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Guns and Wings ~ Supernatural/Maximum Ride ~ by Happyritas
Guns and Wings ~ Supernatural/ • (on hiatus) •
Sam and Dean were two hunters who've survived pretty much everything. Thanks to their late father, they also knew how to kill anything and survive in their hell-hole of...
  • whitecoats
  • wattys2018
  • judymills
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The Singer and The School Girl by FAX_forever_always
The Singer and The School Girlby FAX_forever_always
Fang and his band (The Flock) are rising stars! They have all they need and want. But the thing is, Fang left someone behind, someone who was there for him for every bum...
  • music
  • gazzy
  • regret
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Demigod Captured: A Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride crossover by maxperseus130
Demigod Captured: A Percy maxperseus130
What happens when Percy and Annabeth are captured by The School? Is Percy strong enough to survive the tortures, and finally escape? Will The Flock help him find Anabeth...
  • crossover
  • heroesofolympus
  • percyjacksonandtheolympians
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Maximum Ride: The Bionic Experiment by tmkwrites
Maximum Ride: The Bionic Experimentby Taylor M. K.
[CF3] In this first installment of a two-parter, Max and the Flock mistakenly turn their lives upside down upon arriving at a strange island, which just happens to be th...
  • installment2
  • crossover
  • madam
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Flying on a Wizard's Wings (Harry Potter and Maximum Ride Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
Flying on a Wizard's Wings ( MolMcN
Why can't my life be normal? Why did I have to become an orphan, find out I'm a wizard, and get kidnapped by werewolves?! And also how can I fly without a broom...? (Don...
  • max
  • ron
  • hermione
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Fang X Reader by animechick130123
Fang X Readerby Sonja Hugs!!
This takes place about a year after Jeb disappeared, you live with the flock and are good friends with iggy. You enjoy playing with nudge, gazzy and angel, help max ou...
  • fang
  • maximumride
  • readerinsert
Child of the Big Three (A Percy Jackson and Maximum Ride cross over) by MolMcN
Child of the Big Three (A Percy MolMcN
What would happen if Percy was kidnapped by the school?! Chaos! Follow Percy as he must escape from the School and get back to Camp Half-Blood before it's too late! (I d...
  • complete
  • maximumride
  • percyjackson
Fly Away Flock by FAX_forever_always
Fly Away Flockby FAX_forever_always
Sequel to The Singer and the School Girl. Max goes to school, Fang stays behind with his band. Will they get back together?
  • flyaway
  • music
  • maximumride
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Maximum Ride: TBE | "His Return" by tmkwrites
Maximum Ride: TBE | "His Return"by Taylor M. K.
[CF4] The Flock and the Rats are back, and unfortunately so is Victor Krane. Questions are raised--how did he survive? What does he want with Iggy? And why is he so set...
  • kelliberglund
  • taissafarmiga
  • spencerboldman
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Fang x Reader ( Something To Live For ) by NhiHo337
Fang x Reader ( Something To DatCrazyNekoGirl :3
(Y/n)...different...that was what she was.... When (y/n) comes upon a group of avians like her... ( without what makes her different )... She starts to have crazy advent...
  • fangxreader
  • maximumride
  • fanfiction
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The Refined by WriterSydniLynn
The Refinedby Sydni Lynn
Nothing about Sang's life has been normal. Not the strict confinement to her family's farmhouse, the obsession her stepbrother has developed for her...or the fifteen gu...
  • project
  • darkness
  • bond
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Esarity by thundermuffin10
Esarityby thundermuffin10
This is the story of Esarity. This is the secret of the S. D. O. S. E. s. d. o. s. e. stands for secret department of science experiments. Esarity is an experiment tha...
  • maximumride
  • fantasy
  • adventure
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With Wings by cheese_lover230
With Wingsby cheese_lover230
Basically I'm creating my own version of like before Maximum Ride... The first experiment!
  • fang
  • wings
  • angel
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What We Have by JillyBillyTee
What We Haveby The Flock Gang
In a government-run lab in the Ouachita Mountains in Alabama, helpless children are captured and experimented on as test subjects to find out what happens when you fuse...
  • maximumride
The Dark depth of the Sky Percy Jackson/ Maximum Ride Fanfic by Sundry-Paraphernalia
The Dark depth of the Sky Percy Mischief Managed
In this there are two OCs Jasper Rowan Phoenix (me, im crazy with names) the daughter of Hades and Crystal Silver (this is @silverstream17) the Daughter of Poseidon and...
  • maximumride
  • badlanguage
  • ocs
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Life With Phoenix by theblindflyer
Life With Phoenixby Iggy
Don't tell Max or Fang, but I actually think that this whole story thing is a good idea. The survivors should be allowed to know, we can't just end our story. Anyway, he...
  • angel
  • theflock
  • nudge
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More Texts With Flutter by OverlyEpicBlessing
More Texts With Flutterby OverlyEpicBlessing
WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?! THEY'RE BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKK!!!! Flutter + Blessing + Texts = amazing story?!?! I guess you're the judge of that
  • maximumridetheotherside
  • flock
  • fudge
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Fly Free by Maximumfly
Fly Freeby Maximumfly
Secrets. Many of them. When Sophia finally gets adopted by her favorite person in the world will she screw it up with her tortures past or live a normal life with wacky...
  • alesa
  • maximumfly
  • adopted
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My Fang journal by TheNudgeChannel
My Fang journalby TheNudgeChannel
I KIDNAPPED FANG!!!! Right now he is in the basement drinking his 16th cup of coffee, slapping himself while saying, "This isn't real" Strange. As in DOCTOR ST...
  • ride
  • max
  • kidnapped
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