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The Story Continued by InTheBlueMoonlight
The Story Continuedby BlueMoonlight
Gene is alive. He and Naru went back to England but returned to Japan after not even 2 months. Now the story of SPR continues. But why is Naru being so much nicer toward...
Ghost Hunters, Lies, & Money (Ghost Hunt Fanfiction) by SheSailsShips
Ghost Hunters, Lies, & Money ( SheSailsShips
When the SPR team is called to investigate a haunted theater in a small town, it's hard to tell who's acting, who's playing, and who's paying... Disclaimer: I own no par...
Plain: Book 2 by lowefantasy1
Plain: Book 2by LoweFantasy
Mai is facing the problems that come with dating an arrogant narcissist (who's actually just shy), but debunking the haunting of an old hospital used for sport by the lo...
Boon: Book 7 by lowefantasy1
Boon: Book 7by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Slim, BUT CAN BE READ ON IT'S OWN. Despite being irritable and having to deal with an overprotective Naru, Mai's pregnancy is coming along without complication...
Holy: Book 4 by lowefantasy1
Holy: Book 4by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Cumin, Plain, Gang, but can be read on its own. Mai is preoccupied with building relationships with her soon-to-be in-laws, but SPR's ultra ritzy, high profile...
Out of Sight by lowefantasy1
Out of Sightby LoweFantasy
Sequel to Out of Hand, but can be read on its own. And this time, Mai is sent solo on a case Professor Davis just can't be bothered with, which is saying something as it...
Slim: Book 6 by lowefantasy1
Slim: Book 6by LoweFantasy
Sequel to White, but can be read on its own. Mai and Naru have a blissful honeymoon planned with no haunting, no ghosts, no tales of murder, and definitely no monsters...
White: Book 5 by lowefantasy1
White: Book 5by LoweFantasy
Sequel to Holy but can be read on its own. A college legend says that if you walk through a part of campus at a certain time of night with the man you love, if he be unf...
What Men Are Good For (Ghost Hunt Fanfiction) by SheSailsShips
What Men Are Good For (Ghost SheSailsShips
One-shot. Ghost Hunt AU. Ayako is a nurse at a major hospital. Bou-san is a bassist in a band. Both work the night shift. They meet as neighbors living in the same apart...
I could get used to this (NaruxMai, One-shot) by Izabelle2001
I could get used to this ( Jessica
Mai has always had feelings for her boss, Naru. Even if he was a narcissist. What happens if Naru returned the feelings?
Five Nights of Fright by OTAKUWraiths
Five Nights of Frightby Author-senpai
Five Nights at Freddy's meets Ghost Hunt, with a twist. (written by Ice!)
Love-Struck, Ghost & Other Stuff  by Emiko_Chanxoxo
Love-Struck, Ghost & Other Stuff by Emiko🌻Sama
This story dosen't just deal with ghost, It deals with the past of John Brown that comes back to haunt him. Juliet Jones appears in the picture as she goes into work onl...
Ghost Hunt: New Generation by LuvLikeThis
Ghost Hunt: New Generationby CC and Ally-Kat
(Ghost Hunt) About 16 years after Naru unleashed his full power in the shine in the shore cave, SPR is still going strong. This is the story of SPR employee's lives and...
Into Our Lives by psychotic_king
Into Our Livesby Lin
This an Oc insert of my character and her proclaimed sister (best friend) being transported into the anime called Ghost Hunt, read as they go through each adventures and...
Out of Reach by lowefantasy1
Out of Reachby LoweFantasy
Oliver Davis is the famous genius professor who brought parapsychology over the last stretch to being considered a legitimate science. Mai Taniyama is his dorky, orphan...
Out of Hand by lowefantasy1
Out of Handby LoweFantasy
Sequel to Out of Reach BUT CAN BE READ ON ITS OWN. A new semester, a new case, and Mai is ready to go. But she gives herself too much credit and the paranormal too littl...