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That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x Reader • Fanfiction•Discontinued• by RawlfTheCat
That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x weirdo
"Aw come on (Y/n), I thought that we were going to be doing some hardcore smashing tonight," Logan said jokingly. "Were you eavesdropping on our conversat...
Pusher by Jewlez
Pusherby Julia
❝Don't cross me, Angel.❞ Slinging dope isn't exactly the kind of extracurricular Angelica Moore would want listed on her college applications, but when her mother's meag...
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Paul Fan Fiction) by fanfics1995
His Trainer's Daughter (A Logan Ally 🥀
Alexis Lacroix. Milton Lacroix's Daughter. Yup! That's right! Milton, Logan Paul's boxing coach. Milton is a boxing coach, he coaches world Champions! One day, Milton re...
Queen of the Wolves ✔️ by Vishael_Denis
Queen of the Wolves ✔️by Vishael_Denis
Werewolves? She lived a world where being mundane was rare. In a world where werewolves existed. In a world where werewolves ruled. In a world where they sought for the...
Rainbow Six Siege X Reader by _That-One-Kid_
Rainbow Six Siege X Readerby _That-One-Kid_
Hello! This book is open for requests for rainbow six siege. There's not a lot of content for most of the operators, so I decided to make some. The plan is to get throug...
Mr. Right by ThatgoofyNerd
Mr. Rightby SweetNightingale
April White finally thinks she has a grasp of life but of course, that couldn't last. Her Fiancé does the unforgivable and cheats on her whilst her job and finances go r...
𝗧𝗜𝗞𝗧𝗢𝗞 𝗕𝗢𝗬𝗦✔by 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐝𝐞 ×͜×
Bitch. "Why in the fuck would you do that?!" Imagines Requests are closed. ©2020|SLUTF0RLARRY
Top Gun: You Can Be My Wingman (Maverick X Reader) by Speedi_Fisch
Top Gun: You Can Be My Wingman ( one boring person
As the only female pilot at Top Gun, (Y/N), or Quicksilver, often finds herself competing to prove her competence. However, on one flight, she finds herself in a dangero...
Daniel Seavey // Instagram  by wdwxrivera
Daniel Seavey // Instagram by wdwxrivera
@loganpaul tagged you in a post C O M P L E T E D
Newby by shistarwanted
Newbyby That one girl
Harlow whitely, a college drop out just recently moved to LA away from her Dad to start new. She starts to hunt for work and gets one job but fired instantly and goes fo...
falling in and out // j. wittek by SIMPLY_LIFE_
falling in and out // j. wittekby SIMPLY_LIFE_
Moving to LA what could go wrong ? join elana on her journey through LA fame and most of all falling in and out of love continually....
A Night to Remember (a Logan Paul fan fiction)✔️ by fanfics1995
A Night to Remember (a Logan Ally 🥀
Kaylee Micheals and Logan Paul meet at a club after her friends introduce them to each other. But what happens after they sleep with each other? Will they develop feelin...
Cash Baker's Girl by LSplaysminecraft
Cash Baker's Girlby lifesimmings
(Trying something new! Cash is really fucking hot!) *Sorry to all those kids out there, but this story is for a mature audience. I'm talking to you, Billy! (Sex, swearin...
Manager Jeff's Daughter (a Logan paul fan fiction)✔️ by fanfics1995
Manager Jeff's Daughter (a Logan Ally 🥀
Apparently Manager Jeff has a daughter that nobody knew about. So one day he decides to take her to a meeting with Team Maverick. They both walk into the office, Juliann...
Logan Paul Imagines ♥ by rosewithalie
Logan Paul Imagines ♥by Rosalie
Just a bunch of stories about Logan Paul. BE A MAVERICK ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
fame// logan paul fanfic by jadensangels
fame// logan paul fanficby Madison Paige
Rory Blake has millions of followers, and little does she know that one post will change her whole entire life. "I needed you, you helped me." Rory seems like...
Rainbow Six Siege Oneshots by burzumme
Rainbow Six Siege Oneshotsby burzumme
I don't do male readers. Ich mache keine männlichen Leser Requests are okay. (25/12/18)
wrong number | logan paul by disstracktion
wrong number | logan paulby kenna <3
in which an ambitious girl accidentally texts one of of her idols instead of her best friend. --kinda cliche and cringe (at least to me) but i promise it's good ?-- high...
Logan Paul Imagines by timistry
Logan Paul Imaginesby c
imagines :) This is from when i still had a logan fanpage, @luxuryloges lmao. I still support him! <3
Days Gone By (R6 x Zombie Apocalypse) by D3AD3UR_
Days Gone By (R6 x Zombie D3AD31UR
A story involving a walking dead style zombie apocalypse but in the rainbow six siege world. NONE OF THE ART THAT IS USED BELONGS TO ME SO GO SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTISIT