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Do you trust me? Sun/Moon x Reader by unsink
Do you trust me? Sun/Moon x Readerby unsink
You're a well respected mechanic for faz bear entertainment's. You've done work on every animatronic there, well..almost. No one has been able to fix the daycare assista...
-Bipolar- Moon x Reader by TheStingyPerson
-Bipolar- Moon x Readerby TheStingyBitch
The Pizzaplex. A large place full of child entertainment, its dark past buried. But when you get accepted to design the animatronics, you uncover buried secrets of each...
#Failed To Kill# #Sun/Moon x Reader# by JustABisexualOnWatt
#Failed To Kill# #Sun/Moon x Aka Lilperson232
You are a guard for a kingdom named Rusef. Not just any guard, though. No, you are there to make sure that Dragons never showed. You are one of the few who willingingly...
Sirens and pirates by AFruityFerret030
Sirens and piratesby AFruityFerret030
You don't understand why parents leave their fry before they even hatch and leave them and their siblings to survive by themselves. You don't understand why sirens only...
Star Light Star Bright (Moon X Fem! Reader) by VectorWritesThings
Star Light Star Bright (Moon X ISimplyExist
You thought it was a fantastic idea to search for hidden treasures in the rubble heap once known as the Mega Pizzaplex. Whilst searching among the remains of the vast bu...
Created To Heal by AlastorsInHellRn
Created To Healby Anika Light
Y/N is a black and white animatronic, their looks are based on a bat, They are split down the middle half white and half black, and they have bells around their neck and...
A Night Full Of Stars~ (sun/moon x y/n) by m1sty_m0th
A Night Full Of Stars~ (sun/moon m1sty_m0th
{yandere AU} Y/N got a job at the newly opened mega pizzaplex. they decided to work with the daycare attendants; sun and moon as their assistant. it's been about two wee...
To hell with it by HappyorMoody
To hell with itby ~Little star~
(I'm copying this onto Inkitt-) Y/N, goes to hell for a stupid reason, being a non-believer in God, so they try to live in hell for the rest of their time with the hazb...
i will do nsfw ONLY if it's a request I will do: Fluff Angst (Smut) Requests There will be more info on the first chapter :) have fun
Escape The Daycare by Koa764
Escape The Daycareby Koa
Your last day working at the Pizzaplex seemed to trigger some sort of error in sun and moon. They wont let you leave the daycare, so you have to work to get out while ke...
-Reincarnated Past Lover- -Sun/Moon x Child¡Reader (Platonic)- by JustABisexualOnWatt
-Reincarnated Past Lover- -Sun/ Aka Lilperson232
(Sequel from my Second Book, -The Pain Is Addicting-) A young child walks into a brightly lit daycare. They introduce themselves as Y/N to a man and two identical lookin...
-The Pain Is Addicting- -Sun/Moon x Reader- by JustABisexualOnWatt
-The Pain Is Addicting- -Sun/ Aka Lilperson232
The newest Nightgaurd-In-Training, Y/N. They begin to take a route that is similar to that of the Nightguard, Vanessa. She seemed very strange, but you simply had it bru...
The Sun Rises When The Moon Falls [Gender Neutral Reader X Sun N Moon] by Real_ink_demon
The Sun Rises When The Moon Real_ink_demon
I scream, trying to escape the restraints that bound me. "LET ME GO! DON'T HURT THEM!" I screamed, I can see them within my sight, just cannot reach them. I fe...
Shimmering Starlight ~ Moon X Reader OneShots by WildChild289
Shimmering Starlight ~ Moon X QueenOfSass👑
Moon OneShots (Sun OneShots in a Separate Book)
Sun/Moon/Eclipse x Reader Smut-shots by JustABisexualOnWatt
Sun/Moon/Eclipse x Reader Aka Lilperson232
Taking Requests! Not guaranteed, but accepted! So, take my Sun one-shot book and my Moon one-shot book, and combine them. Well, only for the smut. These will most likely...
Celestial Roommates by xHowToLoveADragonx
Celestial Roommatesby xHowToLoveADragonx
"So your possible roommates are already up there, I let them check it out since you were a little late..." Codie catches something. "Wait, room-mates? I t...
¿No! You can't leave!¿  ¿Yandere¡Sun/Moon x Reader¿ by JustABisexualOnWatt
¿No! You can't leave!¿ ¿Yandere¡ Aka Lilperson232
As a child, Y/N loved going to the pizzplex. They had a plush of every character! Even the daycare ones, despite the lack of Moon plushes. The daycare was their favorite...
Tainted Magic, Tainted Blood ~ TSAMS AU by chocolatechip_kiki
Tainted Magic, Tainted Blood ~ chocolatechip_kiki
This is a D&D Style AU but like, also not?? Y/N is the Princess of her beautiful kingdom, destined to fall in love with not one, but two lovely brothers - Sun and Moon...
Hello morning star (Sun/Moon x y/n) by ME-U-US
Hello morning star (Sun/Moon x y/n)by Isaac
I didn't draw the cover art credit goes to @Shandzii on tumblr. This is a Sun/Moon x non-binary Y/N there might be swearing contact warnings will be above story and para...