The Refined by WriterSydniLynn
The Refinedby Sydni Lynn
Nothing about Sang's life has been normal. Not the strict confinement to her family's farmhouse, the obsession her stepbrother has developed for her...or the fifteen gu...
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Love is patient, Love is kind -Ereri Mpreg- [REWRITING] by leviislovelife
Love is patient, Love is kind leviislovelife
Levi has always been small by nature, always more attracted to girls clothing, perfumes, makes up, anything feminine. His older brother Eren returns home from college, a...
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Betrayed (a Percy Jackson   Crossover Fanfic) by RoyalGraceGrace
Betrayed (a Percy Jackson RoyalGraceGrace
When Percy is betrayed by the one he loves and all his friends he only has one person who still cares...Nico. The one guy Percy thought always hated him is the only one...
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Maximum Ride  x Reader by Horcrux_Hunter394
Maximum Ride x Readerby M⚡ Marvel
(ON HOLD) There was one fact about you that made you unique. You knew you were different, but you also knew that there were others like you. The fact was: YOU HAD...
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Maximum Ride - The Phoenix Evolution by K_1402_F
Maximum Ride - The Phoenix K_1402_F
Max, Fang, their daughter Phoenix and the Flock have finally made new lives for themselves, living safe and happily in caves. Suddenly everything that was ever a threat...
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The Black Angel [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Black Angel [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
[Book One in the Angel Series] The Black Angel is an anonymous hero. He saves the damsel in distress and then magically flies off into the sunset. He keeps evil out of S...
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Maximum Ride - Overrated by K_1402_F
Maximum Ride - Overratedby K_1402_F
~Sequel to 'Maximum Ride - The Phoenix Evolution'~ Max, Fang, Phoenix and the Flock just want to live relatively normal lives, but of course, with Ella and Ms Martinez s...
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The Mutated Sea( A Percy Jackson/Maximum Ride Crossover) by Cursedgemstone
The Mutated Sea( A Percy Jackson/ Cursedgemstone
A PJO/MR Crossover During a date with Annabeth after the Giant War, mutated men kidnap Percy Jackson. Injured and near death, the two are caught under a plot orchestrate...
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Fang x Reader ( Something To Live For ) by NhiHo337
Fang x Reader ( Something To DatCrazyNekoGirl :3
(Y/n)...different...that was what she was.... When (y/n) comes upon a group of avians like her... ( without what makes her different )... She starts to have crazy advent...
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Fang X Reader by animechick130123
Fang X Readerby Sonja Hugs!!
This takes place about a year after Jeb disappeared, you live with the flock and are good friends with iggy. You enjoy playing with nudge, gazzy and angel, help max ou...
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The Angel Uprising [Gratsu] by hanlovespasta
The Angel Uprising [Gratsu]by han!! ☆
[Book Two in the Angel Series] Having just escaped the treacherous Hakai Laboratory, Natsu and Gray are on the run. They have three goals in mind: Stay out of sight, sta...
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Guns and Wings ~ Supernatural/Maximum Ride ~ by Happyritas
Guns and Wings ~ Supernatural/ Queen of Ice Pops
Sam and Dean were two hunters who've survived pretty much everything. Thanks to their late father, they also knew how to kill anything and survive in their hell-hole of...
  • judymills
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Maximum Ride: A New Life by 28Dragonqueen
Maximum Ride: A New Lifeby 28Dragonqueen
After max was kicked out of the flock she was recaptured, but not by the school. 3 years later she managed to escape and start a new life. Now she gets a call from the f...
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Flying Away - A Fang X Max Fanfiction by _Miyuu_
Flying Away - A Fang X Max _Miyuu_
Top Ranking - #10 in "fax" After the rest of The Flock mysteriously dying, Max and Fang are all by themselves. However, Max is still worried about saving the...
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Maximum ride: forgotten sibling by 7tiger7
Maximum ride: forgotten siblingby Maria
You helped them escape but they forgot about you, not intentionally but because you made them. You knew that in order to help them escape you'd have to be a diversion an...
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Ask Max! by MaxiRide
Ask Max!by 🌹Cheyenne🌹
Revised as of //7-10-18\\
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A Maximum Ride Story by FantasticDreamer
A Maximum Ride Storyby Martika
what if fang had a twin sister? and what if she joined the flock? (This is the original that I wrote a while ago and just copy and pasted directly from my
  • iggy
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Maximum Ride High School (Completed) by max0808
Maximum Ride High School ( Max
Max, an average girl, goes to school on her first day of her senior year. She meets some kids at the school. When they become friends drama strikes between her and a guy...
  • nudge
  • max
  • drama
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Soaring On Chains {Maximum Ride/Doctor Who fanfic}  by Happyritas
Soaring On Chains {Maximum Ride/ Queen of Ice Pops
First, we have one African-american girl that just happens to be 1% Hummingbird. Then, we add Erasers, Whitecoats, and a certain company by the name of Itex. Oh, don'...
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