Forever And A Half || Michael Jackson

Forever And A Half || Michael Jackson

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♚månevandring♚ By MissJackson777 Updated Sep 12

{Michael Jackson Fanfiction Awards winner 2016}

{Bad era - 1987}. 

Citria Espinosa is a girl who aims to live a carefree life, due to the desire to escape the harsh reality she lives in. However, when she stumbles across a man named Michael, on the curb of a road, in the countryside she lives in, he shows her that his life has an even harsher reality than hers. 

Suicidal and lonely, with absolutely no confidence or trust in the outside world, Michael is taken under Citria's wing - and they make a promise to remain friends...

... For Forever And A Half. 

Note: Michael is not famous in this story. 

Also, this story contains suggestion of suicide. If this subject is sensitive to you, please do not read. It is not decided whether I'll need to add trigger warnings, but just in case ... you've been warned. 

On a final note, I know this is the most cliché era, but the storyline is fairly original so hopefully that makes up for it. Thank you!

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PeinJackson PeinJackson Apr 16
Ok honey if the real MJ saw you doin' that IDK what he would've done to you...
PeinJackson PeinJackson Apr 16
Hey how ya doin Mike?
                              Now,TELL ME WHO MADE YOU CRY? COZ IM ABOUT TO BEAT SOMBODY'S ASS
PeinJackson PeinJackson Apr 16
Personaly,I really hate that line coz why did God made you if you don't have a purpose in life? Does that make any sense? TF NO IY DOESN'T! So if you met me and said to me that you dont have a point in life,I'll smack the living hell outa you and make you see your point in life.
That means no more Janet in relationships, no mama K, no jokey Randy😭nooo
mbowman0314 mbowman0314 Jul 21
Olive skin? You mean brown or caramel not to offend but it sounds like your describing him as a italian🤷🏾‍♀️😘
If somebody dies I will just skip on to one of your other book