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[UNDER EDITING] The Girl Who Held the Universe in her Hands | Marvel [1] ✔ by scooteringdinosaur
[UNDER EDITING] The Girl Who Scootering Dinosaur
'you will always be a monster, there is no turning back from it. but what type of monster you become is entirely ...
Sorcery | Loki x Fem!Reader by Bubblehouse1
Sorcery | Loki x Fem!Readerby Liv <3
Y/n L/n is a sorceress living with the Avengers. She brings things like Saturday night potions games and endless entertainment to the tower that catches the eye of Loki...
RUSSIAN SPIES | n. romanoff by Silencthowls
RUSSIAN SPIES | n. romanoffby pol
"Valeria had only one weakness: love." Valeria was an assassin. She has always been an assassin and she was planning on staying one. She was raised in Red Room...
WAR OF TIDES, namor. by adonysiac
WAR OF TIDES, ‎imperius rex
We were entwined in red rings of blood and loneliness. ( namor x fem!oc ) © ADONYSIAC ─── 2022 BOOK 1 in the THEATRUM MUNDI series
The Winter Wraith (Bucky Barnes x Reader) - ON HIATUS by That_Streetlight
The Winter Wraith (Bucky Barnes That_Streetlight
"She's a ghost, a wraith. Your mission is to take her down." Y/N L/N is the Winter Wraith, Hydra's most feared asset and partner of former assassin: the Winter...
if you must go; loki l. by antiheroblake
if you must go; loki ˗ˏˋlady blakeˎˊ˗
BOOK 1 IN "IF YOU MUST" DUOLOGY She is meant to marry one of Odin's sons. She wishes to marry for love. Things do not work out that way. [BASED ON "YOU&q...
At Last||Natasha Romanoff  by celinekeaa
At Last||Natasha Romanoff by c
"I couldn't give you up." "...I know." As the daughter of Black Widow, Nyla-Rose is used to the craziness that has become her life. When sudden truth...
Composure by imagine-avengers
Composureby imagine-assembling-the-avenge...
T'Challa is a new king after the passing of his father, and he is learning day by day to come into his own as his nation's ruler. What he never anticipated was that lov...
bucky barnes imagines by welovebucky
bucky barnes imaginesby yasmin !
in which the fem!reader takes part in various cute and fluffy scenarios involving themselves and bucky barnes (and some sebastian stan too). ✪ [ smut / trigger warnings...
Machine Gun ►The Winter Soldier by wintersbucky
Machine Gun ►The Winter Soldierby AALIYAH
In which a girl named Ava Wilson with a big heart and a sarcastic mouth help Steve Rogers save SHIELD and attempt to find his long lost best friend behind her brother's...
THE GORILLA QUEEN | | MBAKUby Sanaaaaaaaaa
The old laws say that if blood is spilled between the Wakandans and the Jabari, then more blood must be spilled in retribution- unless an agreement can be made in terms...
Sunshine | Pietro Maximoff by sgtbxrnes
Sunshine | Pietro Maximoffby Aimee
❝You are my sunshine, my only sunshine..❞ In which the girl with sunshine in her palms lit up the boy with shadows in his past. [AGE OF ULTRON - WANDAVISION] • #4 in age...
Caught In A Web /Peter Parker X Male Reader/ by mik0n0ir0
Caught In A Web /Peter Parker X Landon B. Succo
"Love is a double edged blade. At times you swing it. At others it's swung against you. It. an bring euphoria. Or melancholy. So Peter which one do you think I'm fe...
BLOOD IN THE WATER » namor by maybemarvel
BLOOD IN THE WATER » namorby dee(vil)
Forsaken by the world, the King of Talokan should risk exposure and decide between duty or defiance when a burdened mother tracks him down to save her dying daughter. 【...
My famous boss (gxg) by coward101
My famous boss (gxg)by full on coward
In the last 5 years of working behind a desk in the New York Times, Lena Adams sees an opportunity to be an assistant to one of the most paid actresses today.What will c...
Night Flyer by RengadeWriting
Night Flyerby RenegadeWriting
Circus Freak. Dancer. Ice Skater. Trapeze Artist. Runaway. Orphan. Outcast. Experiment. Monster. All of these words have been used to describe Namara Ackermann...
Marvel Imagines  by celinekeaa
Marvel Imagines by c
just another marvel imagines book filled with imagines and one-shots for you to read and enjoy! at some point, you can tell when it gets better. *female-reader insert ...
A dream come true by neikowrites
A dream come trueby Neiko Draws
MCU X OC insert. a story where my OC gets transported to MCU universe which she is a very big fan of. she can't help but fangirl over everything she sees but with her...
The Shapeshifter | Loki Fanfic  by HopeAjax
The Shapeshifter | Loki Fanfic by Hope Ajax
A shapeshifter who refuses to turn back from a wolf is brought to the Avengers in hope that they can help her heal. Cassie's heart and soul is broken... Can the trickste...
Marvel Women One Shots by artistic_bagel
Marvel Women One Shotsby
Welcome to my Marvel Women One Shots! This is my first time writing one shots so stand by while I figure out what I'm doing. I am currently accepting requests. I will...