Free-Falling • Maximum Ride/Avengers Fanfic • by Happyritas
Free-Falling • Maximum Ride/ Queen of Ice Pops
Falling; an odd, dangerous sensation. To some, it makes them sick to their stomachs. Others, it is like an alternative to getting high. Falling could be down a flight o...
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Wings || Carlisle Cullen  by willowloves
Wings || Carlisle Cullen by willowloves
Bella's childhood friend makes an unexpected visit. Phoenix is a strange woman with white hair, light blue eyes, and a beautifully odd face. She brings out something in...
  • breakingdawn
  • rosaliehale
  • eclipse
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The Refined by WriterSydniLynn
The Refinedby Sydni Lynn
Nothing about Sang's life has been normal. Not the strict confinement to her family's farmhouse, the obsession her stepbrother has developed for her...or the fifteen gu...
  • maximumride
  • rage
  • fanfic
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A Cat at Ouran? (OHSHC crossover Maximum Ride)  by Kaito_Rin_the_otaku
A Cat at Ouran? (OHSHC crossover Kaito Rin
Natsuki Shirohana has a tough life, so tough that we can't even comprehend what he has been through. He was held at a place called 'the school,' a most dreaded place for...
  • mysterypowers
  • yaoi
  • crossover
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Fang x Reader ( Something To Live For ) by NhiHo337
Fang x Reader ( Something To DatCrazyNekoGirl :3
(Y/n)...different...that was what she was.... When (y/n) comes upon a group of avians like her... ( without what makes her different )... She starts to have crazy advent...
  • maximumride
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Maximum Ride - The Phoenix Evolution by K_1402_F
Maximum Ride - The Phoenix K_1402_F
Max, Fang, their daughter Phoenix and the Flock have finally made new lives for themselves, living safe and happily in caves. Suddenly everything that was ever a threat...
  • flock
  • phoenix
  • fax
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Love is patient, Love is kind -Ereri Mpreg- [REWRITING] by leviislovelife
Love is patient, Love is kind leviislovelife
Levi has always been small by nature, always more attracted to girls clothing, perfumes, makes up, anything feminine. His older brother Eren returns home from college, a...
  • boyxboy
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Fandom Stuff by Horcrux_Hunter394
Fandom Stuffby m⚡️ marvel
All the stuff for all the fandoms
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Experiment Voltron by skittle724
Experiment Voltronby Skittle724<3
Four years ago the flock escaped the school. Two years ago, the empire let Voltron go as a test. But they lost the four experiments, red, blue, yellow and green in the...
  • fang
  • jeb
  • theangelexperiment
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Maximum Ride: The Girl of the Flock They Had Forgotten by JanIparisWest
Maximum Ride: The Girl of the Jan Iparis West
The Flock... Max... Fang... Iggy... Gazzy... Nudge... Angel... Total.... They all thought they were the only ones Jeb was supposed to take away from the School t...
  • nudge
  • gazzy
  • mutants
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I'll Be Waiting by moralaevolo
I'll Be Waitingby moralaevolo
Bellamy thought he would never see Clarke again, but fate likes to play games. Who else didn't he expect to see? The Grounders. Sequel to Arke High
  • clarkegriffin
  • lovetriangles
  • maximumride
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The Mutated Sea( A Percy Jackson/Maximum Ride Crossover) by Cursedgemstone
The Mutated Sea( A Percy Jackson/ Cursedgemstone
A PJO/MR Crossover During a date with Annabeth after the Giant War, mutated men kidnap Percy Jackson. Injured and near death, the two are caught under a plot orchestrate...
  • wattys2018
  • apollo
  • pjo
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Silver (A Ninjago Maximum Ride Crossover) by Lia_Ninja1
Silver (A Ninjago Maximum Ride Lia_Ninja1
It's been two years since the Final Battle. The Ninja have become a lost cause, but they seem almost happy with their current life. The ninja and Sensei Wu had built a m...
  • hawk
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  • ninjago
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Maximum Ride  x Reader by Horcrux_Hunter394
Maximum Ride x Readerby m⚡️ marvel
(ON HOLD) There was one fact about you that made you unique. You knew you were different, but you also knew that there were others like you. The fact was: YOU HAD...
  • iggy
  • gazzy
  • xreader
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My love for you was Blind (Iggy x Human-avian hybrid! reader) by Legacyflight
My love for you was Blind (Iggy Legacy♪
He loved you. He left you. Now, Iggy's come back. He's crawling back to you after years of seperation. He's begging for your fogiveness. Will you take him back?
  • angel
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Fangs Blog (Ask Fang) by fnick_
Fangs Blog (Ask Fang)by Fang
Ask me, Fang. Tags/Questions/Dares //rewritten as of 5-27-17// On Hiatus.
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Little Fox (Baby Eren x Levi) by EreriForever839
Little Fox (Baby Eren x Levi)by Sinata Takako
//Based loosely off Maximum Ride// Eren was a baby when it happened, the conspiracy when dozens of children were stolen from their mothers and tested on from birth. To b...
  • babylevi
  • babyeren
  • fox
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Free Falling (Maximum Ride Fanfic Iggy x Reader) by waterwitch836
Free Falling (Maximum Ride Raven Moonlight
I got the idea for this book by seeing that there were no Iggy x Reader stories on Wattpad so I figured that I could indulge you btw this is my first fanfic. so please...
  • iggy
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
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Fang X Reader by KarkatTheKitty
Fang X Readerby KarkatTheKitty
My second story. blah blah blah. maximum ride. blah blah blah. Reader X Fang. blah blah blah.
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The Angel Uprising [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Angel Uprising [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
[Book Two in the Angel Series] Having just escaped the treacherous Hakai Laboratory, Natsu and Gray are on the run. They have three goals in mind: Stay out of sight, sta...
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