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Orange Soda (Tmnt 2012 Mikey x Oc)  by PlanetMarsChan
Orange Soda (Tmnt 2012 Mikey x Oc) by Planet Mars
Juniper is a hard working girl who moved to new york, But she has a secret, One night when she out her life changes but how will the turtles react when they find out he...
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD) by spiritwing13
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD)by Spiritwing13
No matter who you are, you have a special place in all of our beautiful boys hearts. You have everything from fluff to all out wars beside our team of four. You are (Y/n...
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Leonardo's Little Girl by allalalalaa
Leonardo's Little Girlby allalalalaa
This is just a mini thing. I saw some TMNT daddy scenarios and I decided to try myself. This focuses on Leo being a dad. Cover Art comes from California-edits tumblr The...
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Mikey Depressed. by MikeyLover777
Mikey Depressed.by Morgan
Michalangelo Hamato is depressed. This is a Human AU, so they aren't turtles. Mikey is a regular human being, but he gets bullied for how he looks and acts. Not only by...
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by swxxtescape
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Cate
I don't think a description is needed
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tmnt swag boyfriend scenarios by Mermaid2612
tmnt swag boyfriend scenariosby Mermaid <3
I do not TMNT or TMNT swag
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The Power of Art|| Frerard by emo__rat
The Power of Art|| Frerardby Lollipops for days
I guess Fronk and Gee are teachers huh? ****NOT a teacher x student**** There will be smut but I put warnings just before it happens so feel free to skip if you want. ...
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RotTMNT Oneshots and Headcanons by JayInTheCloset
RotTMNT Oneshots and Headcanonsby Jase
Says in the title.
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Famous Last Words - Frerard - by stressedkilljoy
Famous Last Words - Frerard -by Gerard Way
Men are born with keys on chains around their necks and women are born with locks on chains around their neck. Only your soulmate can open your lock if you're a girl. if...
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Roadtrip Imagines And Preferences by heyitsvicki
Roadtrip Imagines And Preferencesby Vicki
Andy? Rye? Mikey? Brooklyn? Jack? A book full of imagines and preferences about the amazing RoadTrip.
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The Gift of a Friend(TMNT fanfiction) by OceanEmily13
The Gift of a Friend(TMNT fanficti...by OceanEmily13
Rosa is an eight year old kid dealing with fighting parents. She has no friends, and every time she tries to talk to their parents they are in the middle of a fight. One...
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TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenario by Hinako29
TMNT2012 Boyfriend scenarioby Hinako29
What if you have a teenage mutant ninja turtles as your boyfriend ?? How will it go ?? A TMNT2012XReader story and of course Boyfriend scenarios XD
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Forever and Always by XxWolfLord95xX
Forever and Alwaysby Brandon Wright
Emily is a young woman, who is April's cousin. Whenever they went to her uncle's work place, Emily would spend a lot of time with Splinter and the Turtles. But then one...
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Donnie x Reader (VERY SLOW UPDATES) by DJ_Jen
Donnie x Reader (VERY SLOW UPDATES)by Raphie
Donnie x Reader! :3 Enjoy!
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a bunch of pictures I have saved on my phone by -starryfrankie-
a bunch of pictures I have saved o...by 3/22/13
read the title you dumbo
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Sonny Robertson Imagines by heyitsvicki
Sonny Robertson Imaginesby Vicki
For all you Sonny fans out there here's Sonny imagines for ya! 5th member of roadtrip! Enjoy! *Slow updates*
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Mikey's sick by MikeyLover777
Mikey's sickby Morgan
Mikey's sick... and not a good sick. His is a life or death sick. What does he have? Well you have to read to find out.
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What's So Good About Picking Up the Pieces? (Vic Fuentes FanFiction) by jhawkgrl2003
What's So Good About Picking Up th...by Bailey
26 year old Lyla James is living in Los Angeles pursuing her dream of being a photographer. She gets the chance of a lifetime when her best friend, Austin Carlile of the...
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Forgetful by LoveFromLetterbomb
Forgetfulby Mikey Fratelli
Picture this; It's pre-Black Parade era and Mikey Way has just been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimerz. There's no hope to regain his memory and he has six months to...
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TMNT X Reader One-shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by sarahthenerd
TMNT X Reader One-shots (REQUESTS...by ~Mikeyyy~
Basically oneshots of your favourite turtles. Next turtle: Donnie Started: Feb/26/19 Ended: ongoing 1K ~ 07/01/19 *MILD LANGUAGE* *I do not own the show nor any of the...
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