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The Son of The Grotesque by bigboyoman
The Son of The Grotesqueby bigboyoman
(Y/n) Moreau, adopted son of Moreau Salvatore. Or "Moronic Freak" (Nickname made by Heisenberg). Is the caretaker of the Moreau village and his father. Despite...
Pain [Alcina Dimitrescu] by EvokeFolk
Pain [Alcina Dimitrescu]by Evee
In all the years Cal had been alive, he felt no pain. His nerves had been cut off since he was born, but it was never realized until Cal had a dance with death. A bullet...
°•Songbird•°- ResidentEvil8 x male oc by KingBlackquill
°•Songbird•°- ResidentEvil8 x KingBlackquill
(Slow updates) Mother Miranda introduces the lords to there new 'sibling'. And boy is he.....different, that's for sure. ResidentEvil8 x male oc
Behind the Castle's Door by szenaeva
Behind the Castle's Doorby christia.
When Clementine, a young woman who had recently experienced heartbreak, decided to flee after witnessing her ex with the woman he had previously assured she should not b...
the fifth lord by zilla-jr
the fifth lordby Everton Schorner
Y/n was created to be the fifth lord and a servant to Miranda,how will the other lords react to a new lord? i do not own resident evil
The Uchiha Lord by SupremeUchiha
The Uchiha Lordby Supreme Uchiha
An Uchiha with forgotten memories, stumbled upon an strange village.
Resident evil 8 headcannons and oneshots  by burnt_toast01
Resident evil 8 headcannons and Burnt_toast
Lord Karl heisenburg Lady Alcina dimitrescu Lord Moreau Lady Donna beniviento and angie Cassandra Daniela Bela (Maybe mother Miranda if I'm feeling on writing abou...
🫀Resident Evil Village One Shots🫀 by MansonGirl666
🫀Resident Evil Village One Shots🫀by MansonGirl666
Series of one shots about the four lords ! So include : -Lady Dimitrescu -Bella -Cassandra -Daniella -Donna Benevento/Miss Angie -Salvatore Moreau -Karl Heisenberg...
Resident Evil Village X Male Reader (New Game) by DiamondHunt61
Resident Evil Village X Male Diamond Hunt
Sequel of Trapped in a Game. After experiencing the through Resident Evil 2. You bought the newest game that you wanted to play. However, like last time, you got sucked...
Dimitrescu  by Fredericabimmel1
Dimitrescu by Alcina’s_wine04
Summer 1945, Lilith meets a beautiful woman and her suspicious husband unexpectedly who offers her a job as a maid at her castle. Lilith will soon find out there's more...
ɪɴᴠᴏʟᴜɴᴛᴀʀʏ || Karl Heisenberg ✓ by MossWasHere
ɪɴᴠᴏʟᴜɴᴛᴀʀʏ || Karl Heisenberg ✓by MossWasHere
[ Karl Heisenberg X F!Reader ] ----- ( Just wanted to make it known that the ending of RE8:Village will be changed slightly to fit the story I am writing. Some scenes ma...
The Mold Connects Us | RWBY X D
The ones who hurt me will pay Wether by blood or other means They will pay deeply
Resident Evil 8 Groupchat ♡︎ by _Starlight_08
Resident Evil 8 Groupchat ♡︎by _Starlight_08
Its what the title says Updates wont be that frequent (sorry) (Art not mine)
Merciful •• Karl Heisenberg x Reader by Black_Paladin
Merciful •• Karl Heisenberg x Disaster
[Male Reader] [Third person POV] [Strong language] [No NSFW] ••• Behind his walls of steel, the iron lord hides a dark secret. One he can't afford to lose. Highest r...
What If Rosemary Winters grew up with the four Lords  by Glitch_of_Afton
What If Rosemary Winters grew up Glitch_of_Afton
This shows the story of Rose Winters if Ethan died and the Lord's actually helped Rose grow up.
Fate Can't Keep Us Apart by Unknown222051
Fate Can't Keep Us Apartby Rune Lee
"The long years that I have waited are finally over, I have found you. I have finally found you and now have a chance to apologies for not being there for you, for...
Eclipsa de Lună 🌙 by JamTheMaam
Eclipsa de Lună 🌙by JamTheMaam
Your head feels fuzzy as you begin to stir. Your mind feels foggy, as if it was...erased..? or forgotten. You feel yourself laying in something soft and warm. What is th...
Everyone should have a little joy in their lives. Even the repulsive, former Lord of the Village Reservoir: Doctor Salvatore Moreau.
This Was Only A Visit!? by Weird_Whit
This Was Only A Visit!?by Local Weirdo
[ Violence and Language Due To Being A Horror Game ] Y/n decided to make her annual trip to her Aunt and Uncle's place in Romania, instead of going when there's no snow...
Village of Shadows  by iwiwwqq
Village of Shadows by salty ice cream
Mother miranda has had a successful and perfect vessel for Eva, except.. what does she do when her oh-so "perfect" vessel has fallen for a mentally ill woman? ...