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The Enigma.(Male Cloaker Insert reader x RWBY) by imareader69alpha
The Enigma.(Male Cloaker Insert UrAverageReader
"H̷̬̠͕̙͇̝̎̚ͅé̷̡̝̆̀͌̓͂̆͝ŷ̸̞̣̙͈̫̥̜̹͇̘̝̯͇̄͆́̏̈́͗̅̚͘̚̕͘͝ͅ, I'm (Y/n). And this is my story." Achievements: (1/25/24- Took 6th place on RWBY!) (2/03/24- Took 23th...
The New Light of Beacon (Male reader x RWBY) by VinylScratch7
The New Light of Beacon (Male Niseroi
This story is about a boy who suffer a great lost in the middle of the night and that day he knew nothing would be the same. But years past and now he dedicaded himself...
Beyond Remnant by VinylScratch7
Beyond Remnantby Niseroi
Your Y/N L/N your family is the most powerful company that own dust in all remnant side with the schnee company, but one night it took and one event that made you chang...
Rwby : The darkness male reader x yang xiao long (continue in the second book)  by thedarklord86
Rwby : The darkness male reader Darklord86
What if there was another kid with the most darkest and strongest power who he gets from something evil and powerfull that calls himzelf the darkness see how he meets th...
The Summoner (Male!ReaderxRWBY) by Memento_mori68
The Summoner (Male!ReaderxRWBY)by Memento_mori68
"Y/n L/n is an anomaly, there is no record of birth or anything else to identify his existence. I have shown every detective, scientist, and officer his case but no...
RWBY: Rise of Anew by Nameless-Yn
RWBY: Rise of Anewby Sup
RWBY x Reader Story Real Description: This story is about a boy named Y/n Zahard. This boy was very lonely ever since the death of his mom and dad. His mom, Elena Zahar...
The Black Brothers (Male Reader x Salem) by GingerTheif13
The Black Brothers (Male Reader Dr.Pepper27
What if Mercury had a older brother who's treatment was worse, because his semblance, Aura Bypass, was actually useful. What if he was a triple agent for Ozpin and Ironw...
The Rose's Gardener (Male Husband Reader x Wife Ruby Rose) by GingerTheif13
The Rose's Gardener (Male Dr.Pepper27
What would happen if Ruby kept a secret from her team, apart from Yang, one that would change their perspective of her for good. What if she had told them this secret, y...
I'm a Schnee?!  (op male reader x rwby) ((ON HOLD)) by futaru_kintaro
I'm a Schnee?! (op male reader futaru_kintaro
A guy who has been watching rwby, suddenly woke up in the rwby world. To make matter worse, he's a Schnee?! A male version of Weiss Schnee?! What's this.... A... System...
Mute Madness (Male Neo Reader x RWBY) by GingerTheif13
Mute Madness (Male Neo Reader x Dr.Pepper27
What happens when Roman's son doesn't want to be a theif?
The Bored God: Ennui! (Male Reader X RWBY) by Occasional_Cheese
The Bored God: Ennui! (Male H O P E
Reboot/Remake of my original story. The Brother Gods came in a pair, or so the story goes. However, the reality is quite different, as there are not two but three brothe...
The Mask (Discontinued) by Pandalystical
The Mask (Discontinued)by Shinylicious Panda
Meet [Y/n] [L/n], an orphan whose life completely changed when he was adopted by Raven Branwen, a former huntress. He was taught by her of many things, especially how to...
Beacon's Bull (Male Bull Faunus Reader x RWBY (Sienna Khan)) by GingerTheif13
Beacon's Bull (Male Bull Faunus Dr.Pepper27
What happens when Adam Taurus' little brother joins Beacon? Guaranteed ships: Whiterose, Bumblebee
Remnant's Carnage Killer (Carnage Male Reader x RWBY) by TheSovietReunion666
Remnant's Carnage Killer ( The U.S.S.R.
The Carnage Killer was always a mystery across Remnent. Nobody knew who he was, nobody knew how he chose his victims, and the places that he killed at were too spread ou...