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Captive of the Sea by AuthorAnon_99
Captive of the Seaby Allie
Those who were taken... They never came back. Dragged under the waves never to return again. Their haunting screams a symbol of their horrific deaths. Like shadows they...
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The Kids Aren't Alright by b_a_mcdermott
The Kids Aren't Alrightby B.A. McDermott
When four teenagers find themselves at an Alaskan reformatory camp, it becomes increasingly clear that the camp is full of secrets, no one is trustworthy - and no one is...
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His Queen ✔ by jinwen2509
His Queen ✔by Amelia Wang
Highest ranking : #1 in Werewolf (26/12/2015) Note : Please refer inside for the full summary. ❝Every king needs his queen.❞ Every pack has its own tradition. For the Go...
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The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty Award Winner by renesmeewolfe
The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty K. Weikel
All human babies are killed beneath the waves, with one exception--the one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancie...
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Undying Love ( Yandere x Reader ) by minuyu
Undying Love ( Yandere x Reader )by 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚞𝚢𝚞
[ Yandere! Prince! x Female Reader! Fortune Teller! ] Prince Bastiaan is the only heir to the throne. He excels in just about everything, except for falling in love. Des...
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The Call Of Thalassa by BlueRose_712
The Call Of Thalassaby BlueRose_712
Book 1 of The Ocean's Secrets Series Terrifying legends surrounded the seaside village of Seaworth. Myths of brave sailors lured to their death by bloodthirsty monsters...
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Wild Hunt by Mimco256
Wild Huntby Mimco256
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His Little Maid by maycrusade
His Little Maidby maycrusade
Lark is an Alpha of one of the top packs in the state. He is a great leader but he has spent his days lately on a huge mansion in solitude since he is still mateless at...
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The Cupid Hunter by X_always_dreaming_x
The Cupid Hunterby X_always_dreaming_x
Have you ever been instructed to kill an Immortal Love Hero? No? Well Warning: It wasn't an easy task [Extended Description inside] [Regular updates -Every Monday and F...
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Deep Blue Sea ✔️ by WorldWriter_1
Deep Blue Sea ✔️by 🌈 a ѕ ғ e e 🌈
{COMPLETED/EDITED} [MANxBOY/Mpreg] Book 1 of 'Blue' Series: Easton LeLand is a merman. He has lived in the sea all his life and never broke the rules. He knew that ther...
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When Night Falls by kaloned
When Night Fallsby asha
❝ Anitchka, Anitchka, will you not invite me in? ❞ In which a girl is indebted to a wintry demon for saving her life, and the gold from her fingertips is a magic whose p...
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GOLDEN DAYS |JASON GRACE| {1} by Jackisnotokay
GOLDEN DAYS |JASON GRACE| {1}by Jackisnotokay
Kyra Pafford has been at Camp-Half Blood for three months. The gates to Olympus have closed and she has yet to be claimed. When three demigods show up to Camp Half-Blood...
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Elderland by Mike_I_am
Elderlandby Mike
(Book to resume later this year) Manhattan, 1929. The City is on its knees following a devastating crash in the stock market. Thanks to the Prohibition, criminals are...
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Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban Legend/Folklore one-shots X Reader by ourcreepypastalover
Yandere Monster/Creature/Urban ourcreepypastalover
They want you. They NEED you. Some have never felt any love aside for the love you have shown them and some felt love at first sight. You will never be free, not if they...
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Daughter of Chaos by Jen_McConnel
Daughter of Chaosby Jen McConnel
Magic is supposed to be easy; there's Black, White, and Green Magic, and once a Witch picks a path, that's really all she has to worry about. But for Darlena Agara, thin...
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My Only Snowflake | A Jack Frost X Reader Story [RE-PUBLISHING & RE-WRITING] by YukiSunshine
My Only Snowflake | A Jack Frost ♡Yuki-san♡
[RE-PUBLISHING & RE-WRITING] Plot: You lost your parents after they were killed by Pitch. Pitch wanted to have you and steal your power to make himself powerful and use...
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Memento Mori, original by nicbelles
Memento Mori, originalby ˗ˏˋ NIC-FIL-A ˎˊ˗
A majority of all Greek prophecies existed millenniums ago, but one had formed in the time of low-riding jeans and boy bands. On August 27, 1999 at exactly 3:44 AM, six...
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Eternal Attachment by breezyxbear
Eternal Attachmentby ˗ˏˋ 𝓑𝓻𝓮 ˎˊ˗
"Til death do us part." Love. True love is supposed to last until each partner's soul transfers on into the next realm. It is meant to last a lifetime. But wha...
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Becoming Empress But she isn't a girl(Volume 1) by PannKhattWaii
Becoming Empress But she isn't a Pann Khatt Waii
own creation. Not translation! Original novel is MINE! Not perfect but try my best! Cover by @Akari_Xing
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Epiphany // bts / taejinkook by taejinkookie_
Epiphany // bts / taejinkookby WOOZI UNIVERSE
In which the Gods and Goddesses decided to put their children in one place as all of them has one thing in common, they are all half mortal.
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