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𝐌𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐒. | matthew daddario by samuelkiszka
𝐌𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐀𝐆𝐄𝐒. | matthew mj (ツが威)
❝stop droppin ya damn phone in the toilet iris jfc❞ ❝i think you have the wrong number sorry❞ ❝lmaO❞ ( in editing. ) ( social media. ) © weinersoIdier 2016
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𝟏𝟎𝟐, matty healy by nicbelles
𝟏𝟎𝟐, matty healyby ˗ˏˋ NIC-FIL-A ˎˊ˗
In which a boy admires a girl from beyond his window on the daily, and a girl is oblivious that she already has the love she craves. 𝐟𝐞�...
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Spencer Reid One Shots by wanderlust89
Spencer Reid One Shotsby Jasmin
Just some Spencer Reid OneShots, two-, three- and four-parters I'll post here. They'll be written in english. Feedback is really appreciated :)
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A Sudden Return 3/3✅ by rejoiceo
A Sudden Return 3/3✅by 𝓒𝓾𝓽𝓲𝓮
They have defeated Hawk Moth. Have got his miraculous, and now he is in jail. Or so they thought... Turns out Gabriel escaped jail with the other man, Matthew, and what...
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The Alphas Son by kinghaawaaii
The Alphas Sonby Hawa Abdikadir
Olivia sleeps with Alpha Mathew, and soon finds out she is pregnant. Seeing that the Alpha pays no attention to her, she leaves the pack and starts over. She meets Elias...
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Strictly Platonic | REWRITING by depressing
Strictly Platonic | REWRITINGby - ̗̀ n i c o l e ̖́-
Whoever says boys and girls can't just be friends is lying, and Lexi Hamilton is living proof of that. Spending the majority of her adolescence surrounded by only boys...
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Best Friend + Matthew Espinosa by 1DNarryStoran13
Best Friend + Matthew Espinosaby j
[ COMPLETED: MARCH 2016 - JUNE 2018 ] ••• "You know what's a stupid idea if you were best friends with someone?" My heartbeat quicken. "What?" I cle...
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NUMB || spencer reid [01] by emxsal
NUMB || spencer reid [01]by emily
NUMB || SPENCER REID • BOOK 1 "YOU KNOW, YOU'RE RUDE." "WOW. YOU'RE LIKE A DETECTIVE OR SOMETHING." -where a loud girl who's always stuck in the mai...
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drugs- m.h by timmyslove
drugs- m.hby timmyslove
-His mouth hung open in awe at her, he thought she was everything. She held his jaw with a hand and blew her smoke into his mouth. He almost melted - In which lovers bec...
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With <Jay x Matthew> by How_Silly
With by That's Zesty
During a game of smooch or share, Jay becomes very uncomfortable when the bottle lands on Matthew, the sarcastic queer... had the idea when I was watching season two. I...
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Out of his league // Matthew Gray Gubler Fanfic by xmarksthespot001
Out of his league // Matthew xmarksthespot001
Throughout her life Kate has never been good enough. She's unemployed, and living on her best friend's house. Her family have completely cut her off, and made sure she k...
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Becoming Her (Trans) by Blake_is_Awesome
Becoming Her (Trans)by Blake
Matthew has always wanted to be Miya, practically since birth. But who can she tell? Her family is in shambles after her father left to be with his mistress. Her friends...
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The Unwanted Marriage by RafahSymmonds
The Unwanted Marriageby Rafah S.
Ever since Althea Evans's parents passed away from a horrific accident, her life turned upside down. Thea is not expecting to live a life like this. To be married with a...
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Escape by wanderlust89
Escapeby Jasmin
After Spencer got shot and almost died during a case, he decides that he needs a break from his job for the FBI and travels to Cape Cod to get some rest. In the Bed & Br...
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Two Can Play at this Game (Matthew Espinosa) by fangirlwriter_
Two Can Play at this Game ( L
Georgia Waters is the new girl at school. She immediately makes new friends after standing up to the school bad boy; Matthew Espinosa. He uses every girl he gets the cha...
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An arranged marriage || M.E by emmaxo123
An arranged marriage || M.Eby Queen Emily
//ar·ranged mar·riage\\ He hurts me in every way possible, but I stay... Because I love him Completed
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Who Needs A Boy|(bi) Matthew x fem reader by keyrstin12
Who Needs A Boy|(bi) Matthew x keyrstin12
you've became friends with nick over video games since you both live far away from each other but your mom had to leave for a business trip and didn't want to leave you...
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Big Mouth Memes! by sophsimm
Big Mouth Memes!by sophie
Hello Big Mouth fans! I was bored one day and decided to share some of the best Big Mouth memes... I hope you and your hormone monster laugh hysterically :)
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Lituation (bwwm)  by littlemissuzumaki
Lituation (bwwm) by littlemissuzumaki
I had to stand next to the ass grabbing dick head. He snaked his arm around my waist. I tried to leave but he just made his grip tighter. This kid was a jerk but he was...
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The Dallas Sister, S.M. fanfiction by mendeshearted101
The Dallas Sister, S.M. fanfictionby Lydia
Callie Dallas is insecure, shy, and struggles with anxiety. She goes to Magcon with her brother Cameron Dallas. Read to find out what happens!
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