
This is the sequel to "My New Life On Pandora". This picks up about a month from where the last one ended. Your relationship with Tsu'tey will mostly be the wh...
  • normspellman
  • graceaugustine
  • jakesully
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House of cards: Her by zackkira
House of cards: Herby zackkira
Jeon Jungkook never thought that unconditioned love he received from his wife would end someday. That. Until one incident ruined his life forever. Graphics by Kurogane ...
  • bangchin
  • eunkook
  • sinhope
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The Hunter- Avatar Fanfiction by courtofroses0326
The Hunter- Avatar Fanfictionby Writergirl0201
15 years have pasted since the war between the Na'vi and the Sky people. The clans returned to their own homes and peace returned. Jake and Neytiri are know the lea...
  • avatarfanfic
  • flying
  • james-cameron
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The Mute Warrior [James Cameron's Avatar Reader Insert] by BlackSand_Lover
The Mute Warrior [James Cameron' BlackSand Lover
(Y/n) (L/n) was born on Pandora, knowing nothing about Earth, the dying home planet to the humans, where her parents came from. By the age of nineteen, she could already...
  • sully
  • avatar
  • fantasy
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Les fils du destin by Nilo18
Les fils du destinby Nilo
Lutsey, une jeune guerrière omatikaya, voyait sa vie liée à sa famille adoptif et à son clan. Mais une jeune femme du Peuple, lui ressemblant en tout point, viendra cham...
  • avatar
  • jakesully
  • graceaugustine
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Tus Mentiras, un Fic Neo VIXX. by MayerlinPineda
Tus Mentiras, un Fic Neo May Pineda
Sinopsis: Cha Hakyeon tiene un gran problema ... Para el, no es facil dejar de mentir. Este desagradable hábito hace que de alguna manera se transfiera a una escuela de...
  • amor
  • hakyeon
  • romance
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The Luna Of Pandora by CarleighAlpha
The Luna Of Pandoraby CarleighAlpha
I was not so normal, my planet was dying, and I wanted an out. When the RDA offered me to go to a new planet and learn, I decide to go, what I didn't expect was to have...
  • jamescameron
  • wattys2018
  • navi
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Avatar Adventures by Tstewlor
Avatar Adventuresby Tstewlor
A young girl, Narisi, abandons earth and human life and becomes a permanent resident of Pandora. There, she makes new friends, has new experiences, and learns her purpos...
  • scifiction
  • bluepeople
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